Alligator Symbolism & Meaning & the Alligator Spirit Animal

Alligator with Babies

Alligator symbolism and meanings include ancient wisdom, primal instincts, good fortune, and other dynamic traits. Alligators are native to the Americas and China, so they are subjects in the mythology and folklore of these regions. The alligator spirit animal is also an important figure to those who feel a special kinship with these ancient reptiles.

In this post, we’ll explore all aspects of alligator meanings and symbolism, including alligator spiritual meaning. Plus, we’ll take a look at the alligator spirit animal and totem. Just a note that this post will include folklore about caimans, who are a close cousin to alligators.(If you’re curious about crocodiles, please visit my post about crocodile meaning.)

What does an alligator symbolize?

  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Primal Instincts
  • Cunning
  • Power
  • Foresight
  • Leisure
  • Regeneration
  • Good Fortune

Alligator Meanings and Spirit Animal

Detailed Alligator Symbolism and Meanings

Ancient Wisdom

Alligators have lived on Earth for over 150 million years. When the dinosaurs began to die off 65 million years ago, it was the ancestors of today’s alligators who managed to survive. Like sharks, the alligators of today have changed very little from their prehistoric ancestors. It appears that evolution decided to break the alligator mold and leave them as is.

Because they have lived on Earth for so long, like their crocodile cousins and insects like dragonflies, alligator symbolism includes ancient wisdom. They have in their DNA a blueprint of how the Earth used to be, long before humans and our Industrial Revolution arrived.

Primal Instincts

As apex predators, alligators are designed for hunting. They have sensory pits in their jawline, which enable them to detect pressure changes in their watery habitats. This makes it easy for them to locate their prey. In fact, their prehistoric brains have changed very little in tens of millions of years because their instincts have served them so well.

Thus, alligators are symbols of going by your gut and making sure your basic needs are met. We all need to eat and sleep, and we all need some level of security in our lives. The alligator spirit reminds you to cover the basics and protect your downside first. Then, you can truly thrive and get what you want out of life.

Alligator Symbolism: Cunning

Alligator Eyes

Around the world, alligators are a symbol of clever cunning. These ambush predators strike their prey before the prey even knows what happened. Alligators lie in stealth in the water, sometimes with only their eyes above the surface. Then, they strike when their prey least expects it.

The alligator reminds you that there are occasions where you need to be discreet in the pursuit of your goals. Competitors and copycats abound, and it’s your right to be in stealth mode at certain times in your life. Discretion is an art that not everyone can master. With the alligator on your side – you can!


As apex predators, alligators are masters of their domain. They are also extremely territorial. So, like lions and sharks, alligators are symbols of power and authority.

But the alligator isn’t born with power. In fact, when they’re young, they are quite vulnerable to predators, including otters, raccoons, birds, and fish. However, once they grow up, they are the kings and queens of the waterways.

Thus, the alligator exemplifies that power gained through experience. If you want to master an area of your life, whether it’s getting in shape, excelling in your career, or becoming an expert at a skill, the spirit of the alligator reminds you that with practice and dedication comes power.


Alligator Vision

Like turtles and frogs, alligators live in the water as well as land, moving easily between the two elements. Alligators also have eyes on the tops of their heads, so they can easily see what’s happening on the land, even when they’re fully submerged in the water.

Furthermore, like crocodiles and some birds and mammals, alligators have the ability to go into a state called unihemispheric sleep, in which one part of their brain goes to sleep, while the other is still awake. In addition, they can sleep with one eye closed and the other open and alert.

Fluidly Traveling Between the Conscious and Subconscious

In allegorical terms, the land symbolizes the conscious mind and the material world, while water symbolizes the subconscious and the world of emotions. Thus, the alligator symbolizes moving back and forth between these two worlds.

This is why alligators are symbols of foresight and psychic abilities. When the alligator is one of your spirit animals, you have the ability to easily move between the worlds of the conscious and superconscious, without fully leaving the other.


Alligator Sunning on Riverbank

Alligators are known to be far less aggressive than their crocodile cousins. In fact, they will generally only attack if they are provoked or hungry. Underscoring their mellow dispositions, alligators are known to yield to manatees in the water, always giving them the right of way.

In addition, alligators love to sun themselves on riverbanks and take it easy. In fact, if the weather becomes too hot or cold for their liking, they will dig burrows and snooze. As apex predators, alligators don’t have much to worry about except eating, sleeping, having alligator babies, and staying out of the way of their biggest predators – humans.

So, alligators are also symbols of relaxing and taking it easy. If an alligator comes into your purview, it might be a sign that you need to take a vacation, head to the water, and relax in the sunshine.

Alligator Symbolism: Regeneration

Alligators possess a rare skill that many athletes would envy: They can regrow cartilage. In fact, younger alligators have the capacity to regrow their tails if they lose them, making alligators the largest animals known who can regrow their limbs.1

Because of this rare quality, like snakes who shed their skin, alligators are symbols of regeneration. Thus, the alligator is a helpful totem to meditate on when you want to overhaul an area of your life. Whether it’s overcoming financial loss and rebuilding wealth, taking a project or your career to the next level, or even finding newness in a relationship, the alligator is a powerful symbol that shows you can rejuvenate your life.

Good Fortune

Some mythology experts believe that alligators are the inspiration for dragons. In the section on alligator symbolism in China, which you’ll find later in this post, you will learn more about this in detail. Just as dragons are known to guard their treasures, the alligator symbolizes good fortune in finances.

While alligators have their preferred prey, which includes fish, snakes, and turtles, they are also known to eat all matter of animals, as well as detritus. Thus, alligators are opportunistic feeders.

Seize Opportunities

The alligator spirit reminds you that you should seize opportunities when they come your way. And when you are blessed with good luck, never squander it! The alligator warns you of the old saying, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” So, when it comes to good fortune and finances, be like an alligator or a dragon: Take advantage of opportunities and then guard your treasure.

Alligator Symbols and Meanings in Cultural Mythology and Folklore

Alligator in a bayou
Alligator in the bayou, Louisiana.

Here are some examples of alligator symbols and meanings in the human cultures where they are native.

Cajun Alligator Legends

Alligators are abundant in the swamps of Louisiana, so naturally there are some Cajun legends about them. One of the more bizarre is the story of the Letiche.

The Letiche

In the swamps of Louisiana lurk a terrifying group of creatures called the Letiche. Legend has it that if a child is born out of wedlock, and the parents do the child an additional disservice by not baptizing them, bad things will happen. The child will be taken by the alligators and raised by them in the swamps. They will become the Letiche.

To get their revenge for not being loved, the Letiche terrorize people who journey into the swamps. They will terrify them and overturn their boats. This enabled their adoptive alligator parents can eat their flesh as the people fall into the water.2

Native American Alligator Meanings

For Native Americans, the alligator is a power symbol who should be respected. Because alligators live in the fresh waterways of rivers, marshes, and lakes, they are symbols of spiritual cleansing and healing. Alligators are also symbols of power and status in some Native American cultures.

The Native Americans saw alligators hunt snakes and believed they were immune to snake venom. Thus, wore necklaces made with alligator teeth or carried the teeth in a pouch to protect against snake bites and other dangers.

The Legend of the Underwater Panther

Alligator Effigy Mound
Illustration of the Underwater Panther Alligator Effigy Mound in Licking County, Ohio. Image: Rev. Stephen D. Peet, The American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal.

Native Americans who lived in the Ohio River basin area around 800 – 1200 AD told the story of a supernatural underwater panther who ate people. The panther was considered to be a guardian of the water in the way the Thunderbird was a guardian of the air. Archaeologists and anthropologists believe the underwater panther was actually an alligator or crocodile.

The local Native Americans built a monument in what is now Granville, Ohio, which many archaeologists believe was in honor of the Underwater Panther. The effigy is referred to as the Alligator (or Crocodile) Effigy Mound because it resembles an alligator.3

Like the coyote and the raven, in Native American cultures, the alligator was also seen as a trickster. However, he was often a bumbling one who was punished for his vanity.

The Seminole People, who hail from the area that is now Florida, tell a story about the alligator and the eagle.

The Alligator and the Eagle

One day a long time ago, the animals were having fun playing with a magic ball. This was a time when all of the animals could talk to each other. The alligator saw what they were doing and grew jealous because they had not invited him to play. So, he waited on the riverbank, and when the ball was in the air, he scrambled over and grabbed it with his big mouth.

The birds fluttered around him and tried to get the ball, but the alligator just clenched his teeth harder and wouldn’t give the ball back. Eventually, the birds gave up. That is, all but the eagle.

The eagle had been perched in a tree, watching the other birds’ futile attempts at getting the ball back. So, he flew down, and with his sharp talons, he pinched the alligator on the back. Shocked, the alligator opened his mouth and hissed. As soon as he opened his mouth, the eagle grabbed the ball. To this day, that’s why the alligator makes a hissing sound when he is provoked.4

How the Alligator Got His Rough Skin

The Native Americans have another legend about how the alligator got his rough skin. This is very similar to one they have about crocodiles.

The alligator used to have beautiful, smooth golden yellow skin, which he was quite vain about. He was also very territorial about the river and would prevent the other animals from getting a drink. Becoming increasingly thirsty, the animals enlisted the clever rabbit to do something so they could get a drink.

So, the rabbit went down to the river bank and told the alligator he must come see a glowing tree, which glowed more beautifully than his skin. Intrigued, the alligator followed the rabbit. Once there, the alligator saw the tree, which was on fire. Wanting to get a closer look, he got too close and the fire burned his skin, making it rough and scaly, as it still is today.5

How the Alligator Taught the People to Hunt

The Choctaw People, who hail from what is now Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana, tell the tale about how the alligator taught people to hunt. This legend has interesting parallels with an Inuit story about how the wolf taught the people to hunt the caribou.

There once was a huntsman who always had bad luck. If he got close to a deer, the birds would chirp and warn the deer. And when he hunted where the birds didn’t chirp, he would inevitably step on a twig and alert the deer. So, he decided to hunt deep in the swamps where he knew there were a lot of deer and the ground was wet, so they would not hear him.

He heard a gravelly voice that said, “Help me. Please help me…”

However, the weather that year had been very hot and dry. When the huntsman got to a place where there had once been a deep pool, he saw it had run dry. Just then, he heard a gravelly voice that said, “Help me. Please help me.” The man turned to see an alligator lying on the dry land. With trepidation, the huntsman asked, “What do you need?” The alligator replied, “Water. Water. Can you take me to water?” The huntsman thought it might be a trick, so he remained silent. So, the alligator said, “I know you are having trouble hunting. If you take me to water, I will teach you how to hunt.”

Overcoming his fears and taking pity on the alligator, the huntsman hoisted him onto his back and traveled deeper into the swamp to find a pool of water for the alligator. When he finally found one, he slid the weakened alligator into the water.

A Grateful Alligator

The alligator dove deep into the pool and resurfaced and then dove again. He resurfaced with a big happy alligator grin. He then said to the huntsman, “Go deeper into the swamp. You will come across a fawn, but you mustn’t kill it. You will also come across a doe, but you mustn’t kill her either. Then, you will come across a buck. You will be tempted, but you must not kill him. Go further and you will come across a very old buck. He will be in the final cycle of his life. That is the deer you can hunt. You must say a prayer and thank him for giving his life to you.”

And this is how the alligator taught the people to hunt.6

The Alligator Dance

Some tribes, including the Seminole, have a sacred dance called the Alligator Dance, which celebrates relationships and partnerships. In this video shared by storyteller Kanogisgi, Joan Henry teaches the Alligator Dance:

Alligator Totem Animal

The alligator totem is a powerful symbol that you can use to hone your instincts for quick decision-making. We all have in our DNA ancient Earthly wisdom that can guide us, and the alligator is a powerful symbol to remind us of that. In addition, the alligator totem is a helpful symbol when you need rejuvenation in areas of your life, such as your health, your relationships, or good luck with your finances, especially your savings. The alligator brings the element of water to land, thus they are powerful symbols for cleansing and regeneration in the material world.

Alligator Symbolism in Mexico

In the Mexican Book of the Dead, before your soul can ascend to Heaven, you must go through a series of trials. The first is dealing with a terrifying serpent that blocks your path. If you defeat the serpent, you can ascend to the next level. There, you will meet an alligator who must also be defeated. And from there, you must got through a few more trials before you can reach heaven and meet your loved one who have passed.7

Caiman and Alligator Meanings in Central and South America

Caimans are a type of alligatorid crocodile who belong to the same subfamily as alligators, which is Caimaninae.8 They are slightly smaller than alligators and are found in Mexico and Central and South America. So, many alligator legends from these regions reference caimans.

The Caiman Man

In Colombia, they tell the tale of a Caiman Man.

There was once a fisherman who was quite a womanizer. He also enjoyed spying on the naked women as they bathed in the river and ocean. Concerned about being caught spying, the fisherman went to a sorcerer and asked to be temporarily turned into a caiman so that he could gawk at the women without suspicion.

The sorcerer gave the man two potions: The red would turn him into a caiman and the white would turn him back into a man. However, once he was a caiman, the fisherman would be unable to give himself the white potion, so he had to rely on his amigo to give him the white potion. The fisherman enjoyed his gawking for many months, transforming back and forth between a caiman and a man.

The Sick Amigo

One day, however, his amigo fell sick and could not make it to the riverbank to give him the white potion that would turn him back into a man. So, the amigo asked one of his amigos to bring the fisherman the potion. In his feverish delirium, the amigo described his fisherman friend, so the second amigo would find him, forgetting to tell him to look for a caiman and not a man.

When the second amigo got to the riverbank, he saw a hissing caiman, and in his fear, he dropped the white potion and spilled it, and ran screaming into the bushes. As the white potion fell to the ground, some of it splashed onto the caiman’s head. The second amigo’s screaming startled the bathing women. When they looked up, to their horror, they saw a beast on the riverbank with the body of a caiman and the head of a man. Terrified, the women never bathed in the river again.9

Caiman and Alligator Symbolism in Aztec and Maya Mythology

Pre-Colombian depiction of Cipactli. Author unknown.

Like the Native Americans, Chinese, Hindus, the Aztecs believed the Earth was formed on the back of a large reptilian creature who swam in an endless sea. This creature was described as a giant turtle or alligator. The Aztecs and Mayas called this creature Tlaltecuhtli, Teocipactli, or simply Cipactli, which means caiman or crocodile.

Insatiable Hunger

Cipactli was always hungry, and she even possessed extra mouths on her elbows and knee joints. She also demanded human sacrifice. The two gods, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl, feared her power, so they transformed themselves into giant serpents to battle her. In the battle, they split her in two and threw half of her body into the cosmos and the other into the sea.

The other gods and goddesses were horrified by what Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl had done to Cipactli, so they insisted that all life on Earth would spring from Cipactli’s body, including the rivers, flowers, grasses, and mountains.

Chinese Alligator Symbolism

Chinese alligator
Endangered Chinese alligator. Photo: Gary M. Stolz, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

When Marco Polo traveled in China in the late 13th century, he described an alligator-like animal as a dragon who didn’t fly. Indeed, the Chinese told stories of a mythical creature named Jiaolong who was shaped like a dragon, but lived in the water. For these reasons, many historians believe that dragons were inspired by real-life alligators.10

Besides the Americas, China is the only other place on Earth where alligators are native. The Chinese alligator, who lives in the Yangtze River valley, is extremely endangered, with only a few dozen left in the wild. The Chinese alligator is also more docile than their counterparts in the Americas. Thus, historians surmise that this is why the Chinese11 view dragons as positive symbols of good fortune rather than something to be feared as they are in western folklore.

Alligator Spirit Animal

Alligator Spirt Animal

If you have a special interest in alligators or if one captures your attention in a meaningful way, whether in real life, art, literature, or the media – pay attention. There are no coincidences. The alligator spirit animal can serve as a powerful guide as you navigate your life path.

In Native American traditions, you don’t necessarily choose your spirit animal. Rather, they choose you during a vision quest or another powerful experience that affects the course of your life.

Alligator Encounters

If an alligator captures your attention, you could be recalling something from a past life. Or it could mean that you should study the traits of the alligator more closely to expand your level of consciousness and live your life more fully.

Only you can truly know if the alligator is one of your power animals. Alligators may have intrigued you for your entire life. Or you may never have thought much about them until suddenly one captured your attention in a powerful way. If alligators intrigue you, by all means explore what these ancient reptiles can teach you!

If you’re curious about other animals who might be your spirit guides, you can take UniGuide’s spirit animal test in my post about spirit animals.

Alligator Power Animal

As apex predators, alligators are powerful beings. Thus, the alligator power animal can be a helpful symbol to meditate on in situations where you need more confidence and want to trust your instincts more.

Meditate on the Alligator Power Animal when you:

  • Feel that someone is overstepping your boundaries, whether it be physical, emotional, financial, or psychological. The alligator doesn’t attack unless provoked, but they know how to defend their territory.
  • Are going into a situation that requires negotiation, such as a court case, a business deal, or a competition. The alligator will remind you to keep your wits about you without being obvious.
  • Could be overly sensitive or reacting emotionally and you need to toughen your skin so you can deal with things in a more productive way.
  • Need to make an important decision and are getting into analysis paralysis. The alligator reminds you to trust your initial feelings and go with your gut instincts.

Alligator Dream Meaning

Alligator Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream of an alligator? What’s important to keep in mind is that dream interpretation is always uniquely personal. Consider how you felt in the dream. For example, did you feel anxiety, confidence, or fear?

Alligators are generally scary symbols to many people because they are reptilian (therefore foreign to us mammals) and they are apex predators who lurk beneath the surface of the water. So, dreaming of an alligator or alligators could mean that you need to address and deal with some anxieties or fears you have in real life that you’ve been avoiding or sweeping under the rug. It’s important to remember that our dreams can empower us and teach us. They aren’t here to torment us.

Use Fear as a Tool

But just because the alligator is a scary symbol to some, it doesn’t mean dreaming of an alligator should be negative. As you’ve read in this post, alligators are also powerful symbols of regeneration and good fortune.

Once you identify your feelings in the dream, you can consider the different meanings applied to alligators. Hopefully, this will give you new insights into how to approach an issue in your life.

Alligator Tattoo Meaning

Alligator Tattoo

An alligator tattoo can be an empowering symbol of ancient wisdom, survival, and regeneration. Having an alligator tattoo shows the world that you go by your instincts, defend your space, and are a vehicle for good fortune. If you’re thinking of getting an alligator tattoo, or if you already have one, hopefully you’ve learned some new things about alligator symbolism in this post that will make your tattoo even more meaningful to you.

Organizations that Protect Alligators

Alligators look like they can protect themselves, however, they actually face many threats. For one, as mentioned earlier, the Chinese alligator is on the brink of extinction due to human development in their natural habitat. The American alligator was also on the brink of extinction. However, thanks to federal and state laws to protect them, as well as efforts to restore their natural habitats, the American alligator has been brought back from the brink of extinction. A reduced demand for alligator products, such as alligator skin shoes and accessories, has also helped them to survive.12

As apex predators, alligators play an essential role in their habitats where they are critical for biodiversity health. If you care about alligators, please do what you can to help protect them. Here are some organizations that are doing that:

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  1. Hello. Every piece of knowledge you shared in this article is deeply appreciated by me! Thank you for sharing it with everyone.
    Okay so for as long as I can remember I’ve been in touch with myself spiritually I guess you can say? I have always had daily Deja Vu moments, I can feel all peoples and animals energy and can tell their intentions immediately. I have always just kept it to myself because I would get crazy lady looks from everyone.. feeling the different energies and emotions used to scare me into actual panic attacks… like full blown body heated, choking trying to get words out, wheezing on the floor trying to breathe and each time I realized that I scared myself into the panic attack, the attack would become harder for me to get through and my mom would always say “Jaz, just breathe and think about something else.”
    She always brushed off me saying I felt everyone’s energy and how it was affecting me..

    Now as an adult I don’t have the panic attacks anymore (Only a few times when I’m having epiphanies that are very clear and meaningful, maybe because I have identified what triggers my panic attacks (overstimulation from peoples energy). As a child, I was labeled as bipolar, having low self esteem + confidence, and social anxiety (Never took medication).
    As an adult. I have learned that I am an introvert, that I become overstimulated when I’m around people I don’t know, when I’m around people who are in a bad mood I ALWAYS feel angry right away, UNTIL I’m out of the persons presence.
    The energy absorption process I go through drains me incredibly fast and I have tried so hard to withstand leaving the area to regain my energy balance.
    I’m a person who LOVES to have deep meaningful talks with people and bounce knowledge and experiences back and forth. Moments like these fills up my heart with pure joy, confidence and fulfillment. I have trouble believing everything that is told to me.. my heart, soul, mind just everything in me WONT ALLOW me to be a follower and to follow MY OWN intuition and to trust MY hearts judgement on people’s intentions. This has saved me from some serious deathly endings, I made it by minutes many times.
    I learned from a very young age how powerful our thoughts are and realized that I was being very negative about myself and near future situations.. (For example, I’d think or say “I’m not going to pass this test. Bad luck is always on my side:(“ and I would fail! Is it because my intentions were always negative about my upcoming experience?)

    SO MY EXPERIENCE WITH A FEW ALLIGATORS OR CROCODILES that lived in the swamp area behind my home in 2018. I would always sit out there at the lil pond directly behind the outbuilding to smoke bud and meditate, alone. I had my eyes wide open, I was staring into the water and focusing my attention 100% on the pond and I notice there were 3 alligators kind of floating, once I’m a while one will slowly float towards me and I walk away. By then, I’m already connecting with them. In my mind I’m like I come peacefully, I just want a complete peaceful meditation session if that’s okay with you all! I’m giggling and literally talking to the alligators in my mind not out loud at all.
    At some point everything slowly gets blurred and my eyes were wide open, I felt like I reached a new level in my meditation journey because the blur just made the moment more intense and real for me… so I’m just talking to these alligators and RANDOMLY IN MY MIND I said “Show me a sign that you understand me!” IMMEDIATELY one of the alligators make a loud , quick noise and obviously I freaked out and needed my vision back for a moment!! I opened my eyes and they were all directly in front of me and I felt safe and befriended…
    I have also made electronic devices sound off throughout when I was in an intense panic paranoia experience.

    1. Thank you for sharing your personal story, and I love to you hear about your deep connection to alligators and crocodiles! They are filled with ancient wisdom but many people fear them or are not even aware they exist.

      I understand where you are coming from with the energy drain! What I have learned and am working hard on with myself is that people like us need spiritual and psychic protection. We need tools and a practice to protect ourselves because we are receptive.

      There are resources available to help you with this. I became more aware of this need (and why I felt the way I do) when watching the Gaia channel series on Amazon Prime Video called Sacred Geometry. There’s a monthly cost and the content is very dense because it is deeply profound. But the narrator/teacher, Dr. Robert Gilbert, talks about the importance of training and spiritual protection. He talks about how there are plenty of people in mental hospitals or who are living on the streets not because they are “crazy” but because they are extremely sensitive to spiritual/psychic energy and simply do not have the tools to protect themselves from the onslaught of energy (for lack of a better term.)

      There are other resources too. You are doing a wonderful job at self-understanding to begin with. I just thought I would share that recommendation in case you find it helpful. Take care!

  2. The first 3 night in my husbands family house after our honeymoon in a hotel, I saw an alligator with a covered blue clothes on its face, I’ve been scared to death because each time I took in a being usually appeared and terminated the pregnancy.
    What do I do?

    1. Hello Diana,
      I’m not sure if I understand what you’re asking exactly, but I will try to answer. First of all, if you have lost a baby or babies, I am profoundly sorry.

      Please know that souls sometimes decide to come to Earth for only a brief time and, depending on their soul’s journey, they will come back. I know this can probably not heal your sadness but I hope you can find some comfort there.

      My take on what you’re saying is that there is concealment, or confusion, and fear. So blue clothing covering the alligator shows there is this mistrust or fear of what you do not know.

      Alligators can be scary, and yet they are also symbols of ancient wisdom. They have been on the Earth for a very long time and have not changed much from prehistoric times. They are scary, but as you understand them more, they become less scary.

      Also, the color blue symbolizes truth, wisdom, and serenity.

      So, I think your alligator is telling you to seek more information and understanding. This will help you find peace. Peal away the layers of confusion so that you can gain deeper insights into what is going on and how you can make the situation better. If there are medical issues – seek other opinions, more information, and deeper insights. Alligator are also symbols of great power and knowledge is power.

      A scary vision or dream can be a helpful wake up call – the shock of it can be like cold water being splashed on your face – urging you to bravely face your fears and seek answers. I know this can be very hard. Personally, I am dealing with this in my own life too.

      I hope this is helpful for you. Take care and I will pray for you!

  3. I’ve had dream encounters with alligators for quite some time now. The first was one of lucidity to danger, as I watched my brother and one my son’s being devoured by a hosts of gators or crocs. The more recent was of an albino alligator 🐊. But I also actually saw a very large alligator on the roadside of a major highway, that I’d mistaken for a tire from a semi truck 🚛. It wasn’t until I got closer saw its eyes 👀 and then it moved, that I realized it was an alligator. My dreams though lately have included snakes, gators, water, mermaids or fish people. I’m drawn to water in the natural as well. What does it mean?

    1. I am always so intrigued to hear of other people’s vivid dreams. They are all so different, even though there may be some parallels. In your case, it definitely sounds like fear and anxieties that you should address but which may not be so obvious – in other words, they are not just obvious ones on the surface – for example people might have a presentation the next day and dream they show up without any clothes on! In your case, it sounds deeper in your psyche. In terms of water creatures – many symbology philosophers, such as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, say that water is symbolic of “diving” into, or accessing, our subconscious mind. So, this also fits in with that theory that you are most likely processing some things right now that are deep issues your soul is ready to address. These can even be karmic in nature. In my own life, I know by now that certain patterns repeating are karmic and I am working really hard to address those aspects of my personality and choices. I hope this makes sense! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Alligator is one of 9 of my spirit animals im trying to find the meaning of an alligator devouring another alligator.

    1. That’s cool! I appreciate people who appreciate alligators! I would view animal cannibalism as a symbol of competition in some way. Animals cannibalize each for a range of reasons, but often it’s for competitive reasons – lack of space or resources. I think about the nature of competition often. On the one hand, we need it – it can makes us better. On the other, it can be awful and destructive (as in the case of the alligator eating one of their own.) I think that’s why sports, games, and other types of friendly competition are so healthy for people – the ideals of learning to play fair, and both winning and losing with grace. Thanks for your comments – you’ve got me thinking about additional topics for these posts!

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