Rabbit Symbolism, Meaning & the Rabbit Spirit Animal


Rabbit Symbolism

  • Sensitivity

  • Acuity

  • Fertility

  • Rebirth

  • Good Luck

  • Speed

  • Escape

  • Parties

  • The Moon

When the rabbit is your spirit guide, be sure to ask the Universe for good luck. For centuries, the rabbit has been a symbol of good luck for many cultures around the world. So, even if you feel silly, say out loud, “I wish for good luck!” It’s free to do so, and when you do, your present your hopes and intentions to the Universe.

As the story if the tortoise and the hare tells, the rabbit is also very fast. When the rabbit is your spirit guide, you have the power of quick thinking and fast action on your side. Just be sure to be careful in your endeavors and to not act impulsively.

The rabbit spirit is also a symbol of fertility and rebirth. This can apply to having children, but it can also apply to other areas in your life. When the rabbit spirit makes themselves known to you, think of the areas of your life that can use an infusion of vitality. This could be your relationships, your finances, your creativity, or other areas.

The rabbit spirt shows you there is hope and new opportunities on the horizon. Everything that’s old can be new again. The moon wanes and then it is full again. In early springtime, the first crocuses burst through the snow. The rabbit spirit inspires you to spring into action and begin anew.


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