Manatee Symbolism, Meaning & the Manatee Spirit Animal

Florida Manatee

Manatee Symbolism

  • Gentleness

  • Trust

  • Non-Violence

  • Calm

  • Vulnerability

  • Emotions

  • Meditation

  • Psychic Awareness

When the gentle manatee is your spirit guide, they remind you to go within and rediscover your inner calm. The human world is chaotic. The manatee spirit animal can guide you through that chaos. Then you, in turn, can make the world more peaceful.

All life on Earth originated from the water. Some creatures evolved to walk on land, and of those who did, a few chose to return to the water. The manatee is one such creature. The manatee spirit animal is a symbol of evolution and transformation.

Land represents the material world and your logic-driven left brain. Water, on the other hand, represents the supernatural and your emotional right brain.

The manatee spirit guide requests that you embrace your emotions. Do not stray too far from your emotional self, even if it makes you feel vulnerable.

Often to regain our sensitivities, we must seek out stillness. Float in a pool, the ocean, or a bath. Or, listen to music with the sound of the sea. Your manatee spirit guide reminds you to be calm and allow your awareness to expand.


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