Frog Symbolism, Meaning & The Frog Spirit Animal

Tree frog

What does the frog symbolize?

  • Good Luck

  • Healing

  • Transformation

  • Transition

  • Prosperity

  • Potential

  • Purity

When the frog is your spirit guide, you have been blessed with good luck and exceptional potential to make your life better.

As semiaquatic beings, frog are symbols of transformation and evolution. They grow from tadpoles, born in the water, to adult frogs who can swim, hop on land, and even climb trees. The frog spirit reminds you that you are here to learn and evolve, and you are capable of far more than realize.

The frog power animal also brings purity to your life. Frogs move in and out of the water, resting on lily pads, and then diving back in. The frog spirit reminds you that you can renew your life. You have more chances and many more opportunities for redemption. You just have to get hopping and you will find them!

As they represent potential, frogs also represent prosperity. When the frog spirit enters your life, look for new opportunities to create abundance in your life. Some of these opportunities may not seem that exciting at first, but once you understand them better, you will see that they are princely finds that will enrich your life.

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