Blue Flower Meaning: What Do They Symbolize?

Blue Flowers
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Blue flower meaning and symbolism includes loyalty, truth, communication, tranquility, and other special qualities. The color blue evokes feelings of serenity and clarity. So, it strikes a beautiful balance when blue flowers are paired with more vibrant tones. In this post, we’ll explore blue flower meanings, types of flowers that are blue, as well as appropriate times to give them as gifts.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, the first time I saw you, my heart knew.”
– Anonymous

Types of Flowers that Are Blue

Before we go into more detail about what blue flowers signify, I thought you might be interested in a list of some of the types of flowers that come in shades of blue. Some of these varieties naturally come in shades of blue, while others are a product of flower science. 

Also, different varieties of blue flowers may have their own distinct meanings. You can learn more about blue flower meanings for specific flower types by clicking on some of the flower names below.

What Do Blue Flowers Symbolize? 

Blue Poppy

Here’s a quick list of some of the qualities that blue flowers symbolize:

  • Loyalty
  • Truth
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Tranquility
  • Nourishment
  • Being in flow
  • Spiritual growth

Blue is a serene and peaceful color that’s often associated with the sky, water, and clarity. In fact, surveys show that blue is most popular color in the world.1

So, blue flowers are beloved by many people and they have an array of popular associations.

To begin, blue flowers symbolize loyalty, truth, trust, and integrity. So, they make perfect gifts for a “true blue” friend or someone in your life who embodies these values. 

In addition, the color blue is associated with the energy center in the body that is the fifth chakra, also called the throat chakra

The throat chakra governs communication and how you express yourself. So, blue flowers make good gifts for people who are finding their voice or otherwise speaking their truth. Blue flowers are also empowering additions to gardens and flower pots for this same reason. 

In addition to communication, blue flower symbolism also includes knowledge, sharing of information, and wisdom. So, they make wonderful gifts for teachers, parents, or other people in your life who have provided guidance. 

In addition, blue flowers have a soothing and calming effect. So, they help to make places feel more serene.

In addition, they can be conducive to the creative process or being productive with work. Just like flowing water, blue flowers embody the concept of being in flow.

Blue Flower Spiritual Meanings

Blue flowers also hold important spiritual significance. For example, as they are associated with the water element, they represent the way that a spiritual practice, gaining knowledge, prayer, and meditation can nourish the soul. 

Thus, blue flowers are associated with self-discovery and spiritual growth. For this reason, they make good gifts for those who are going through a process of expanding their spiritual awareness.

Or they are lovely to have in an environment or garden where you pray or meditate as they naturally add tranquility and a sense of peace to a space.

With their association with the fifth chakra, blue flowers are also positive symbols to have around when you are working balancing that energy center in your body. For example, you may be working on being more true to yourself and improving self-expression.

Furthermore, on a spiritual level, blue is associated with the sky and infinite possibilities. Thus, blue flowers symbolize the Divine and the positive forces at work in the Universe.  

In summary, blue flowers bring a sense of tranquility, nourishment, trust, and other positive traits to any garden or other environment. They strike a beautiful balance with other flowers that are more vibrant oe flashy in hue because of their calming and clarifying effect.

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