17 Blue Butterfly Meanings: Spirituality, Love, and Manifestation

Blue Morpho Butterfly
Have you ever been blessed by the presence of a blue butterfly? These exquisite beings, who come in shades of azure, sapphire, navy, and more, have profound symbolic and spiritual meaning in many cultures around the world.

In this post, well dive into all aspects of blue butterfly meaning, from spiritual meanings to love and relationships, manifestation, wellness, and more.

Ulysses Butterfly
Blue Ulysses butterfly. Photo: Puyalroyo.

The sun is up, the sky is blue; It’s beautiful, and so are you.”
Dear Prudence, The Beatles

“Butterflies are self-propelled flowers.
Robert Anson Heinlein

Types of Blue Butterflies

A variety of butterflies come in shades of blue or have mostly blue markings.

So, before we explore the symbolic meanings associated with these beautiful creatures, you might be interested in learning the names of some of the types of blue butterflies. Here are a few:

  • Blue morpho butterfly
  • Rhetus periander
  • Fenders butterfly
  • Ulysses butterfly
  • Adonis butterfly
  • Blue banded eggfly
  • Blue cracker
  • Mormon butterfly

Blue Butterfly Spiritual Meanings

Blue Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

Many people connect butterflies with angels. In fact, some view them as messengers for loved ones who have passed. For example, in Japan, butterflies are said to carry people’s souls to the afterlife.1

The blue butterfly, in particular, has sacred associations for many. If one makes themselves known to you by fluttering nearby, landing on a flower, or grabbing your attention in some other format, here are some examples of what it can mean on a spiritual level:

1. A loved one who has passed is sending you a message.

Butterflies are seen as messengers from angels because they are especially receptive to divine energy working through them. So, seeing a blue butterfly can mean that the angel of a loved one who has passed is nearby. Their angel is looking over you and sending a validation that they are at peace.

Blue is a color that represents friendship, as in a true blue friend. So, a blue butterfly can signify that the angel of a friend or even a pet who has passed is expressing how much they treasured your friendship.

2. When you are fulfilling your spiritual purpose, you will be in flow.

Because of their beautiful color, blue butterflies are associated with the water element. On a spiritual level, water symbolizes cleansing, transformation, and the subconscious. It also symbolizes the idea of being in flow.

So, on a spiritual level, a blue butterfly can be a reminder that when you’re aligned with your true purpose and actively trying to fulfill it, you will be in flow. As the king said in the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, when you are actively trying to fulfill your purpose, “all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

3. Be open to sharing your spiritual beliefs.

A blue butterfly, notably one that is light blue or turquoise in hue, is the color associated with your throat chakra. Your throat chakra governs your communication and how you express yourself in the world.

So, a light blue butterfly can be a reminder to feel open about sharing your faith and spiritual beliefs with others. The key word here is sharing. It doesn’t mean pushing!

Much of spiritual growth is about being open-minded and receptive, which can mean sharing while also learning and being a good listener in return.

4. Your third eye is opening.

Your third eye is a way to describe how you perceive spiritual information. The sixth chakra, which governs your third eye, is associated with the color indigo.

Thus, if you find yourself noticing a blue butterfly, it can mean that your third eye is opening. In other words, your psychic consciousness is expanding.

5. Trust your intuition.

Because blue butterflies are associated with the third eye and enhanced psychic sensitivities, noticing one can be a reminder to trust your intuition more. Don’t override your immediate feelings about people or situations.

6. You are undergoing a spiritual cleansing and transformation.

The color blue is associated with water, which is a symbol of cleansing and transformation. In addition, butterflies undergo their own metamorphosis when they transform from caterpillars into beautiful flying insects.

Thus, seeing a blue butterfly is a reminder of your own spiritual transformation. Whether you experience good times or hard times, when you learn from those experiences and still have gratitude, you are evolving spiritually.

Blue Butterfly Meaning in Love and Relationships

Blue Morpho on Cherry Blossoms
Blue morpho butterfly in blossoming sakura. Photo: K. Oleski.

Here are some examples of what a blue butterfly appearing can mean in love and relationships:

7. Practice the art of forgiveness.

Blue butterfly symbolism also includes the idea of forgiveness. The color blue represents friendship and loyalty, and sometimes we have to get over being “right” about an issue in order to preserve a relationship. This doesn’t mean going against your own integrity. But it can mean letting go of pain, anger, or resentment.

Sometimes we hold on to these toxic emotions as a way to protect ourselves from experiencing similar hurts in the future. However, this can also hold us back in life emotionally and spiritually.

Forgiving is not the same word as forgetting. After all, blue butterfly symbolism also includes the idea of wisdom. So, you can learn from an experience, protect yourself, and still forgive at the same time.

As Mark Twain said, Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.

8. Open the lines of communication.

Blue butterflies are associated with your throat chakra, which governs communication and how you express yourself. So, in relationships matters, seeing a blue butterfly can be a reminder of how important communication is in keeping relationships healthy. Don’t be afraid to express your needs in your relationships.

Some people bottle things up until they explode. That is not the butterfly way! The blue butterfly is a reminder to speak your truth but do it gently. Also, be a good listener.

9. An important relationship is going through a transformation.

Butterflies are symbols of transformation. So, when they appear in your life, it can be a sign that an important relationship is undergoing a transformation.

Because the blue butterfly is associated with water, seeing one can be like a question that’s being posed to you: Are the two of you rowing in the same direction as you go through life’s changes? Ask yourselves if anything needs to shift so you can be more in sync.

10. Your relationships are expanding.

As pollinators, butterflies are symbols of fertility and abundance. So, when it comes to relationships, they indicate new relationships in your life. This might pertain to a new romantic prospect, having a baby, blending two families, or even expanding your professional network.

The blue butterfly is a positive omen that these relationships will be built on trust and integrity.

11. You will be loved for your sincerity.

It’s a fact of life that we all want to be loved. Though, many people go about seeking love in ways that aren’t healthy or sustainable. For example, they might put a lot of energy into looking good on the outside while failing to work on who they are on the inside.

A blue butterfly appearing in your life can be a sign that you are a person who will be loved and because of your sincerity and integrity. People may be attracted to how you appear “on paper” or on the outside. However, the keepers in your life will be the ones who recognize and respect you for being you.

Blue Butterfly Symbolism in Manifestation and Career

Rhetus periander
Rhetus periander. Photo: Marcos Cesar Campis.

If you see a blue butterfly and you’re pondering abundance or career matters, here is some ideas for what it can mean:

12. Expand your knowledge.

The color blue symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. So, blue butterflies can signify the importance of expanding your knowledge in your given field and becoming an expert. When you do so, you will get more personal satisfaction from your work and there will be growing financial rewards.

After all, the butterfly symbolizes fertility and abundance. So, having a fertile mind will generate financial abundance in your life!

13. Be open to reinventing yourself.

The world is in a constant state of change. This is especially true in business, but it also applies to the arts, healthcare, and virtually every other field you can name. So, if you see a blue butterfly, you could be receiving a message from your angels to be open and receptive to the changes that are happening in your field. After all, they don’t call it a career “path” for nothing. Building a career is a journey. You can still be true to yourself while also reinventing yourself in some way.

The blue butterfly is associated with water. So, they symbolize going with the flow when it comes to change. In other words, be like a surfer: Don’t resist the wave. Catch it and ride it.

14. The sky’s the limit, so envision big opportunities.

Blue butterflies also reflect the color of the sky. So, seeing a blue butterfly can be a sign to dream big when it comes to expanding your opportunities for generating abundance.

Blue is also associated with visionaries. This is where the Law of Attraction comes into your manifestation dreams. Focus on what you want and go after it vs. focusing on lack. Practice the art of visualization. It works for Olympic athletes, entertainers, and famous business people. It will work for you, too!

Blue Butterfly Meanings in Wellness and Vitality

Common Blue Butterfly
Common blue butterfly. Photo: Sander Meertins Photography.

When it comes to your physical vitality, here are some ideas for what seeing a blue butterfly can mean in your life:

15. Surround yourself with peace and tranquility.

Blue is the color of peacefulness and tranquility. In fact, blue butterflies are symbols for serenity and calm in many cultures. So, seeing one of these divine creatures can be a nudge to take a deep breath and create more serenity in your life.

16. Be aware of your thoughts.

There’s a saying that goes, “What the mind conceives, the body believes.” In other words, your body is paying attention to every single thought that goes on in your head. So, focus on having healthy, positive thoughts.

Blue butterflies relate to two of your upper chakras: your throat chakra and your third eye chakra.

So, if you see a blue butterfly, it can be like a nudge from your angels to pay attention to what is happening in your neck, shoulders, and head. Caring for these areas can help your overall physical being as well as your peace of mind.

17. Visualize wellness and vitality.

As blue is a visionary color, blue butterflies are linked to the practice of visualization. Practicing this art can help in all matters of your life, including wellness. For example, you can envision sacred healing waters flowing over your body and nourishing it.

Remember that, as pollinators, butterflies are foundational for supporting life on Earth. So, seeing a butterfly is always a positive omen for your physical vitality and wellness.

Summary: Go with the flow.

Blue butterflies are among the world’s most beautiful creatures. When they appear in your life, it’s always a positive sign. On their delicate wings is a world of positive energy. So, believe that good things are coming your way.

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2 Responses

  1. I am curious, I had a blue butterfly land on my patio table. I have had a very bad experience in my life lately. I also lost both of my children within 2 weeks of each other. Im trying to figure what the blue butterfly meant n my life.

    1. I am very sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the grief you must be experiencing.

      I lost my younger brother just weeks ago, and because he was young, it has been extra hard to accept. The silver lining in this experience has been that I am understanding my spiritual faith even more and I have been having some experiences that give me deeper insights.

      For example, there was a song that he, my mom (who passed a little over a year ago), and I would listen to in the car and sing. So, as I was coming home from his memorial service, I played it. And I realized with this crystal clear awareness that their energy was there existing in the vibrations of that song. It was like they made their presence felt, and I could hear it in the music in those vibrations. I had this experience once before after a detox/spiritual retreat I went on. I heard energy in the music that I had never heard of felt before. This might sound sort of woo woo to non-believers. But it was so clear to me, so deeply profound.

      Blue is a beautiful and soothing color. And divine energy manifest through living things. I see your blue butterfly as a sign that your children hope for you to find some peace, to find a level of peacefulness though you will still grieve. I know this is hard for you. I just hope that you know there is so much going on beyond this physical world. We are hear to learn, but we are all so much more than our physical forms, and you will be reunited with them beyond the physical form. Take care!

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