Clematis Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Colors

Clematis Flower Meaning

Clematis flower meanings include mental acuity, wisdom, aspiration, travel, and mischief. In this post you’ll learn more about clematis meanings, color symbolism, and what these meandering plants can mean on a spiritual level.

There are over 300 species of these climbing vines, with flowers that come in a range of both vivid and light colors. Because of their variety, clematis plants have a number of nicknames, including old man’s beard, virgin’s bower, pepper vine, climbing queen, and the devil’s darning needle. (This last nickname is reminiscent of a name the ancient Swedes gave to dragonflies: “the devil’s steelyard.” Apparently, the dragonfly’s body reminded them of a weighting tool, which was thought to measure the weight of a person’s soul!)

What does the clematis flower symbolize?

  • Mental Acuity
  • Wisdom
  • Aspiration
  • Travel
  • Mischief

Clematis Flower Symbolism

Mental Acuity

In Victorian England, flower symbolism was a popular past time. The Victorians associated the clematis with mental acuity because of its versatility and ability to climb and wrap around surfaces. It was as if the clematis showed a thought process of working around an issue in order to understand it.


Another flower meaning applied to the clematis is wisdom. The long, twisting vines are sometimes referred to as old man’s beard – a symbol that denotes the kind of wizard-like intelligence that can only be gained by experience. Unlike tulips, which bloom and then they are gone, the clematis grows more complex and beautiful with age.


Because they are climbing vines, the clematis also symbolizes ambition and aspiration. Not content to simply sprout and grow a few inches, the clematis continues to branch out, seeking new heights and new directions. In fact, the clematis will climb as high and as far as opportunity will allow.


The clematis is not content to stay in one place. These plants are seekers with wanderlust. Thus, they are also symbols of travelling. The clematis should appeal to the travelers among us who have an innate need to branch out and explore.


With a nickname like the devil’s darning needle, the clematis can be a bit of a trouble maker. In fact, these plants are quite toxic to both people and pets. So, while they are beautiful and beguiling, there is some devilry in the clematis, as their nickname implies.

Spiritual Meaning of the Clematis

Clematis Spiritual Meaning

On a spiritual level, the clematis encourages you to explore different devotional philosophies. The clematis demonstrates that there is more than one way to connect with the divine. The clematis shows you that being a perennial seeker and a student of the Universe will expand your consciousness and your understanding of for the world’s varied faiths.

Associated Spirit Animals

The clematis shares some traits and symbiosis with certain wild animals and insects. For example, manmade walls and fences actually hurt wildlife and insects because they provide unnatural barriers in ecosystems. However, climbing plants like the clematis can provide a bridge as well as a refuge for wildlife. For example, they can serve as ladders for insects and nesting areas for birds.

In the clematis ecosystem, these flowering vines have a symbiotic relationship with insects like ladybugs, which protect the plant by consuming pests. Plus, the clematis serves as a food source for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

In addition to the animals mentioned above, on a symbolic level, the clematis is associated with certain spirit animals, including the snake spirit animal and the stag spirit animal. Just as the snake can wraps itself around a tree or other surface, so does the clematis.

In addition, the way that that clematis climbs and aspired is reminiscent of the stag’s complex crown of antlers. Like the clematis, the stag symbolizes wisdom. He did not grow his antlers overnight. They are a sign of a mature and healthy animal who has withstood life’s challenges and the test of time.

Clematis Color Meanings

Clematis flowers come in a rainbow of colors and some even have patterns. Here are some of the qualities these colors represent.

Blue Clematis

Blue Clematis Flower Meaning

Clematis flowers come in a range of blue hues, from ice blue to turquoise to indigo. The color blue symbolizes trust, faith, serenity, and wisdom. It also symbolizes loyalty, as in a “true blue” friend.

As the clematis is a perennial vine, it is a powerful symbol for the kind of wisdom gained from life experiences as well as trusted, long-lasting relationships.

Light blue and turquoise are also the color that represents the fifth chakra. It is Vishuddha in Sanskrit. Your fifth chakra rules your ability communicate and express yourself. So, a blue clematis expresses your faith and belief in communicating the truth.

Darker blue and indigo are the colors of the sixth chakra, or Ajna in Sanskrit. This chakra rules your mind, your third eye, and your intuition. So, as the clematis symbolizes mental acuity, a blue clematis is especially powerful for expanding your consciousness to greater understanding and universal wisdom through study.

Purple Clematis Flower Meaning

Purple Clematis Flower Meaning

Purple clematis flower meaning is representative of royalty and living in an exalted state. Just as the clematis climbs, the purple clematis represents aspiration and reaching for the stars – goals beyond what you think you’re capable of. The vine symbolism of the clematis represents a ladder that will help you reach dreams.

Purple is a special color in that is combines the coolness of blue with the warmth of red. So, a purple clematis is also a symbol of balance and finding a beautiful harmony in differences.

Both the sixth and seventh chakras are shades of purple. (Though the seventh chakra is also sometimes depicted as white.) The seventh chakra is Sahasrara in Sanskrit. This chakra rules your super conscious and your connection to the divine. So, a purple clematis is a beautiful symbol of reaching for a higher spiritual vibration.

Red Clematis Meaning

Red Clematis Flower Meaning

Red is the color of passion, energy, and romantic love. It’s also a symbol for good luck and prosperity. In addition, red is associated with the first or “root” chakra, which is Muladhara in Sanskrit. Your root chakra governs the foundations in your life: your security, you drive and physical vitality, as well as your courage.

Red clematis flowers make wonderful gifts for a romantic partner. They show your partner that you want your relationship to grow, evolve, and withstand the test of time. At the same time, they show that you still feel the same passion for your partner that you always did.

Pink Clematis Meaning

A pink clematis also symbolizes love. However, it’s more the type of love we have for friends and family. A pink clematis symbolizes caring and the power of long-term friendships and deep family ties.

Orange Clematis

The color orange represents the second, or sacral, chakra. It’s called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit. This chakra rules your health and vitality as well as your gut instincts. An orange clematis makes a sweet gift to someone for whom you wish long-term health and wellness.

Yellow Clematis Meaning

Yellow Clematis Flower Meaning

Yellow clematis flowers represent sunshine and happiness. They are also symbols for good fortune in one’s life, especially long-term investments.

Yellow is the color of your third chakra, which is called Manipura in Sanskrit. Manipura governs your self-confidence and how you assert yourself in the world. Thus, a yellow clematis is a symbol of happiness that comes from the rewards of personal success.

White Clematis

Like a white butterfly, a white clematis flower symbolizes purity, innocence, simplicity, clarity of thought, and angels. White is also be associated with the seventh chakra, which rules your super conscious and connection to the divine. So, as a symbol of aspiration, a white clematis is a powerful symbol of reaching for an elevated level of conscious and a connection with the divine.

Black Clematis

Black Clematis Flower Meaning

There are some varieties of clematis flowers that are so dark they look almost black. A special color, black symbolizes mystery, formality, elegance, and rebellion. A black clematis is a fitting plant for the nonconformists among us. It’s a flower for those who eschew the straight and narrow path and make their own way in life. It’s also a flower for those who like to get into a little bit of trouble.

Candy Striped Clematis

Candy Stripe Clematis

Candy striped clematis flowers symbolize fun, flirtatiousness, and parties. These flowers like to show off in a slightly unconventional way. They also symbolize branching out and breaking from tradition, as they bring their own special pizzazz to the garden.

Clematis Tattoo Meaning

Clematis Tattoo

Like other flowering vines, the clematis flower is an ideal motif for a tattoo that wraps around your arm or leg. A clematis can tell the world a number of things. For example, it can mean you’re a spiritual seeker. Or it can mean you are slightly mischievous and a rebellious trouble maker. While tattoos are highly personal for each person, hopefully understanding clematis symbolism, including aspiration, wisdom, and other qualities, can instill special meaning in your tattoo.

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