Zinnia Flower Meaning & Symbolism + Color Meanings

Zinnia Flower Meanings

Zinnia flower meaning includes acclaim, affection, friendship, everlasting love, remembrance, and tribute. With their brightly colored, round blossoms, zinnias are show stoppers. Blooming from springtime to autumn, the zinnia symbolizes qualities that remind us to never take those we love for granted. In addition, each zinnia color has a special meaning, some of which touch us on a spiritual level.

What does the zinnia flower symbolize?

  • Acclaim
  • Affection
  • Friendship
  • Remembrance and Tribute
Blue orchard bee pollinating zinnia
A blue orchard bee pollinates a zinnia. Photo: Scott Bauer, USDA ARS.

The Victorians were fond of a pastime they called floriography, which imbued flowers with special meanings. Even earlier, Shakespeare infused his stories with flower symbolism, which provided non-verbal clues. Here are some of the meanings applied to zinnia flowers that send a special message.


Because of their showy, colorful blossoms, the zinnia flower is an attention-getter. The zinnia flower is also drought tolerant. So, like an actor who is paying their dues, the zinnia flower can take the hard knocks and still beam brightly.

This is why these colorful round blossoms are symbols of acclaim. They are worthy of celebration. So, they make wonderful gifts for someone who has just achieved a goal they set for themselves. The zinnia flower is a way to honor that achievement.


Zinnia flower meaning also includes affection. There is nothing demure about these flowers. So, they are warm symbols of your depth of feeling for another, whether they be a close friend, a family member, or a lover. The zinnia flower is also a way of expressing how much you miss someone if you have spent time apart.


The zinnia flower also symbolizes friendship. With their big, round, and colorful blossoms, the zinnia is a fun flower. This is a flower that makes people feel happy, just as friendships do.

Everlasting Love

In Victorian England, the zinnia flower, especially one that was red or hot pink, was a symbol of deep and everlasting love for another. As these flowers bloom brightly throughout spring, summer, and fall, they are reminiscent of love that does not fade.

Remembrance and Tribute

As the zinnia flower symbolizes affection, it takes on another meaning, which is to honor those who have passed. The zinnia flower serves as a testament to the love you feel for another, even if they are no longer with you on the Earthly plane.

Presenting zinnia flowers in a memorial service, grave, or alter is demonstrative of your love for another and a tribute to them. It shows you still carry them in your heart.

Zinnia Color Meanings

The zinnia comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Here are some of the qualities these colors represent.

Red Zinnia Flower Meaning

Red Zinnia Flowers

Red zinnia flower meaning includes romantic and platonic love, as we all as love that is everlasting. The color red represents strong emotions and intense energy. It also symbolizes the energy of good luck and money, or prosperity.

The color red is also associated with the root chakra, which governs the areas of your life that bring security.

Giving someone you love a red zinnia flower, or plants of bouquet of them, shows your commitment to seeing your relationship to grow and endure the test of time.

Fuchsia or Hot Pink Zinnia Flower

Fuchsia, hot pink, and magenta zinnia flower meaning is similar to the red flower meaning. It represents deep and everlasting love.

Pink Zinnia Flower Meaning

Pink Zinnia Flowers

A pink zinnia flower represents paternal love, like we have for friends and family. It symbolizes life-long love and friendship – the kind that does not easily unravel.

Orange Zinnia

The color orange is representative of health and vitality. So, an orange zinnia is a positive symbol for long-term health and wellness. This color zinnia is perfect for a garden where you want to bring healing to the home, or given as a gift to a friend for whom you wish health and wellness.

Yellow Zinnia Meaning

Yellow Zinnia Flowers

A yellow zinnia flower is representative of the sun. So, it’s a symbol or warmth and happiness. In addition, the yellow zinnia symbolizes honoring one you hold dear, as if to say you are shining a bright spotlight on your memories of them, so you never forget.

Green Zinnia Meaning

The color green symbolizes nature, renewal, growth, and emotions. It also symbolizes financial security. In addition, it represents the fifth chakra, which rules the heart. So, a green zinnia flower is symbolic of love that is growing or being renewed. It’s also a symbol of good wishes for someone who is building a business or other financial endeavor, which they hope to grow.

Blue Zinnia

Blue zinnias are rate, but they do exist. The color blue symbolizes trust, faith, serenity, and loyalty. A blue zinnia flower symbolizes trusted friendships and paying tribute to how much you value that relationship.

Purple Zinnia Flower Meaning

Purple Zinnia Flower

A purple zinnia flower symbolizes spiritual exaltation and honoring the divine. It also symbolizes love on a soul mate level. In addition to the spiritual plane, the color purple represents peace and harmony.

White Zinnia

As with other white flowers, a white zinnia symbolizes purity and the divine. It is representative of love on a spiritual level, something that transcends the physical.

Zinnia Spiritual Meaning

Field of Zinnia Flowers

On a spiritual level, the zinnia flower represents faith that cannot be broken. As a flower that blooms throughout the season, the zinnia is emblematic of undying faith and the belief in something greater. It’s also a symbol of the demonstration of faith in your words and actions.

Associated Spirit Animals

Native in the U.S. Southwest, Mexico, and Central America, the zinnia is an important part of the ecosystems where they grow. Thus, the zinnia flower shares synergies with wild animals and insects in these regions. While most flowers have a close association with butterflies, as the two co-evolved together, zinnia flowers are especially appealing to butterflies, as well as to bees. In addition, hummingbirds are attracted to their bright blossoms. In a beautiful harmonic balance, the zinnia brings live to these creatures as they, in turn, help to extend the life force of the flowers.

Zinnia Tattoo Meaning

Zinnia Tattoo

A zinnia flower tattoo is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone you love, whether one who has passed or is still with you on the Earthly plane. Not only are zinnia tattoos less commonly seen, they also have positive symbolic meanings. The zinnia demonstrates your deep and everlasting affection for that person or even an animal companion. While tattoos are highly personal, hopefully understanding the qualities that the zinnia represents can bring special meaning to your tattoo.

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