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808 Meaning
If you see the 808 angel number and you’re curious about 808 meaning, be open to some new possibilities coming your way. Noticing this special number, such as on a license plate, in a phone number, or 8:08 on a clock, can be a sign that your guardian angels, or spirit guides, have important messages for you. Exploring angel number 808 can provide you with valuable insights into specific questions as well as your life in general.

In this post, we’ll explore all aspects of the 808 angel number, including its spiritual meaning and how you can apply its sacred messages to your own life.


8:08 Clock

What does angel number 808 mean?

“Every beginning will have an end, and every end will have a new beginning.”1
– Maya Saying

Here are some high-level meanings associated with the number 808. We’ll go into more detail on these throughout this post:

  • New Beginnings
  • Adventure
  • Protection
  • Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Being Present
  • Abundance
  • Rebirth
  • Infinity
  • Paradise
  • Spiritual Enlightenment

Your 808 Highlights

Here are some quick takeaways for you when it comes to 808:

  • You are experiencing the end of one cycle and the beginning of something new. Have an adventurous spirit and embrace this fresh start.
  • The past may be dragging you back to it in your thoughts. When your angels show you the number 808, it can be a sign to remember the past but to not live in it. Focus on what you have today and put positive energy into the future. True happiness is yours for the taking!
  • You are protected spiritually. Be confident that higher powers want the best for you and that your guardian angels have protective energy around you.
  • Be aware that challenges you might be facing in everyday life are opportunities to further your personal goals and your spiritual exploration. Noticing the angel number 808 indicates that you are in the process of rapid emotional and spiritual growth.
  • Envision the life you want for yourself and for those you love. After all, 808 meaning indicates positive abundance, blessings from the divine realm, and paradise. It’s no coincidence that 808 is the area code for Honolulu, Hawaii!

What are angel numbers?


Before we go into more details about the 808 angel number, let’s first take a look at angel numbers in general.

Angel numbers are sacred symbols that convey messages that express far more than their numerical value. Indeed, as the name implies, angel numbers are signs that your guardian angels are helping you in your daily life and on your spiritual journey. You have divine guidance as you navigate your life path.

As souls, we are here to learn and evolve. And as we become more spiritually enlightened, we grow closer to God, or our Higher Power. Our angels know that to grow on a spiritual level, we must have free will and we must undergo our own learning process.

Nevertheless, our angels’ loving presence is always around us. One of the ways they help us is by sending us signs, or clues. Sometimes these clues give us answers. Other times they simply serve as validation that we are on the right path, so we should keep the faith.

Clues from your guardian angels will appear to you in ways that grab your attention. They might come in the form of angel numbers, as well as messages in dreams. Or they can also come in the form of a spirit animal who crosses your path and causes you to pause and wonder.

But how do you interpret angel numbers, such as 808? The answer is a combination of understanding the ancient and sacred meanings that have been associated with these numbers and your own intuition.


One of the early philosophers who understood the sacred power of numbers was the 6th century BCE philosopher Pythagoras. In many ways, he is the great grandfather of modern-day numerology.

Pythagoras and his followers (the Pythagoreans) believed the number 8, which is a foundational aspect of angel number 808, had sacred properties.

The Pythagoreans looked at numbers as though they were building blocks for all of existence.

They saw the number 8 as an extension of the numbers 4 and 2, since 4 x 2 = 8. Pythagoras viewed the number 2 (as in the 222 angel number) as the embodiment of female energy. And the number 4 (as in the 444 angel number) as a foundational symbol for the cosmos, as well as a symbol of universal wisdom.

Thus, angel number 808 is an angel number that represents a solid foundation, as itt has a supportive vibration to it.

However, for the Pythagoreans, an irrational number like 0 threw in a curve ball. How could nothing be something?2 It didn’t fit in well with the Pythagorean or ancient Greek ways of thinking, which was that all numbers had specific meanings. However, the number 0 suddenly implied that there were other, as yet unexplainable possibilities out there.

Carl Jung

Another, more recent philosopher – the psychologist Carl Jung (1875 – 1861) – also believed in the sacred power of numbers. Jung saw numbers as divinely inspired symbols.

In addition, Jung developed the theory of synchronicity. The theory describes events or circumstances that seem to have an association and yet which don’t have a scientifically proven cause and effect relationship. For example, angel number 808 repeatedly showing up in your life is an example of synchronicity.

Sacred Geometry

Fish Scales and Peacock Feathers

Followers of a school of thought called sacred geometry believe that numbers and mathematical patterns, especially those that repeat in nature, are evidence of intelligent design by a single creator.

One example of sacred geometry appearing in nature is a fish scale pattern that appears not only in fish but also in peacock feathers, pinecones, and elsewhere in nature.

Another example is spiral patterns. Spirals appear throughout nature, such as on sunflowers, nautilus shells, coiled snakes, a seahorse’s or chameleon‘s curling tail, hurricanes, and galaxies.

For those who believe in sacred geometry, this repeated pattern is not just a random coincidence. It demonstrates the interconnectedness of everything in the Universe. You can read more about this in my general post about angel number meanings, specifically the section on the Fibonacci sequence.

Elements of Angel Number 808

How did people from ancient cultures interpret number meanings, such as angel number 808? They did so much in the same way that we do today.

To begin, they considered the context in which certain numbers appeared. In addition, they analyzed the components that made up a number pattern, such as the sequence of numbers and if there were any repeating patterns.

In the case of angel number 808, the sacred properties associated with the numbers 8 and 0 give the 808 angel number its special powers.

The Power of Zero


Before we go into more details about the meanings associated with the numbers 8 and 808, let’s first take a look at the “number” 0. Indeed, some mathematicians argue that zero cannot even be considered a number. Nevertheless, it’s laden with meaning.

To begin, the number 0, or simply zero, is symbolic for reaching enlightenment. It represents the state of nothingness as it relates to the complete elimination of the ego.

As the spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer said, “Ego stands for ‘edging God out.’”

In other words, when are attached to the negative pretenses associated with ego, such as feeling separate and better than others, acting in a narcissistic way, being easily offended, being critical in a hurtful and unhelpful way, etc., you became further from God. However, as you start to lose, or overcome, these types of feelings, you grow closer to God, or the Source of all love in the Universe.

Thus, 0 is symbolic of a total oneness with God, or your Higher Power. In fact, 0 can be described as the first angel number.

Below are some additional cultural associations with zero. Plus, you can read more about 0 in my post on 1010 angel number meaning.

Zero in Ancient Cultures

While the idea of a numeric symbol to describe nothingness appears in cultures around the world, one of the first examples we have of it is from Mesopotamia, possibly from 700 BCE.

Apparently, the Mesopotamians started using the concept of zero in their clay tablets in communication and to better understand and describe their calculations.

Since this time, zero has changed the world. It opened up infinite possibilities to how we understand the world using mathematics (not to mention computer science.)3

Essentially, zero has allowed us to describe and communicate values in a way that had never been done before.

So, you can see how this seemingly simply little circle adds a whole lot of symbolic power to angel number 808.

Across the world, the ancient Mayas were also experimenting with the idea of nothing from both a mathematical and philosophical perspective. For the Mayas, people who lived their lives in a way that was fully integrated with the cycles of nature, zero represented a bridge between the past and the future.

In this way, the concept of zero is like the seed of life. It represents both a fresh start as well as an ongoing cycle.4

This concept lends itself to the power of 808 meaning. Among other things, the number 8 symbolizes infinity, as it appears like the infinity symbol standing up.

The first 8 in angel number 808 is like the infinite past, and the last 8 is like the infinite future. The 0 in the middle is the bridge that connects them. At the same time, 808 meaning implies that all time is happening right now, in the present moment.

Across the ocean, ancient sages in India were also experimenting with the concept of zero.5

In addition, to the number 0’s mathematical value, the idea of nothingness was a foundational aspect to in ancient Hindu and Buddhist ideologies, as it still is today.

A key aspect to both Hindu and Buddhist meditation is clearing away the clutter of our “monkey mind” thoughts. In essence, it’s an awareness of our thoughts and then emptying of the mind.

In addition, both of these spiritual beliefs focus on separating oneself from egoist attachments as part of the process of reaching spiritual enlightenment.

The Power of 8 Magnified

Spider Goddess of Teotihuacan
Mural of the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan in the Tetitla compound. Items on her sides emanating from her hands and arms symbolize abundance and prosperity. Photo: Abracapocus.

In addition to 0, the number 8 has sacred implications in many cultures. Here are some of those associations:

In nature, the number 8 appears in flowers with eight petals, such as mountain avens and certain types of clematis flowers. As with the 808 angel number, clematis meaning includes spiritual awakening and reaching enlightenment.

Also in nature, arachnids, which include spiders and scorpions, have eight legs. In addition, the scorpion is a symbol for the 8th sign in the western zodiac, which is Scorpio. As in 808 meaning, spider symbolism includes wisdom.

The number 8 is also embodied in the eight-limbed octopus. As with the angel number 808, octopus meaning includes wisdom, rebirth, and infinity.

In music, the number 8 appears in the octave, which denotes the completion of a musical scale and the beginning of the next. This plays into angel number 808 meaning as a symbol of new beginnings and rebirth.

Additionally, we have seven days in our week and the eighth day begins a new one.

In Babylonian mythology, the gods were said to live in an eighth realm among the fixed stars. In addition, the ancient Sumerians had an eight-pointed star symbol, which they called the Magic Star of Venus. This eight-pointed star was a symbol for the Mesopotamian Earth goddess Ishtar, or Inanna.

In Native American cultures, the number 8 symbolizes hope and protection as well as guidance. In fact, among some Native American tribes, an eight-pointed star is called the hope symbol – an emblem of celestial guidance.

While the ancient Egyptians worshiped over 2,000 deities, they had eight primordial gods, which where the deities of creation.6

In ancient Greece, the god Dionysus (the Roman Bacchus) was born in August, the eighth month. He was a fertility god who ruled nature, agriculture, and wine making. Thus, he is associated with the 808 angel number as a symbol of abundance.

In Judaism, the number 8 is celebrated during Hanukkah, a holiday that lasts eight days and eight nights.

In addition, the number 8 and angel number 808 are associated with Jesus Christ. To begin, these numbers symbolize eternal life. Jesus also gave the Eight Beatitudes – his sermons on the mount near the Sea of Galilee – which appear in the Gospel of Matthew.

Furthermore, Jesus was resurrected on the eighth day, or Sunday. This is why so many Christians set aside that day for worshiping and going to church. This is also one of the reasons that angel number 808 is associated with rebirth.

For Muslims, Jannah is heaven, or the paradise for the righteous. Jannah is said to have eight different realms. Thus, in Islam, the number 8 signifies paradise as well as Allah’s mercy. In addition, eight angels carry Allah’s throne.7


In addition to the number 0, the number 8 is sacred in Buddhism. To begin, there are eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. And one of them is the eight-petaled lotus flower, a symbol of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

In addition, the Dharma Wheel of Buddhism, called the Dharmachakra, has eight spokes. The eight spokes represent the Buddhist Eightfold Path, which leads to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Taking the Eightfold Path means having the:

  1. Right View
  2. Right Resolve
  3. Right Speech
  4. Right Actions
  5. Right Occupation
  6. Right Effort
  7. Right Mindfulness
  8. Right Concentration8

In Hinduism, the number 8 in a lucky number that signifies good fortune, including abundant financial wealth. In fact, the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, is said to take on eight forms.

The number 8 is also synonymous with protection in Hinduism. For example, the Ashta Dikpalas are eight Hindu deities who guard the eight cardinal directions. To bolster their power, they are assisted by eight elephants.

In China, the number 8 is a lucky number, especially for wealth. Indeed, in China, the word for eight sounds like “ba,” which is similar to the word fa, which means to become rich quickly.9

In Celtic mythology, the number 8 is associated with immortality and protective magic. The ancient Celts connected the number 8 with the Holly Moon, or Tinne, which occurs from July 8 – August 4.

In fact, the Celts use holly to make protective weapons. In addition, they would soak holly leaves in water to make a protective liquid that they sprinkled around their homes.10

For the ancient Scandinavians, the number 8 was not an important number because it was viewed as less powerful than the number 9 (as in angel number 999), which was very auspicious.

However, in one case, number 8 was considered lucky. The Norse god Odin rode a magical eight-legged horse named Sleipnir. The mystical horse had special powers, one of which was to travel between the worlds of gods, humans, and the underworld.

0 and 8 in the Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology

The Fool and Strength

In the tarot, 0 and 8 also have important meanings. To begin, zero is represented by the Fool card. As with columbine flower symbolism, the Fool represents the carefree sense of adventure. This is very much an “all of nothing” or “Go for it!” energy.

While the Fool is walks precariously towards the edge of a cliff, he has a little dog by his side who can warn him of impending danger and keep him headed in the right direction. Thus, the Fool is protected.

The eighth card in the tarot is the Strength card. As the name implies, the Strength card is associated with power. However, it’s the kind of power that is wielded with empathy compassion, and restraint.

In numerology, the number 0 represents a beginning point as well as the ubiquitous presence God. And the number 8 represents success, wealth, and prosperity.

In western astrology, 0 is manifested in 0 degrees, or the very beginning of a new cycle.

Additionally, the number 8 is represented by the sign of Scorpio, which is the 8th sign in the zodiac. Besides the eight-legged scorpion, Scorpio symbols include the snake and the phoenix, both of which are symbols of transformation and regeneration.

So, you can see from these varied cultural and spiritual associations that angel numbers are nothing new!

5 Reasons Why You Keep Seeing the Number 808

Angel number 808 embodies the sacred aspects of the numbers 0 and 8 and takes them to a whole new level.

So, if you keep seeing the 808, or if it has always been a special number to you, you are being reminded of the powerful and loving forces in the Universe that are working in your favor.

Here are ways that you can apply 808 angel number meaning to your own life:

1. Your angels may be sending you a sign to be open to a new beginning in your life. As the saying goes, one door closes and another opens.

Even if you are going through a loss, or a goodbye, and you feel your life will never be the same again, angel number 808 is a reminder of all the good that still exists in the world. Be open something new and different in your life, which will make you smile again.

2. If you are facing a challenging decision or some uncertainty and you’re not sure what to do, the 808 angel number appearing in your life can be a sign from your angels to gather more information. Remember that knowledge is power. Once you have more information, you’ll get on the right track.

3. A loved one who has passed is showing you a sign to let you know that they are in heaven and at peace. They are also sending protective energy to you.

4. Be observant of your thoughts. As the saying goes, “It’s ok to have negative thoughts, just don’t entertain them.”

Angel number 808 is about coming into the present and being mindful. Live each moment well and “be here now.”

5. When your angels show you the number 808, they are reminding you that you have the capacity to create paradise on Earth in your life and that of those you love.

So, get a clear picture in your mind’s eye of your ideal life. Then, in your daily habits and decision-making, ask yourself if those actions are getting you closer to your goal.

Angel Number 808 Spiritual Significance

On a spiritual level, the 808 angel number signifies that you are an old soul. You have a sense of what has happened before this lifetime as well as what will come in the future. Yet, a key aspect to your personal journey will be to come into the present and practice mindfulness in this lifetime.

There is a saying: “At every moment something sacred is at stake.” In other words, don’t get caught up in perspectives that are trivial. We can all do this.

The 808 angel number is about centering yourself and being fully present at this moment.

You are going through a spiritual awakening that will lead to spiritual enlightenment. Remember that everything you are going through now, from the challenging to the mundane to the joyful, is part of your spiritual growth.

How you react matters. So, seek to be the highest version of yourself. 808 is a reminder of your eternal connection to the most powerful force in the Universe, which is love.

Angel Number 808 in Your Love Life: Soulmates and Twin Flames


When it comes to your love life and platonic relationships, angel number 808 indicates the eternal nature of your soulmate connections. Your soulmates are a group of souls, sometimes called a soul pod, with whom you are learning and evolving lifetime after lifetime.

Seeing the number 808 can be a sign that one of your soulmates, a loved one who has passed, is nevertheless present in your life and looking after you.

One aspect of the symbolic meaning of 808 is the infinity symbol. This represents the eternal nature of the soul as well as your soul connections: the soulmates with whom you are sharing a spiritual journey.

As a symbol of infinity and spiritual enlightenment, the 808 angel number spiritual meaning also implies that a loved one who has passed is at peace.

In terms of romantic soulmates, if you feel that you are still looking for your special person in this lifetime, the 808 angel number can be a sign to broaden your horizons and embrace a more adventurous spirit. This doesn’t mean that you have to start sky diving! But it can mean that you need to branch out.

Remember that it’s the nature of soulmates to find each other. However, you want to do everything in your power to increase the odds that you will connect with yours. Often this can mean getting out of your comfort zone in some way.

Angel number 808 is about new beginnings. So, if you are mending from a breakup, seeing the number 808 can be a sign that you will soon have a fresh start. You can protect your heart while still being open to meeting new people and taking time to get to know them.

If you are already in an established bond, the 808 angel number can be a sign that your relationship might be going through a revival or rebirth of some kind.

It might also mean that you will soon expand your family in some way, as 808 is the symbol for abundance.

You could also be building wealth with your partner or otherwise creating a heaven-on-earth type of environment for yourselves.

808 and Your Twin Flame

Your twin flame is a person with whom you will feel an immediate, deep connection. However, the nature of twin flame relationships is that they often come with heavy karma. So, it’s likely that when you experience a twin flame reunion in this lifetime, you will have to address your shared karma.

One of the characteristics of the 808 angel number is that it embodies the past and the future. So, you might be reconnecting with someone from your past, either from this lifetime or a previous one. It will be up to you to decide how this relationship goes into the future, if at all. Not all twin flame relationships are short term. Though, in many cases they are.

When your angels show you the number 808, they could be nudging you to ask yourself if you feel centered in this relationship. You should. If you feel off-kilter, view it as a red flag. The ideal relationship will appeal to your higher self, not your weaker aspects.

In addition, when you are with this person, ask yourself if you feel present and if they are present? Remember that the nature of a twin flame is that they will test you, even without realizing it consciously. And you will test them.

Is either one of you constantly re-hashing the past? Are you bringing up past hurts or previous relationships in a way that’s unhealthy or unproductive? This is also a red flag and a sign that, individually, you both have work to do.

Remember that on a soul-level, twin flame relationships are for learning. When you connect with a twin flame, you are likely undergoing a karmic test. If you feel like you are in a familiar, negative pattern, it can mean that you are not facing your karmic lessons head-on.

The number 808 is also a symbol of protection. First and foremost, remember to protect your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

808 in Money: A Sign of Financial Abundance

In your financial life, the 808 angel number is a positive omenwith a twist. The reason is that sitting between the two lucky numbers for money – the two 8s in 808 – is a 0. The zero in 808 is your friendly reminder that money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness. Of course, it can make things easier. However, there are more important things than money.

So, seeing the angel number 808 can be your guardian angels’ way of saying, “We believe you are capable of generating great abundance in your life. But don’t do it at all costs or for reasons that don’t really matter to you.”

Astrologers call the 8th house the house of other people’s money. So, 808 angel number meaning in your life it can indicate that wealth or abundance that’s coming your way might be from a source such as a gift, a lawsuit, a loan, or even someone who has paid you because they value what you do.

Thus, 808 is an auspicious number for not just future prosperity but financial stability today.

What the zero in 808 can be showing you is that money is just a crystallized form of energy. So, how you make your money matters. When you build your wealth, focus on making sure it serves the highest good. Then, you will truly be walking on the divine path and you’ll savor the rewards of your dedication and hard work.

What about 808 angel number meaning in your work and career?

The 808 angel number as it relates to work and career signifies that as you gain more knowledge in your field, you will become a leader and a wise expert.

If you are still trying to figure out your life purpose, keep moving forward in a process of self-discovery. Get clear on what you’re good at, what you value, and what you’re interested in.

Knowing this will put you on the right path as you honor you true self and your soul’s mission. This will increase the odds of bringing more financial abundance into your life.

Angel Number 808, the Law of Attraction, and Manifestation


In the Law of Attraction and manifestation, angel number 808 signifies that you have the power to create abundance in your life and your own version of paradise.

Even if you have gone through a period of loss, have the faith that your angels are on your side and that you can rebuild your dreams.

When your angels show you the number 808, they are reminding you to learn from the past, but also remember that the future holds infinite possibilities. Be clear about what you want for the future but also be open-minded. The Universe may have bigger dreams for you beyond your wildest imagination.

808 in Health and Well Being

In health matters, seeing the 808 angel number is a positive omen as it is a symbol of rebirth as well as abundance.

808 angel number meaning also includes knowledge and wisdom. Keep in mind that you have options when it comes to enhancing healing and vitality in your life.

So, when your angels show you this number it can be a sign to be seeker and to take an intellectual approach to learning about what your different options are. Be curious and open-minded.

In a way, you can be like a hummingbird going from flower to flower or a little frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad. Both frog symbolism and hummingbird symbolism include our ability to heal and to bring more vitality into your life.

808 Angel Number Summary: Be Centered and Open to Possibilities

In summary, when your guardian angels present the number 808 to you, they are reminding you that you have the potential to create a paradise on Earth for yourself and those you love. As an old soul, you have the capacity to learn from your past while having a sense of what is to come. Just remember to enjoy the present moment as you envision your future, which is full of possibilities!

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