Horse Symbolism, Meaning & the Horse Spirit Animal

Wild Mustangs

Horse Symbolism

  • Energy

  • Endurance

  • Freedom

  • Independence

  • Travel

  • Dignity

  • Spirit

  • Beauty

  • Determination

  • Majesty

When the horse is your spirit animal, you have been blessed with a beautiful and noble guide to help you on your life path.

Inherently gentle, the horse is still a powerful being who possesses great spirit and will stand their ground when threatened. Yet, if they deem a situation too negative, they will race like the wind.

The horse spirit reminds you to buck off anything that is holding your back from evolving to your highest self. Your horse guide asks you: Is this getting you to where you want to go? If not, shake it off and run faster towards your dreams.

The powerful horse loves freedom, travel, and independence. They ask if you’ve been corralled for too long. Is it time to explore greener pastures? What truly moves your spirit?

The horse power animal reminds you that you have far more will and determination than you think. You can summon the energy to accomplish your goals, and not only that, you can do it with beauty, majesty, and grace.

White Horse


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