Elephant Meaning and Symbolism: Spirit Animal Guide

Herd of Elephants

Elephant Symbolism

  • Intelligence

  • Consciousness

  • Wisdom

  • Memories

  • Unity

  • Family

  • Friendship

  • Loyalty

  • Devotion

  • Protection

When the Elephant is your spirit guide, you have been blessed with the wisdom of the ages. The saying that an elephant never forgets comes from the scientifically proven fact that elephants have excellent memories.

The elephant spirit reminds you to utilize the breadth of your life experience to guide you on your life path. Memories – good or bad – can be used for positive transformation. The elephant spirit guide reminds you to use all that you have been through in your life, not matter how unfair or painful, to be a force for good in the world. This is how you harness the power of the Universe.

Elephants are also extremely loyal and dedicated to their family groups. Whether your herd is your immediate family or a close group of friends, the elephant spirit reminds you to take good care of them and be protective of those sacred relationships.
Elephant Spirit Animal


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