Dolphin Spirit Animal Guide: Symbolism and Meaning

Pod of Spinner Dolphins

Dolphin Symbolism

  • Help

  • Messengers

  • Guides

  • Good Luck

  • Intelligence

  • Playfulness

  • Joy

  • Travel

  • Transformation

  • Teamwork

When the dolphin is your spirit animal, you are very lucky indeed. Throughout the ages, in cultures around the world, dolphins have been seen as especially helpful spirit guides. Jovial and friendly, the dolphin reminds you be joyful – lighten up a little, because life and relationships are not just about work and seriousness.

Dolphins are also seen as messengers and guides. There are numerous stories of dolphins helping people at sea and guiding them to safety. When the dolphin spirit claims you, pay attention to messages from the beyond. Look for coincidences and synchronicities.

Dolphins evolved from land mammals; thus they are symbols of awe-inspiring transformation. The dolphin can dive deeply into the sea, and then jump out of the sea in spectacular fashion. Your dolphin spirit guide reminds you that you have the power to transform your life and be joyful in the process.


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