Gorilla Symbolism, Meaning & the Gorilla Spirit Animal

Gorilla and Baby Gorilla

Gorilla Meaning

  • Strength

  • Calmness

  • Intelligence

  • Dignity

  • Sovereignty

  • Gentleness

  • Family

  • Communication

  • Restraint

The mighty gorilla is an omnipotent spirit guide. The gorilla is the embodiment of strength and gentleness – a combination that is all too rare in the world.

When the gorilla is your spirit guide, they remind you that you have stores of inner strength that you may not always realize you have. The gorilla also reminds you to maintain your dignity. You are, after all, the king or queen of the jungle, and you have nothing to prove.

If someone provokes you in some way, you have every right to beat your chest and remind them of your boundaries. However, in most cases, the dignity of your bearing will be enough to repel any negative energy.

The gorilla spirit also reminds you that those who are nearest and dearest to you should be the biggest recipients of your energy in this lifetime. Manifest that energy in time, attention, love, and devotion and it will be a life well lived.


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