Eagle Symbolism and Meaning: Spirit Animal Guide

Bald Eagle

Eagle Symbolism

  • Freedom

  • Independence

  • The Divine

  • Salvation

  • Hope

  • Foresight

  • Honor

  • Truth

  • Magnificence

  • Loyalty

The eagle is a powerful spirit guide to help you on your soul’s journey. Highly independent animals, eagles mate for life, thus they are symbols of both freedom and devotion.

The eagle spirit tells you that in relationships, you can share a deep commitment, but still give each other the space to grow.

The eagle spirit reminds you to let your imagination fly – believe you can soar to new heights and you will. Within the eagle is hope and a belief in the Divine. We are much more than our day-to-day thoughts, our challenges, and fears.

Blessed with keen eyesight, the eagle sees things from a viewpoint that humans cannot. Thus, ancient cultures believed the eagle possessed the gift of foresight. When you meditate, consider the eagle flying over the world, and ask for greater awareness. This is the way to evolve as a human being.

Eagle in New Zealand



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