Which Countries Are Planting the Most Trees?

Community Planting Trees

The Earth is home to over three trillion trees. This number is so large that it’s almost impossible to fully grasp. By comparison, the Amazon Rainforest, which comprises over half of the Earth’s remaining rainforests, is home to about 390 billion trees, or 13 percent of the world’s trees. By those numbers, it may seem […]

17 Colugo Facts [Ultimate Guide to the Flying Lemur ]

Colugo / flying lemur

  Colugos (Dermoptera), who are also referred to as flying lemurs, are creatures who are somewhat confusing to us. To begin, they’re not actually lemurs. In fact, they’re not even related to lemurs, other than the two mammals have somewhat similar teeth. (Both have a toothcomb, which, as the name implies, is a set of […]

22 Moray Eel Facts that Will Endear [or Terrify] You

Moray eel (Muraenidae)

With their big, double jaws; sharp, jagged teeth; and skin covered in a toxic slime, moray eels (Muraenidae) are among the most terrifying animals in the ocean. That is, until you get to know them. And once you do, you’ll likely come to appreciate them for their unique traits. I certainly do. A Moray Eel […]

17 Blobfish Facts [Respect for the World’s “Ugliest Fish”]

Blobfish in their natural habitat

There’s a special animal who lives in the deep sea called a blobfish. Not every animal manages to gain a cult following. The blobfish, however, has one. Humans have referred to the blobfish as “the ugliest animal alive.” Leave it to us to anthropomorphize! After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and […]

How to Make Your Home a Natural Habitat for Wildlife

Blue Bird at Bird Feeder

Whether you have a 20-acre farm, a small suburban backyard, or a city balcony, you can help native wildlife in your community by giving them back some of the habitat they’ve lost. Around the world, we’re facing a species extinction crisis, from bees and butterflies to elephants and whales, all the way up the food […]

What Is Cork Made of?

Harvesting Cork Bark

What is cork? A number of times, I’ve been asked the question, “What is cork made of?” Most recently, my dental hygienist and I started talking about cork when he asked me what I do for a living. I showed him my cork wallet as an example of some of the products I write about […]

In Reverence to Two Hawks Who Guided Me

Brown Goshawk

In the first year that I started UniGuide, there was always a pull for me to go back to a more “stable” existence of a full-time job with a tech company. At least I would be getting a regular paycheck. One day, during a period like too many others, when I was living on a […]

15 Easy Ways You Can Help Bees, Butterflies, and Other Insects

Bee pollinating a flower

Chances are, unless you’re an entomologist or an exterminator, you don’t spend much of your day thinking about bugs. But if you spend a few minutes a day, or even more than a few minutes, you’re probably worried about our natural world. So am I. The lowly bug, so often viewed with derision, trampled underfoot, […]