15 White Pigeon Meanings: What Do They Symbolize?

White Pigeon

What does it mean when you see a white pigeon? Many of us see pigeons on a regular basis because they’ve done such a good job at adapting to our human-dominated world. In fact, pigeons live on every continent except Antarctica. However, seeing a white pigeon is a rare event as only 1% are all white.1 This is most likely why they have special symbolic meaning for people around the world. Here are some of those meanings:

What does a white pigeon symbolize?

1. Messages

Pigeons have been used to carry messages for people since 3000 BC. In fact, the ancient Greeks used pigeons to share the results of the Olympic Games with people who were far away.

The ancient Celts believed pigeons carried messages from the spirit world. Thus, pigeons had this quality in common with raven meaning: the Celts viewed them as oracle birds. Notably, a white pigeon was viewed as carrying messages from angels.2

So, if a white pigeon appears in your life, it can be a sign that a loved one who has passed is sending a message of greeting or validation to you. In this way, these gentle birds have this in common with white butterfly meaning.

2. Gentleness

Pigeons are gentle and docile birds, especially when compared to birds of prey, like hawks and owls. This is most likely why pigeons were among the first domesticated animals. In fact, humans began to domesticate pigeons before the time of written language 10,000 years ago.

Underscoring the gentle nature of the pigeon, the Cheyenne Native Americans have a proverb that goes: “If a man is as wise as a serpent, he can afford to be as harmless as a pigeon.”3

The color white is also the color of serenity. So, a white pigeon appearing in your life can be a reminder of the benefit of gentleness. It can apply not only to how you treat others but also how you treat yourself.

3. Purity

In cultures around the world, the color white symbolizes purity. As with white flower meaning, white pigeon symbolism embodies the concept of rising above the profane and clearing away the clutter. This can apply to your immediate environment as well as your thoughts.

4. Innocence

White pigeon meaning also includes innocence. This can be a metaphor for the innocence of babies and young children and their fresh take on the world. This also relates to the Buddhist philosophy of having a beginner’s mind. This means being open-minded and curious about the world, no matter your age or what you have gone through in life.

5. Romantic Love and Soulmates

Two White Pigeons

Like many other birds, pigeons are primarily monogamous and mate for life. In addition, they are very affectionate with their mates. Because of this, they are symbols of romantic love and soulmate connections. In fact, in China, India, Islamic cultures, and others, the pigeon is a symbol for love and matrimony.

White pigeon meaning reminds those of us who are in an established bond to maintain the freshness in our relationship. It can be a healthy practice to remember when you just met how you felt when things were fresh and new.

The white pigeon also symbolizes being pure of heart when it comes to our mates. In other words, honor the best sides of each other and don’t let the clutter from the outside world interfere with your bond.

6. Devotion

White pigeons are also associated with divinity. This and the fact that these birds are so loyal and dedicated to their mates is why they are also symbols of devotion.

In addition to being a metaphor for the love you have for your mate, the white pigeon can also symbolize devotion to your children, pets, your faith, your career, or even an important cause.

7. Protection

Both male and female pigeons actively protect and raise their chicks. In fact, the male will share in the responsibility of incubating the eggs and feeding the chicks. Because of this, the pigeon is a symbol of protection.

Indeed, the Blackfoot Native Americans see the pigeon as a protector bird. So Blackfoot warriors wear pigeon feathers in important ceremonies.4

Some Native American tribes also have pigeon clans. These include the Abenaki, Pueblo, Ioway, Ho-Chunk, and Mohave. Clan animals provide protective spiritual energy for the families they represent. In addition, the Cherokee perform a sacred Pigeon Dance.

So, white pigeon meaning also embodies the idea of spiritual protection.

8. Peace and Diplomacy

Because of their gentleness and the fact that they are symbols of communication, the white pigeon, along with the dove, is a symbol of peace and diplomacy. After all, diplomacy begins with empathy and opening communication lines.

Even as far back as ancient Greece, a white pigeon was viewed as a symbol of peace. The Greeks associated the pigeon with columbine flowers, which are also symbols of peace. In fact, the Latin word for pigeon is columba, which is the root of columbine.

9. Fertility

The Aztecs associated their goddess of love and fertility, Xochiquetzal, with pigeons5 And because they are symbols of love, devotion, and protection, white pigeons are also associated with fertility.

So, seeing a white pigeon can be a sign that you could soon be expanding your family or growing another aspect of your life.

10. Abundance

The Pueblo Native Americans see the pigeon as a rainmaker, so these gentle birds are also symbols of abundance as they are fertility.

Thus, seeing a white pigeon can be a positive omen of good fortune coming your way.

11. Intuition

White pigeon meaning is also associated with tuning into your intuition, or psychic abilities. The color white represents the crown chakra, which governs your super-conscious, or your connection to spiritual entities.

As a gentle and loving bird, the white pigeon symbolizes your ability to calm your thoughts and allow celestial insights to enter your consciousness.

12. Direction and Spiritual Guidance

White Pigeon in Flight

Because the color white is associated with divinity and pigeons have such exceptional navigational skills, the white pigeon also symbolizes spiritual guidance.

In fact, in the biblical story of the Great Flood, Noah sends a pigeon (or dove) to find dry land. And it is this bird that tells him when the Earth is habitable again.

In addition, the white pigeon symbolizes clarity. So, if you find that you’re trying to find more direction in your life, including spiritual direction, the white pigeon is a helpful totem animal to meditate on as you tune into your spirit guides.

13. Angels

As with white butterfly symbolism and cardinal meaning, the white pigeon is associated with angels. In fact, there are many who view them as message carriers from loved ones who have passed.

Seeing a white pigeon can be a sign that a loved one who has passed is in the presence of God and is at peace.

The white pigeon can also be a sign to keep the faith. You are on the right path, as the pigeon always finds their way.

14. Renewal and Immortality

Both the ancient Mesopotamians and Greeks associated pigeons with their fertility goddesses, Inanna and Aphrodite, respectively. So, in addition to symbols of abundance, these ancient cultures viewed pigeons as symbol of renewal and rebirth.

Thus, seeing a white pigeon can be a sign of new beginnings in your life and having a fresh start.

15. Spiritual Awakening

As they are associated with the white chakra, white pigeons are also symbols of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Like a lotus flower or water lily opening up, the white pigeon symbolizes the blossoming of your consciousness as you go through life.

Summary: Blessings for the Pure of Heart

In summary, the white pigeon is a beautiful symbol and a reminder of the highest virtues we can strive for as human beings. After all, being gentle, peaceful, and loving makes the world a better place!

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  1. I have got 3 white pigeons that nest under my solar panels on my roof. I have been feeding them in my garden. At one stage there were 7 of them. Do I need to do anything special?

    1. That is a good question! I have heard that pigeon chicks grow quickly and that by the time they leave the nest they are practically adult size. So, I am wondering if some of those nesting under your solar panel were grown chicks who left. Though pigeons usually lay just two eggs. Pigeons will also roost in groups for security.

      But white pigeons are rare, so maybe they were from the same family. When studying symbolism, I try to understand the biological facts about animals too. Their main predators are owls and hawks – they actually don’t have that many predators, which is one of the reasons they thrive.

      Barring any predators or other causes of death, on a symbolic level, I view this as you are nurturing them so they can gain strength and independence and then go their own way. Also – roosting under your solar panels! It’s like God (or the divine energy that is in Mother Earth :o) is making you take notice and saying – “I approve. Good job, Kid. You’re doing really good!” 🙏

  2. A beautiful description of a white pigeon, more so that I have one that appeared this morning in my garden.

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