Bird of Paradise Flower Meanings & Symbolism

Bird of Paradise Close Up

Bird of paradise flower meanings include freedom, identity, glamour, faithfulness, joy, and paradise. Native to South Africa and now a popular flower in tropical places around the world, the bird of paradise is associated with many positive qualities and some spiritual meanings. In this post, you’ll learn all about bird of paradise symbolism and some of its cultural meanings.

Bird of Paradise Flowers and Ocean

What does the bird of paradise symbolize?

  • Freedom
  • Opportunity
  • Uniqueness
  • Identity
  • Glamour
  • Faithfulness
  • Joy
  • Paradise

Detailed Bird of Paradise Meanings

Here are some meanings applied to this uniquely beautiful flower:


The bird of paradise is sometimes called a crane flower because it resembles an elegant, long-necked bird. Its long stem and colorful blossoms resemble a bird with a pointed beak and tuft of colorful flowers on its head. These magical flowers grow in bunches that resemble a flock of vibrant tropical birds who are ready to take flight. Hence, the bird of paradise flower is a symbol of freedom.


In addition, this native plant of South Africa also symbolizes opportunity. A land where one group of people once ruled over another, South Africa has thankfully undergone a social metamorphosis. Now, freedom and new opportunities are more available than ever. Thus, the bird of paradise represents new freedoms and the opportunity to find good fortune.

Uniqueness and Identity

Strelitzia Bird of Paradise Flower Symbolism and Meanings

Some bird of paradise species can reach heights of 20 feet. As they tower above other flowers with their unusual blossoms, the bird of paradise also symbolizes uniqueness and individual identify.

This special flower embodies the confidence that it takes to stand out from the crowd. Thus, they make wonderful gifts for a person in your life who is finding their unique path and individual identity as a person.

The bird of paradise flower seems to state that the truest beauty is in being your authentic self. As Dr. Seuss famously wrote:

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the bird of paradise is the city flower of Los Angeles, California. If the sunny beaches, gorgeous sunsets, and Hollywood glamour could be summed up in a flower, it would undoubtedly be the colorful bird of paradise.


Most birds in the animal kingdom are monogamous. So, it’s fitting that a flower named for a beautiful bird is a symbol of faithfulness in love. Furthermore, the bird of paradise is the traditional gift for couples who are celebrating their ninth anniversary.


Its vibrant colors and natural habitat in bright sunshine are why of the bird of paradise also symbolizes joy. This is a flower that seems to have been created to life person’s spirits. In addition, as a tropical flower, the bird of paradise reminds us to remember to enjoy some fun, rest, and relxation, like taking a tropical vacation.


As its name implies, this exquisite flower also symbolizes paradise. The bird of paradise reminds us that we have paradise here on Earth. In addition, it reminds us that paradise is a state of mind that we can create in our own lives.

Spiritual Meaning of Bird of Paradise

On a spiritual level, the bird of paradise represents aspiring to a higher spiritual, or more heavenly, state. The flower’s long stem is representative of spiritual ascension and reaching for spiritual enlightenment.

In addition, the bird of paradise represents paradise on Earth. So, on a spiritual level, this flower reminds us that our experience here on the material plane matters – what we do on Earth matters. Not only should we honor and care for life on Earth as we would a paradise, but we should also aspire to live at a higher vibration or in a godlier way on Earth.

Associated Spirit Animals

Sunbird and Bird of Paradise Flower

The bird of paradise shares traits and symbiosis with certain wild animals and insects. For example, the sunbird (which is native to Africa and resembles the North American hummingbird) feeds off the bird of paradise’s nectar. In exchange, when the sunbird lands on the bird of paradise, pollen attaches to his feet and chest, which he then spreads to extend the life force of the flower.

The bird of paradise also shares synergies with certain spirit animals. As mentioned above, the sunbird and hummingbird spirit animals share the flower’s symbolism of bringing joy and optimism to the world.

In addition, the crane and flamingo spirit animals not only resemble the bird of paradise, but like the flower, they remind us to relish and celebrate unique beauty.

Finally, the bird of paradise shares synergies with a fellow native of South Africa, the giraffe spirit animal. Like the bird of paradise, the giraffe reminds us that when we celebrate our uniqueness, opportunity abounds.

Bird of Paradise Color Meanings

The bird of paradise is famous for its unique, contrasting color combinations. Yet, the flower comes in three dominant main colors: orange, yellow, and white. Here are the meanings applied to those colors:

Orange Bird of Paradise Meaning

Bird of Paradise Flowers

Orange is the color of courage, vitality, and healing. The second chakra, also called the sacral chakra, which is called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit. It rules your health and gut instincts. So, birds of paradise flowers that have orange as their dominant color symbolize health, happiness, and boldness.

The color orange also symbolizes courage. This fits well with one of the bird of paradise flower’s nicknames, which is “bird of prey flower.” In this way, the orange bird of paradise also shares symbolic meaning with the tiger.

Yellow Bird of Paradise

Yellow Bird of Paradise Flower

Yellow is the color of happiness, joy, optimism, and good fortune. Like yellow butterfly meaning, the yellow bird of paradise flower embodies these positive qualities. Hence yellow bird of paradise flowers are perfect for creating an environment where you want to bring more happiness and opportunity into your life.

White Bird of Paradise

White Bird of Paradise
White bird of paradise flower. Photo: Hardy Plants.

Celebrated by the painter Georgia O’Keefe, the white bird of paradise is rarer than its orange counterpart but is equally dramatic. White signifies purity and spiritual enlightenment.

The white bird of paradise flower shares this symbolism with white butterfly meaning and lily flower meaning. Hence, a white bird of paradise is representative of reaching for higher spiritual ideals as well as staying true to your spiritual faith. It also symbolizes the kind of paradise that is described as Heaven or Nirvana.

Bird of Paradise Tattoo

Bird of Paradise TattooA bird of paradise tattoo can express that the wearer is an individual and someone who marches to the beat of their own drum. At the same time, it symbolizes freedom, joy, and optimism. In addition, a bird of paradise tattoo can be the perfect symbol for someone who has done the work to live their life in a more authentic way. At the same time, it demonstrate that they are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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