About UniGuide


“The happiness of the bee and dolphin is to exist. For man, it is to know that and wonder at it.”
– Jacques Cousteau

Hello. Welcome to UniGuide. My name is Kristen Stanton and I created this site for people like you and me. UniGuide’s mission is to help people live a lifestyle that’s healthy for themselves, does not harm animals, and has a minimal negative impact on the natural environment. After all, living in a way that helps to support life on Earth is good for all of us. I call this enlightened living.

UniGuide is a creator of original content and, at times, a content aggregator. I’m a firm believer that all boats rise with the same tide, and my goal is to provide information to people while uplifting and promoting the creators, journalists, vegan chefs, scientists, organizations, and other thought leaders who are striving every day to make the world better for people, animals, and our planet.

Redwood tree and a humbled me, Northern California.

Right now, I donate 1% of revenue from product sales to animal welfare, wildlife conservation, and environmental protection nonprofits. For 2020, UniGuide donated to the Center for Biological Diversity and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

In addition, I do my best to reduce the carbon emissions from UniGuide’s operations, as well as my own personally. When I can’t eliminate carbon emissions altogether, I pay to offset those emissions through carbon offset programs. For 2020, I offset UniGuide’s CO2 emissions with TerraPass.

On UniGuide, I promote products that are Earth-friendly, animal-friendly, and healthy for people. By Earth-friendly I mean products that are made, used, distributed, and disposed of with the minimal impact on the Earth’s natural resources and the habitats of other species with whom we share this planet. By animal-friendly, I mean products and services that do not use or harm animals in their creation (including sourcing of raw materials), mass production, distribution, use, or disposal. Products that are healthy for people include those that help your mind, body, and spirit to thrive.

One area where I struggle with the social and environmental impacts is shoes. While a product being vegan or not vegan is pretty clear, a product being safe for workers and eco-friendly is more difficult to determine. Footwear, in particular, is meant to be durable, so, it can be challenging to find shoes that have a light environmental footprint. (No pun intended.) While I try to promote the most Earth-friendly vegan shoes that I can find, you will find shoes on UniGuide, such as faux leather boots, that are not be made with eco-friendly materials. In such a case, I opted to provide a vegan option even though it is, unfortunately, not eco-friendly.

Ideally, every step in the lifecycle of a product should be environmentally sustainable and free of human and animal suffering. It’s a tall order in our modern world, but it’s not impossible. The collective brain power of human beings is more than capable of achieving such an ideal. I believe we’re on the path to reaching that ideal, but we have more work to do.

Environmentalism, Animal Welfare, and Spirituality
There are practical, everyday reasons for living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of animals and our planet. Mitigating the impacts of climate change is one massive practical example. But also, for me personally, environmentalism, healthy living, stopping biodiversity loss, and promoting animal welfare are all spiritual practices. I know, on a spiritual level, that this is why I’m here. I believe we are all here to evolve as spiritual beings, and caring for life on Earth is a critical path to our spiritual enlightenment. This is why you will also find a library of spiritually-focused content on UniGuide.

About Kristen M. Stanton

Kristen and Roo at Spring Lake
Me and my dog Roo (who is now in Heaven).

As a lifelong animal and nature lover, I started UniGuide to educate myself and to help others discover alternative ways of thinking and consuming that would have a less harmful impact on human health, animals, and the environment.

Before starting UniGuide, I was an independent marketing consultant. My recent clients include Niantic, Inc., the developer of the mobile augmented reality games Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Ingress; and Gamma Law, a law firm that serves companies in the fields of blockchain, AR/VR, and other emerging technologies.

Before striking out on my own, I was a full-time marketing executive in the tech industry, working for companies such as Picarro, Inc., a provider of scientific instruments and software solutions that measure greenhouse gas concentrations, trace gases, and stable isotopes for a broad array of scientific applications.

As an avid supporter of innovation in clean technologies, I also helped to start and then served as the marketing and grants chair for the Cleantech Open, a nonprofit accelerator for cleantech startups. I’m also a big proponent for environmental education, so I volunteered and raised money for Bay Area Wilderness Training’s Climbing for Kids charity.

I earned my BAs in geography in environmental studies and English from San Francisco State University. During college, I did an internship with the Earth Island Institute and canvassed door-to-door for Greenpeace. I earned my MBA in marketing from the University of San Francisco.