555 Angel Number, 555 Meaning, and 5:55 Guide

555 Meaning

The 555 angel number and 555 meaning can provide insights for your life, especially as they relate to positive change and transformation. If you keep noticing the number 555, such as seeing 5:55 on a clock or 555 in a street address, you might be wondering if there is an important spiritual meaning for you. Seeing repeating numbers is a sign that your angels are present and that they have important messages for you.

When a specific number sequence rivets your attention, it’s always worthwhile to pause and reflect on the meanings and symbology associated with the number. In this post, we’ll explore all aspects of 555 angel number meaning, including its components, mythology, spiritual meaning, and more.

5:55 on a Clock

What does 555 mean?

Here are some high-level meanings associated with the 555 angel number. We’ll go into more detail on these throughout this post.

  • Positive change
  • Transformation
  • Courage and resilience
  • Manifestation
  • Fertility and abundance
  • Healing and renewal
  • Faith
  • Good luck

Your 555 Highlights

Here are some action items to consider when you find yourself noticing the sacred number 555:

  1. Be open to changes coming your way. They are part of the process you are undergoing as you transform your life for the better.
  2. Have faith and believe – you have higher powers that will bring positive transformation and renewal.
  3. Use your creativity as a driver to manifest positive outcomes and more abundance in your life.
  4. Believe that all relationships are for learning and that you are worthy of unconditional love.

What are angel numbers?

“Images and numbers are doors through which the spiritual can reach man.”1
– Carl Jung

Before we go into more details about the 555 angel number, let’s first take look at angel numbers in general. Numbers have important symbolic meanings in our lives, so much so that many of us live our lives by what numbers represent to us. For example, a number in our bank account or on the bathroom scale can have a significant impact on our mood! Or an upcoming birthday can fill us with excitement or dread.

Yet, beyond day-to-day number meanings, angel numbers take things to a whole new level. As the name implies, angel numbers provide insights from our guardian angels and God, or our Higher Power.


The psychologist and philosopher Carl Jung created and popularized the concept of synchronicity. It’s a theory that describes events or circumstances that seem to have an association, or correlation, and yet they don’t have a scientifically-proven cause and effect relationship. Jung theorized that these types of events could have important meanings beyond the simplified view that they’re just random coincidences.

Some believe that angel numbers are an example of synchronicity that is connected to the metaphysical or divine. For example, if you keep seeing angel number 555, it can have mystical implications.

Sacred Geometry

In addition to synchronicity, the fields of sacred geometry and numerology purport that numbers have important metaphysical meanings. In fact, practitioners of these arts view numbers as sacred symbols that can guide us by helping us to make important decisions, answer some of life’s questions, and to better understand who we are and why we’re here.

When Numbers Rivet Our Attention

555 Number

Angel numbers often manifest themselves in our lives by showing up repeatedly. For example, we may look at a clock and regularly notice the time 5:55. Or an old street address might show up in a phone number or on a license plate. Or people close to you might have the same birthday.

Angel numbers will appear to us in a way that grabs our attention. In the same way that an animal who crosses your path and rivets your attention may be a spirit animal who has a message for you, angel numbers help you to tap into your own intuition and to tune into a higher power. They’re called “angel” numbers because they’re helpful signs from your guardian angels.

Essentially, angel numbers serve as guides to help us. They remind us that powerful and loving forces exist in the Universe – beyond what we immediately see in the physical world.

The Power of Number 5 Amplified

A Master Number

To understand the significance of what angel number 555 can mean in your life, it’s important to look at this number’s components. To begin, 555 is a master number. A master number is one in which the number in the sequence repeats. As the number repeats, its power is magnified (in this case – the number 5.) Ancient civilizations followed this belief system, professing that master numbers were symbols that possessed great power.

The number 5 in and of itself is viewed as an auspicious number in many cultures as well as in the fields of numerology, sacred geometry, and nature symbolism.

Here are some examples of the power of the number 5 and what it signifies:

We humans have five senses that help us to navigate the material world: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. In addition, we have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot.

The Vitruvian Man

Leonard Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man Drawing

The artist and philosopher Leonard da Vinci was well-versed in the fields of sacred geometry and symbolism. He illustrated the human connection to sacred geometry in his drawing of the Vitruvian Man. The illustration implies that human beings were created with divine proportions. Our head, two arms, and two legs (our five appendages) fit elegantly into a circle that overlaps a square.

In da Vinci’s drawing, the way the circle and square overlap each other demonstrated the way human beings bridge the gap between the physical, or material, world (represented by the square) and the spiritual, or metaphysical, world (represented by the circle.) Some believe the Vitruvian Man was inspired by a foundational symbol in sacred geometry – the Flower of Life.

The Pentagram

Three Pentagrams

The number 5 (and angel number 555) are represented in another iconic symbol: the pentagram, which is a five-pointed star. While the pentagram has come to be closely associated with the occult, it is a symbol that dates back to at least 3300 BCE in Babylonia.

Historians theorize that the symbol was inspired by the planet Venus’ movements in the sky. Thus, it was originally associated with the goddess Ishtar, whom the Mesopotamians saw in the planet Venus.2 Ishtar was a fertility and Earth goddess.

Ancient Egypt

The number 5 was also important to the ancient Egyptians. They believed that the number represented an area of space, which they called the Duat. In this place, the souls of pharaohs who had died went to rest. The Egyptians’ symbol for Duat was a five-pointed star.3

The Five Elements

In Chinese culture, the number 5 represents the five elements that make up the world: water, wood, metal, fire, and earth.4

Similarly, the ancient Greeks, including philosopher Aristotle, believed the Universe was comprised of the five elements of water, air, fire, ether, and earth.

Hindus also believed that the world was made up of five elements: water, air, fire, earth, and space. Furthermore, their deity Shiva was said to have five faces.

For Muslims, 5 is also a sacred number. For example, the Five Pillars of Islam include profession or faith, prayer, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage. In addition, Muslims pray to Allah five times a day.5

In Judaism, the Torah is comprised of the Five Books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.6

The Fibonacci Number Sequence

Spirtal in Nature

In mathematics, the number 5 also has special meaning. For example, it’s a number in the Fibonacci number sequence. In the Fibonacci sequence, each number after 0 and 1 increases with the sum of the previous two numbers.

When the Fibonacci number sequence is depicted as a two-dimensional drawing comprised of its measurements, it’s represented by a shape that appears repeatedly in nature, which is the spiral. For example, nautilus shells, coiled snakes, chameleon tails, hurricanes, and more have spiral patterns. For followers of sacred geometry, the Fibonacci sequence is just one more example of intelligent design by a divine creator.

The 5 Platonic Solids

5 Platonic Solids

There are also five platonic solids. Named for the philosopher Plato, the platonic solids are three-dimensional shapes that are regular polyhedrons. In sacred geometry, the platonic solids are said to be the building blocks of universal existence and thus evidence of intelligent design, or a divine creator.

Number 5 in Nature

Sea Stars

The number 5 also appears in nature in other ways (beyond our five fingers and five toes.) For example, sea stars have five limbs. In addition, many flowers have five petals, including the columbine, milkweed, honeysuckle, and others.

Native American Culture

On a spiritual level, the number 5 is important in many Indigenous cultures. For example, for Pueblo tribes, there are five worlds: the four underground worlds and a fifth world, which is the present.

Both the Hopi and Navajo tribes describe a spatial view of the world that includes five points: four cardinal directions with a fifth point at the center. The Hopi also view the bodies of human beings as microcosms of the world. Thus, we are constructed in the same way as the Earth, with five vibratory centers: four limbs and an axis at the center of our backbone.

Furthermore, many Native American tribes have ceremonies that for last five days, including the Inuit’s winter solstice ceremony and the Apache’s Bear Dance.7

5-Star Reviews

Finally, there is a noted example the power of the number 5 in our modern-day culture: It represents the crème de la crème, or excellence, as in a 5-star hotel or a 5-star review.

Thus, once you understand the significance of the number 5 on its own, you can see that the number 555 as a magnified version of the number 5 represents enormous power.

The Number 5 Three Times

Another component of the 555 angel number is the number 3, as the number 5 is presented three times. In many cultures, the number 3 is viewed as a perfect number because it represents the cycle of life and is evidence of the divine, as in life, death, and rebirth or the past, present, and future. (You can read more about the number 3 in my posts about the 333 angel number and 3 meaning.)

A Reminder of the Powerful and Loving Forces in the Universe

Seeing the angel number 555 is a reminder of the powerful and loving forces in the Universe. So, if you find yourself struggling with self doubt, or feeling powerless in some area of your life, your angels might be presenting this number to you simply to distract you from the negative thoughts that don’t serve you! Remember that positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. This is how the Law of Attraction works: like attracts like.

Seeing angel number 555 is a personal invitation from the Universe to tap into the good fortune that is accessible to you. The universe is reminding you that your very existence is a divine gift.

555 Angel Number Meaning in Your Life

Guardian Angel

Here are more details on what the angel number 555 symbolizes and what seeing this number can mean in your life:

555 Angel Number and Change

In numerology, the number 5 represents kinetic energy, the planet Mercury, and change. Thus, as an amplified version of the number 5, angel number 555 signifies that positive change is coming your way. Number 555 meaning embodies the Buddhist saying, This too shall pass.”

So, if you see the number 555, it can be a reminder to be flexible and open to a simple or major change coming your way. Whether they are small changes or a major transition, angel number 555 meaning carries positive messages that you are headed in the right direction.


Change on a grand scale is transformation. So, the number 555 can be a sign that it’s time to transform an important area of your life. This could relate to adopting a new health regimen, making a career change, or ending a karmic pattern that has been holding you back. Angel number 555 says: Now is the time to transform your life!

(In addition to the angel number 555, these other symbols of transformation may help you on your path: the lotus flower, frog, turtle, butterfly, and dragonfly.)

Courage and Resilience

Number 555 meaning also signifies courage and resilience. Seeing this number, or even the time 5:55, can be a sign that your guardian angels are telling you that changes coming your way are positive. Even if something seems daunting, you can handle it. Remind yourself that everything is in flow!


Seeing the number 555 can also be a reminder to you that you possess the raw materials to create the life you want. It’s as though your guardian angels are telling you: You have what you need to succeed! Your guardian angels are always on your side.

Just as followers of sacred geometry view the five platonic solids as building blocks for all of existence, 555 meaning can signify that you can use all of your life experiences, the good, the bad, and the mundane, to create the life you want. So, if you aren’t already doing so, start visualizing!

555 Angel Number and the Law of Attraction

Seeing the number 555 or 5:55 can be a reminder from your guardian angels to pay attention to your thoughts. As the saying goes, “Obstacles are what you see when you take your mind off the goal.” Or another one: “Where focus goes, energy flows.”

The number 555 can simply be a way for your angel guides to tell you to focus, focus, focus, think positively, and align your vibrations with positive change.

Fertility and Abundance

Milkweed Blossoms

Thousands of years ago, ancient cultures associated the number 5 with love and fertility. Indeed, angel number 555 amplifies this power. Thus, it is a positive symbol for fertility and abundance. So, if you are trying to conceive or expand your family, or there’s another area of your life that you would like to nurture and see grow, 555 can be your lucky number!

Healing, Regeneration, and Renewal

555 number meaning also includes regeneration, healing, and renewal. Just as the five-armed starfish can regenerate an injured limb, angel number 555 reminds you of your own power to heal and regenerate.

As nature has perfected herself since time immemorial, our bodies are hard-wired to heal. Similarly, our hearts and minds have a miraculous capacity for renewal. Thus you are being reminded of this when 555 grabs your attention! This angel number is also a positive sign for good mental health.

555 Angel Number and Faith

555 meaning also includes faith. Sometimes the Universe reminds us in the simplest ways of the divine energy all around us. Even when life gets challenging, simple reminders can show us that we are here to learn and evolve. Have faith in the process of what your soul is going through on its path to enlightenment.

Good Luck

Three Five Dice

As the saying goes, “Three’s a charm!” Thus, 555 number meaning represents the power of the number 5 three times. It tells you that even if the first situation doesn’t work out, or the second, the third time can bring good luck.

555 Angel Number and Soulmates

Seeing the number 555 can also give you hints about your love life, including soulmates or a twin flame relationship. To begin, the number 5 is the sum of an even and an odd number: 2 and 3. Thus, angel number 555 as it relates to soulmates signifies balance and attraction of opposites. In other words, you soulmate will complement you.

While many view the term soulmate as a romantic partner, the truth is that we can have multiple soulmates. Our soulmates are other souls with whom we meet and learn with lifetime after lifetime. Of course, this can be in a romantic capacity, but it can also include family, friendships, and other types of partners.

Angel number 555 as it relates to soulmates can be a reminder that relationships are for learning. Therefore, you must not fear change when it occurs in your relationships. For example, with all kinds of partnerships, it’s important that the two people encourage and support each other’s personal growth and not feel threatened by it.

If you are single and feel that you have still not met your romantic soulmate, the number 555 can signify that you must make a change in order for the two of you to connect in this lifetime. This could be a sign to switch up your daily routine, try something new, or even make a big change, such as where you work or where you live.

555 and Your Twin Flame

Twin Flames Hear Candles

Another aspect of number 555 is that it can give you insights about a twin flame relationship. Your twin flame is a person with whom you meet and feel an immediate, deep connection.

Some psychics say that twin flames are two people who share a soul. In other words, your soul chose to exist in two different bodies in this lifetime in order to learn and evolve more quickly. However, others say this is event is very rare.

Still others say that twin flames are two people (with separate souls) who will learn some of their most profound karmic lessons when they meet. The connection will often involve profound connections and synchronicities. It might trigger you in ways that are similar to past experiences. Your twin flame may feel like your shadow self or that you are looking at your own reflection in a mirror.

555, a Twin Flame Connection, and Spiritual Growth

Often your twin flame will be a person who has a cataclysmic impact on your life, propelling you to greater spiritual growth. However, the nature of twin flames is that you will push each other’s buttons, which can cause both passion and conflict. Twin flame relationships can be some of our most profound teachers because they are karmic in nature. Sometimes they are short-term. While other times that can become long term relationships.

The angel number 555 as it relates to a twin flame can be a reminder to pay attention to the way this person changes your life. Is it healthy or unhealthy? If this person challenges you in ways that are healthy, embrace the change. However, if the relationship feels unhealthy, the number 555 can be a sign to make a change and get out of it. After all, if we don’t embrace change when it comes to get getting away from unhealthy situations, we can get stuck in repeated karmic cycles.

When the number 555 appears in your life, it can be a reminder to not lower your vibration to someone else’s. Instead, focus on raising your vibration. When you do, you can attract like-minded souls who are in line with you as you seek spiritual enlightenment.

555 Angel Number Spiritual Meaning

On a spiritual level, angel number 555 is a reminder that your guardian angels, or spirit guides, are on your side. We all have free will and lessons to learn in this lifetime. Hence, this is why we face challenges in life. Still, our guardian angels are around us, looking after us, and helping us to evolve spiritually. On a spiritual level, angel number 555 is a reminder that change and transformation are necessary as you evolve on your spiritual path.

Spiritual Significance of 55:5 in the Bible

Christians associate the number 5 with the five wounds of Jesus Christ and, ultimately, Jesus’ sacrifice as he worked to helped people to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Just as the number 555 represents the power of 5 magnified, in the Bible, Isaiah 55:5 talks about how Jesus’ teachings (and his suffering) will expand throughout the world:

“Behold, you shall call a nation that you do not know, and a nation that did not know you shall run to you, because of the LORD your God, and of the Holy One of Israel, for he has glorified you.8

555 Angel Number Meaning: Health and Wellness

When it comes to health and well being, 555 angel number meaning is all about healing and regeneration. Like a five-legged starfish who can regenerate a limb, the angel number 555 is a positive sign, reminding you that you have the power within you to heal.

Sometimes this might mean that you have to get out of your comfort zone in some way to get on a path for a new life and a new way of being. Change can sometimes be hard work, but it will pay off on the end. So, continue seeking knowledge and understanding about your health. Then, envision vitality and living your best life.

Summary: Keep the Faith and Embrace Change

As a master number, angel number 555 is a sign from the divine that you are undergoing positive change and transformation. Angel number 555 meaning signifies a new phase of your life, which may present new challenges and new adventuress – and ultimately positive outcomes.

Remember that you guardian angels are on your side and that you are on the right path. Through positive thinking and using your creativity, you will find renewal. When you envision positive energy surrounding you and you keep the faith in your Higher Power and your angels, you will welcome good fortune into your life.

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