16 Purple Butterfly Meanings: Spirituality, Love, Wellness & More

Purple sapphire butterfly
Purple sapphire butterfly. Photo: Subhendukhan.

Have you ever been blessed by the presence of a purple butterfly? These beautiful beings come in shades of lavender, mauve, violet, royal purple, and dark purple. It’s no wonder they have profound symbolic and spiritual meaning to many people around the world.

In this post, we’ll explore purple butterfly meaning and symbolism, from spiritual meanings to love and relationships, money, health, and more.

Purple emperor butterfly
Purple emperor butterfly (Apatura iris), Iguazu Park, Argentina. Photo: Dick Culbert.

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”

– Alice Walker, The Color Purple

“Nature’s message was always there and for us to see. It was written on the wings of butterflies.”

– Kjell Bloch Sandved

What does a purple butterfly symbolize?

Purple Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism What does it mean if a purple butterfly flutters around you or appears in your life in some other way? Here’s a quick list of what they symbolize. We’ll go into more details on these throughout this post.

  • Angels
  • Balance
  • Peace
  • Majesty
  • Honor
  • Wealth
  • Wisdom
  • Transformation
  • Renewal
  • Transcendence
  • Spiritual Enlightenment

Types of Purple Butterflies

There are 17,500 species of butterflies in the world1 and they come in a rainbow of colors. A special subset of them come in shades of purple or have mostly purple markings.

So, before we explore the symbolic meanings associated with these beautiful creatures, you might be interested in learning the names of some of the types of purple butterflies. Here are a few:

  • Purple emperor
  • Agathina emperor
  • Northern pearly eye
  • Common tit butterfly
  • Florida purplewing
  • Purple cerulean
  • Red-spotted purple butterfly
  • Purple beak
  • Purple owl butterfly
  • Purple crow butterfly

Purple Butterfly Spiritual Meanings

Purple Butterfly Spiritual Meaning The purple butterfly has sacred associations for many. If one makes themselves known to you by fluttering nearby, landing on a flower, or grabbing your attention in some other way, here are some examples of what it can mean for you on a spiritual level:

1. Expand your self-awareness.

Part of your spiritual journey is to expand your self-awareness. For many people, the outside world dictates how they feel and how they respond, and this governs their entire life. A purple butterfly appearing in your life can be a sign to take some time for introspection.

After all, the one thing you have control over is how you will react and think about any given situation. Understanding how your mind works and how you react is a key aspect to spiritual growth.

2. Find balance in your spiritual practice.

The color purple is a blend of the warmth of red and the coolness of blue. Hence it represents balance and harmony. In addition, the color red is associated with the root chakra, which is your first chakra and the “seat” of your stability and security.

While blue is associated with the sacral chakra, which governs how you express yourself, and your third eye chakra, which rules your intuitive abilities. So, the color purple strikes a balance between these areas.

The purple butterfly reminds you to have faith and stay connected to your Higher Power while also staying rooted in the realities of living on Earth.

3. Practice creating inner peace.

The color purple is a symbol for peace, as it blends two very different colors on the spectrum: blue and red. In addition, butterflies symbolize gentleness and beauty. So, on a spiritual level, the purple butterfly is a reminder to find inner peace. This will help you to tune into your Higher Power and to fulfill your purpose here on Earth. When you do so, you will make the world a better place.

Vibrating at the Highest Frequency

In fact, on the spectrum of colors, the color violet vibrates at the highest frequency. This is why violet correlates with the vibration of your crown chakra, which is your seventh chakra. Violet is also the seventh color in the rainbow.

Thus, purple butterflies are symbols of the expansive potential of your own vibrational energy. When you come from a place of inner peace, you are vibrating at your own highest frequency.

4. A loved one who has passed is present.

In many cultures throughout the world, from Native American to Japanese, Celtic, and others, butterflies are viewed as messengers for angels.2

This is because they are especially receptive to divine energy working through them. So, if a purple butterfly makes themselves known to you, it can be a sign that the angel of someone you love who has passed is present.

They are sending a message of validation and to let you know they are at peace. This person may have loved the color purple or have been associated with its attributes in some way.

For example, they may have been a peacemaker, a balanced person, someone with a vibrant personality, or someone who had a majestic way about them.

5. You are undergoing a spiritual transformation.

Purple is a beautiful blend of the colors blue and red. As such, it also blends their attributes. For example, blue is the color of the water element. On a spiritual level, water symbolizes cleansing, transformation, and the subconscious. It also symbolizes the concept of being in flow.

Fire, on the other hand, represents primal energy, drive, passion, willpower, purification, and starting anew.

In addition, butterflies undergo a metamorphosis when they transform from caterpillars into beautiful flying insects. Thus, seeing a purple butterfly is a sign that you are in the process of a powerful spiritual transformation and awakening.

You may have gone through some experiences that felt like a trial by fire. Or you may have had to dig deep in order to rebuild your life in some way.

The purple butterfly is a sign that you are about to emerge as a new person, with expanded spiritual awareness that will set you free.

Purple Butterfly Symbolism in Love and Relationships

Purple Butterfly Meaning Here are some examples of what a purple butterfly appearing in your life can mean in love and relationships:

6. Take the high road.

As mentioned earlier, the color purple is a color of peacefulness. (It’s no coincidence that the lavender flower also makes people feel calm!) In addition, as mentioned above, the color violet vibrates at the highest frequency in the rainbow spectrum.

Thus, when it comes to love and relationships, purple butterflies symbolize taking the high road. Sometimes you have to choose diplomacy over proving your point or insisting that you are right in order to maintain peace and harmony in a relationship. Purple butterflies also symbolize transcendence.

So, in situations where there is conflict, do your best to raise your vibration vs. lowering it to the lowest common denominator of human behavior! In other words, rise above.

7. Treat those you love like royalty.

The greatest currency in the Universe is love. So, if you have an abundance of love in your life, you’ve already hit the lottery.

Purple is the color of royalty and majesty. So, if you see a purple butterfly, it can be a sweet nudge from your angels reminding you to treat those you love like royalty.

8. An important relationship will be renewed.

Butterflies are symbols of transformation. So, when they appear in your life, it can be a sign that an important relationship is undergoing a change. Because the purple butterfly is associated with both the water and fire elements, they are a reminder of the eternal spring and the eternal fire.

While everything in life changes, true love remains constant and eternal. As butterflies are symbols of change and transformation, the purple butterfly symbolizes the ability of relationships to go through changes, including ups and downs, yet still have the ability to be renewed again.

9. Through love, you will create abundance.

As pollinators, butterflies are symbols of fertility and abundance, as they support life on Earth. In addition, purple is the color of wealth and prosperity.

Thus, in love and relationships, the purple butterfly is a positive omen for romantic love and partnerships that have the ability to create abundance. This could be in the form of expanding a family, such as having a baby, blending two families, getting a pet, or even friends going into business together.

The purple butterfly indicates people who care about each other coming together and creating more prosperity and abundance together.

Purple Butterfly Meaning in Career and Creating Abundance

Purple hairstreak butterfly
Purple hairstreak butterfly. Photo: A beautiful female Purple Hairstreak Butterfly.

If you see a purple butterfly and you’re wondering what it might signify for money or your career, here are some ideas:

10. Set your intentions for prosperity.

Purple is the color of wealth and majesty, so when it comes to money and career matters, seeing a purple butterfly is a very good omen. The purple butterfly is a sign that you have the potential to be the absolute best in your field – that is the king or queen of your domain. Purple butterflies are also a reminder of how the Law of Attraction works.

As mentioned earlier, the color purple vibrates at the highest frequency in the spectrum. So, don’t focus on the negative and what you don’t want. Instead, set your intentions on your ultimate dream and how it serves you, those you love, and the higher good.

11. Start small.

Just as butterflies start out as caterpillars and evolve to become beautiful winged insects who can fly, the smallest ideas and the tiniest actions can put positive outcomes into motion.

In fact, there’s a scientific and financial theory about this concept called the Butterfly Effect. The underlying idea is that a butterfly fluttering their wings is having an impact on the greater atmosphere, which in turn affects everything else.3

You may have big dreams. And at times the obstacles in front of you may seem insurmountable. But as the saying goes, “Obstacles are what you see when you take your mind off the goal.” So, keep your dream in your sights and start taking the steps necessary to achieve it. With every step you are about to take, ask yourself, ‘Does this get me closer or farther away from my goal?’

The author James Cleary illustrates this idea throughout his book Atomic Habits. Essentially, it means that small changes can make a huge difference in getting you to where you want to be. The purple butterfly symbolizes prosperity and abundance. So, have faith that even the smallest steps you take towards your goal will lead you to success.

12. Create work-life balance.

Purple is the color of balance. In addition, butterflies must use grace and balance as they go from flower to flower gathering nectar. So, when it comes to money and your career, a purple butterfly symbolizes creating life and work balance.

Obviously, it’s important to work hard and work smart to reach your goals. But if you start to lose touch with the rest of your life, including those you love, yourself, and your health, then what are you actually working for?

A purple butterfly appearing in your life can be a sign to check in with yourself and make sure your life feels balanced.

13. Be an original.

It’s true that purple is the color of nobility. But there’s no arguing that it’s also a zany color. A purple house, a purple car, or even a purple t-shirt is going to stand out – just like a purple butterfly.

So, seeing a purple butterfly can be a sign to make sure you are being true to yourself and that you are being authentic when it comes to your career and building a life of prosperity. For example, if you’re in a job that makes you feel like you can’t truly be who you are, be like a butterfly and reinvent yourself.

Remember that when you were born, they broke the mold. You are an original – and this is your greatest asset.

Whether you’re still in the process of discovering your true purpose, starting your own creative or business endeavor, or trying to take your career to the next level, remember to use everything you’ve got. This is your secret sauce!

Purple Butterfly Meaning in Health and Wellness

Purple leaf butterfly
Purple leaf butterfly. Photo: Anitava Roy.

When it comes to health and wellness matters, here are some ideas for what purple butterfly meaning can signify for you:

14. Mind the thoughts in your head.

The color purple is the color of your crown chakra, which rules your head, your mind, and your central nervous system.

Thus, purple represents your connection to the divine, or your Higher Power. So, when it comes to health and wellness matters, a purple butterfly is a symbol for how your thoughts affect your physical body.

In fact, there’s a saying that goes, “What the mind conceives, the body believes.” In other words, your body is paying attention to every single thought that goes on in your head. So, focusing on having healthy, positive thoughts is good for you!

Of course, like everything, this can take practice. After all, our brains process tens of thousands of thoughts every day. So controlling every one of them is practically impossible. However, there’s another saying that goes, “You can have negative thoughts, just don’t entertain them.”

So, when it comes to health and wellness matters, a purple butterfly appearing in your life can signify that it’s time to fine tune your positive thinking skills!

15. Create a peace garden.

Purple is the color of peacefulness. And for some it’s a joyful color. In addition, butterflies are symbols of happiness and gentleness in some cultures.

So, seeing a purple butterfly can signify the importance of creating a happy and peaceful place for yourself. When you are happy and at peace, you give your body the best odds of healing and thriving.

You might create a peace garden or other place for tranquility and meditation. This can apply to both the outside world and in your imagination.

16. Visualize wellness and vitality.

Like the color blue, purple is an imaginative and visionary color. Thus, purple butterflies are representative of the practice of visualization. Practicing this art can help in every area of your life, including health and vitality.

In addition, as pollinators, butterflies are foundational for supporting life on Earth. So, a purple butterfly is a beautiful symbol for visualizing being receptive to more peacefulness, health, and vitality coming into your body and your life.

Closing Thoughts on Purple Butterfly Meaning: Vibrate at Your Highest Frequency

Purple Butterfly Charm
Purple butterfly Swarovski crystal beaded charm by Lilli Heart Designs.

In summary, purple butterflies are profoundly beautiful symbols for living in an exalted state. When they appear in your life, it’s always a positive sign for realizing your potential and creating more joy and abundance in your life.

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