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16 Purple Butterfly Meanings: Spirituality, Love, Wellness & More

Purple sapphire butterfly

Have you ever been blessed by the presence of a purple butterfly? These beautiful beings come in shades of lavender, mauve, violet, royal purple, and dark purple. It’s no wonder they have profound symbolic and spiritual meaning to many people around the world. In this post, we’ll explore purple butterfly meaning and symbolism, from spiritual […]

17 Green Butterfly Meanings: Spiritual, Love, Manifestation & Wellness

Green Butterfly on Leaf with Yellow Flower

Has a green butterfly ever caught your attention and you wondered if there was any symbolic or spiritual meaning? From matters of the heart to matters of spirituality, well-being, manifestation, and beyond, in this post we’ll explore all aspects of green butterfly meanings and symbolism. And if you’d like a more detailed view of butterfly […]