Sterling Silver Dodecahedron


Platonic Solid symbol of Universal Wisdom, the Higher Power, and cosmic harmony.


With 12 faces, the dodecahedron is one of the sacred geometry shapes called the Platonic Solids.  

For the ancient Greeks, it represented the element of ether. It also embodied metaphysical energy and the perfect harmony of the cosmos. Plato associated the 12-faced dodecahedron with the Creator. 

So, wearing this beautiful dodecahedron is a wonderful symbol of divine thought, the Higher Power, and Universal Wisdom. 

Additional information

Symbolic Meaning

Abundance, Altruism, Angels, Creativity, Devotion, Enlightenment, Eternity, Faith, Gratitude, Harmony, Immortality, Infinity, Interconnection, Intuition, Manifestation, Opportunity, Peace, Protection, Selflessness, Spiritual Growth, Transformation, Unity, Wisdom

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