Sacred Geometry Cosmic Pendant


A reminder that we are all made of stardust. Plus, a secret message…


This stunning pendant is a show stopper! Exquisitely designed by the one and only Thoma Sabo, it’s a reminder that we are all made of stardust and one with the beautiful Universe.

A planetary ring surrounds a compass-like circle, another ring and a moon. Plus, there is a sun, a star, a heart, and glittering colored zirconia gemstones.  

It’s made with 925 Sterling silver and 18k yellow-gold plating. 

Plus, engraved on the back is a beautiful, positive message! Click to find out what it is! :o)


Additional information

Symbolic Meaning

Angels, Enlightenment, Faith, Good Luck, Gratitude, Harmony, Intuition, Joy, Love, Manifestation, Opportunity, Peace, Protection, Spiritual Growth, Transformation, Unity, Wisdom

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