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Welcome to UniGuide's curated collection of exquisite sacred geometry jewelry. If you're a passionate admirer of sacred symbols or you know someone who understands the interconnectedness of life in our Universe, you'll find the ideal pieces here that resonate with your spirit. Discover more about the collection and the profound meanings of sacred geometry jewelry below.

Platonic Solid symbol of Universal Wisdom, the Higher Power, and cosmic harmony.


A reminder that we are all made of stardust. Plus, a secret message…


A sacred geometry symbol of abundance, security, stability, and protection.


A symbol of universal harmony, interconnection, and a Higher Power.


Jewelry for Spiritual Seekers and Sacred Geometry Enthusiasts

UniGuide’s hand-selected collection of sacred geometry jewelry showcases stunning pieces in diverse styles and price brackets. Thoughtfully chosen from both renowned and emerging designers, UniGuide’s curated collection features sacred geometry jewelry crafted with 14k gold, sterling silver, and a spectrum of precious, semi-precious, and simulated gemstones.

Additionally, you’ll discover vintage and antique selections alongside hand-crafted and distinctive cultural creations, such as original designs inspired by ancient symbolism. Furthermore, you’ll find pieces made with recycled materials, conflict-free gemstones, and more, embodying both beauty and ethical responsibility.

UniGuide’s collection of sacred geometry jewelry includes:

  •     Rings and toe rings
  •     Earrings
  •     Necklaces and pendants
  •     Bracelets and anklets
  •     Charms
  •     Pins and brooches

Jewelry Pieces with Divine Symbolism and Meaning

Sacred geometry jewelry is an ideal gift for a loved one or yourself, as these designs are not only visually captivating but also rich in symbolic and spiritual significance.

Throughout history and across diverse cultures, students of sacred geometry have been fascinated by how it reveals seemingly miraculous patterns in the natural world and the greater Universe. It reveals a fundamental structure of the Universe and our existence.

Indeed, the “sacred” in sacred geometry reveals a belief that all of creation is the product of divine planning and design.

Some of the sacred geometry jewelry featured on UniGuide includes:

  • Platonic solids jewelry
    • Tetrahedron pyramid jewelry
    • Hexahedron cube jewelry
    • Octahedron jewelry
    • Dodecahedron jewelry
    • Icosahedron jewelry
  • Other sacred geometry symbol jewelry, such as:
    • Flower of life jewelry
    • Seed of life jewelry
    • Spiral jewelry
    • And more

Wearing sacred geometry jewelry is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a profound way to feel connected with the sacred patterns and divine energy that underlies our existence. Wearing it is also a way to demonstrate that you have faith in the positive and loving forces at work in the Universe.

Sacred geometry jewelry embodies the following meanings and others:

  • Faith
  • Balance
  • Universal harmony
  • Manifestation
  • Infinite possibilities
  • Protection
  • Unity and interconnection
  • Spiritual growth
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Universal wisdom
  • Angels
  • Connection to your Higher Power

You can read more about sacred geometry topics in the spirituality section of UniGuide’s blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sacred geometry jewelry?

Sacred geometry jewelry incorporates patterns, shapes, and symbols that have mathematical and symbolic meaning. It reflects a belief that geometric patterns in nature and the Universe are evidence of intelligent design by a divine creator.

What does sacred geometry jewelry symbolize?

Sacred geometry jewelry symbolizes the interconnectedness of our existence and its divine planning and creation. It embodies concepts such as universal harmony, balance, unity, interconnectedness, angels, faith in a Higher Power, and spiritual enlightenment.

What does flower of life jewelry represent? 

Flower of Life jewelry represents divine planning in the creation of the Universe and the interconnectedness of life, consciousness, and existence. It symbolizes harmony, love, interconnection, balance, and spiritual awareness.