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Welcome to UniGuide's gift collection. These gifts include original creations as well as hand-picked pieces from select artists, designers, and brands. Gifts on UniGuide are inspired by the natural world as well as mythology and the mystical. They’re not just presents, but the celebration of having a sense of wonder. You can read more about the collection below.

Wonderful Gifts from the Sea


Unique, Edgy, and Elegant


Chic Minimalism with Profound Meaning


Gifts for Nature, Animal, Spirituality & Mythology Lovers

If there is someone in your life who loves nature and animals, or they’re spiritual or spiritually curious, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for them in UniGuide’s growing collection. Or if someone you love is a mythology fan or curious about sacred geometry and mystical topics, I’ve got you covered!

Gifts on UniGuide are great for:

  • Animal lovers and those who cherish wildlife
  • Insect geeks
  • Anyone who loves flowers, trees, plants, or even fungi (Who doesn’t??)
  • Spiritual people, spiritual seekers, and New Agey folks
  • Mythology fans
  • Those who enjoy symbolism and the meanings of things
  • Birthdays, holidays, Mothers’ Day, or Father’s Day
  • Any occasion when you want to give a token of affection or appreciation

Have fun shopping! And thanks as always for visiting UniGuide.