Orange Flower Meaning & Symbolism + Types & When to Give Them

Bouquet of Orange Flowers
Photo: Elisabetta Alberti.

Orange flower symbolism and meanings include healing and well-being, energy, vitality, enthusiasm, balance, fun, pleasure, and more. In this post, we’ll explore the symbolism and meaning of orange flowers as well as occasions in which to give them.

Types of Flowers that Are Orange

Before we go into more detail on the symbolic meaning of orange flowers, I thought you’d be interested in seeing a list of some of the kinds of flowers that come in orange or mainly orange hues. There is a wide variety. Here are some:

What do orange flowers symbolize?

Orange Zinnia

Blending the deep passion and energy of red with the sunny warmth of yellow, the color orange can represent many things. So, orange flowers present a range of opportunities in which to give them as gifts or reasons to plant them in your garden. 

A vibrant color, orange can evoke strong responses in many people. Yet, while red flowers are synonymous with romantic love, orange flower meanings can be more nuanced. For example, here is a list of qualities that orange flowers represent:

  • Health and healing
  • Vitality and well-being
  • Balance
  • Warmth
  • Enthusiasm
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Joy and happiness
  • Fun
  • Pleasure
  • Creativity
  • Flamboyance
  • Eccentricity

(Just a note: Different types of orange flowers have their own set of meanings. For more details on some of them, just click on the flower names with links in the section above.)

Healing and Well-being

Generally, when people aren’t feeling well, they can tolerate orange foods, like tangerines and peaches, more easily than other foods. So, with bright color, orange flowers exude positive energy for feeling good.

So, orange flowers make great gifts for loved ones who are dealing with a health challenge or who are trying to get into better shape. 

In fact, the color orange is associated with the second chakra, or energy center, in the body, which is called the sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit.

The sacral chakra governs emotional and sexual energy as well as overall mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. In essence, when the sacral chakra is balanced, we feel like we’re flourishing.

So, giving orange flowers or having them in your environment, as well as using the essential oils from orange flowers, is conducive to opening and balancing your sacral chakra and boosting vitality.

Fire and Enthusiasm

Orange Daffodils

Orange flower symbolism also includes fire and enthusiasm. So, orange flowers are the perfect gift or addition to the home when you want to liven things up and even spark your creativity.

Any zany loved ones in your life?

In addition, the color orange is a little zany. So, for a romantic partner, friend, or other loved one who is more off-beat, orange flowers can be the perfect gift. Needless to say, they can also help to liven up what might otherwise be a boring garden.

In conclusion, orange flowers can generate strong feelings in many people. So, if you have loved ones who appreciate the color orange’s special qualities, or you are one of those people, you have a variety of flower options to choose from when it comes to surrounding yourself with vibrant beauty.

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