Bee Symbolism, Meaning & the Bee Spirit Animal

Bee Symbolism

Bee Symbolism

  • Focus

  • Dedication

  • Hard Work

  • Teamwork

  • Fertility

  • Growth

  • Sunshine

  • Life

Small in stature, the bee spirit carries an enormous responsibility on their tiny shoulders, which is supporting life on Earth. When the bee is your spirit guide, you take your responsibilities seriously and you always do more than your fair share. It is not in your nature to leave the work to someone else. Nor will you ever let down your team.

The bee spirit helps you to stay “on point” and be focused in you endeavors. With laser-like focus and determination, you can achieve your wildest dreams, just as the bee supports an opulent rainbow of flowers across the planet for all of us to enjoy.

Your bee spirit guide also reminds you that life is not just about hard work. The bee’s honey reminds you to enjoy the sweetness in life. Ancient cultures associated the bee with sunshine. The bee spirit reminds you that once your work is done, get outside, take a walk in the sunshine, and smell the flowers.


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