2 Crows Meaning: What Do They Symbolize and What’s the Spiritual Significance?

Meaning of Two Crows
Two crows in Japan. Photo: Isana Chiba.

What does it mean if you see two crows together? Is there any spiritual or symbolic significance? In this post, we’ll explore the symbolic meanings of what this experience can signify. 

Crow Couple
Photo: Marie-Lan Taÿ Pamart.

Two Crows Meaning: True Love and Soulmates

Crows will generally congregate in family groups of two to eight birds in the spring and summer. Then, in fall and winter, they will flock together in large groups, sometimes in the hundreds or more.1 Yet, even though they are highly social, crows are monogamous and mate for life.

So, if you see two crows together, away from a larger group, they are most likely a bonded pair. Thus, seeing two crows together is a beautiful symbol for everlasting love and devotion. 


In addition to true love, two crows also symbolize a strong and healthy partnership. Crow pairs will work together to build their nest and raise their chicks. Thus, they represent cooperative efforts to create a greater whole.

Duality, Harmony, and Balance

In addition to true love, the meaning of two crows also signifies duality, harmony, and balance. 

The number 2 is the smallest even prime number. And in the field of sacred geometry, which theorizes that patterns in nature reflect planning by a divine creator, the number 2 is considered one of the building blocks, or atoms, of creation. 

In both sacred geometry and numerology, the number 2 represents the concepts of duality, harmony, and balance. So, seeing two crows together can be like a gentle nudge from the Universe to consider whether you are creating harmony and balance in your own life, or if things feel off kilter.

In addition, it can be a sign to look at the opposite side of an argument or to try to consider things from a different perspective.

(You can read more about the sacred meanings of the number 2 in my blog post about 222 angel number meaning.)


Crows are known to be some of the smartest animals in the world. So, seeing two crows together is a reminder that “two heads are better than one.” Even though you might feel like you have all of the answers or know exactly what you’re doing, seeing two crows can be a sign to seek a second opinion or use someone you know as a sounding board when making an important decision.

Psychic Abilities

As I wrote about in my general post on crow symbolism, in many ancient cultures, the crow was seen as an intermediary between the material and spiritual worlds. This is likely because as carrion-eating birds, they were often present at times of death. 

While death is a frightening concept for many people, it is actually a state of spiritual transformation. So, crows, along with ravens, have long been seen as birds who can connect with both the physical and supernatural worlds. Because of this, they are said to have psychic abilities.

From this perspective, seeing two crows is a confirmation of your own intuitive powers. For example, you might have dreamt about someone you love who has died and you wonder if the experience was a visit from their angel. Seeing one and then a second crow is a confirmation of your own psychic abilities.

Spiritual Transformation

Two Crows

As mentioned above, crows have long been associated with death and the spiritual world. Because of this, they are also symbols of spiritual transformation. As two crows also represent true love and soulmates, from a spiritual perspective, seeing two crows can signify that you have a spiritual teacher or that your partner is someone with whom you will evolve spiritually. 

2 Crows Meaning: Good Luck

In a world where so many wild animals are under threat and, notably, bird populations are in decline, the crow is a survivor. The crow has learned to adapt and survive in a wide range of environments, from rural environments to cities. 

Because of their plentiful numbers, crows are also a symbol of good luck. Seeing two crows together symbolizes that you can create abundance and prosperity, particularly when collaborating with a partner. 


In summary, seeing two crows together has many positive associations. As birds who are extremely dedicated to their mates, crows who appear in pairs are a reminder that good things come with dedication and devotion. 

For a deeper dive into the symbolism of crows, be sure to check out my overview post on crow meaning

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  1. I have two crows come to my garden and sit on the fence ,they are noisy; and caw at the cat. My neighbour had a string of things that glitter in the sun strung up across her yard and the crows pulled them down. Thank you for the information about crows. I asked for a sign , I guess they are the sign! Regards Margaret

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