Tiger Symbolism, Meanings & The Tiger Spirit Animal


Tiger symbolism and meanings include strength, cunning, majesty, independence, and immortality. As they are native to Asia and Siberia, Russia, tigers appear in the mythology and folklore of many cultures throughout these regions. In addition, the tiger spirit animal is an important figure in the spiritual beliefs of locals from these areas and other people around the world.

In this post, you’ll learn about tiger symbolism as well as the spiritual meanings applied to tigers. First, here are some commonly shared tiger meanings:

What does a tiger symbolize?

  • Strength
  • Cunning
  • Confidence
  • Majesty
  • Independence
  • Protection
  • Immortality

Tiger Running


As the apex predator of their domain, the tiger is a revered symbol of strength. Besides human beings and other tigers, in their natural habitats, tigers have no rivals. Weighing nearly 1,000 pounds, the tiger is the largest cat and has one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom. Their powerful jaws exert over 1,000 pounds per square inch (psi), which is even stronger than a lion’s at 640 psi.

So, the tiger is a helpful totem when you need to feel stronger in your life or even in specific situations.


Primarily nocturnal, the tiger is known to be a stealthy hunter. The tiger is an independent animal. In fact, they are far more elusive than lions, who live in large family groups called prides. The tiger hunts and lives on their own, thinking for themselves. Because of these traits, they symbolize shrewdness and cunning.

The tiger spirit reminds you that being book smart and following the crowd will only take you so far. Being street smart, on the other hand, is the key to survival and success. The tiger reminds you that you should always be calculating your next move. In other words, don’t wait for life to happen to you. Instead, make life happen.


Because of their unrivalled status, the tiger exudes confidence over their domain. They are also powerful symbols of courage and confidence.

The tiger power animal reminds you that even if you don’t feel confident in a given situation, you can still act as if you are. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too.


In China and Japan, the alphabetical symbol for king is reminiscent of a tiger’s stripes, notably the markings on the tiger’s forehead. Because they are the apex predators of their domains, tigers are considered to be the king of all animals. In addition, their proud, regal bearing garners respect from humans and animals alike. This is why they are symbols of majesty and nobility.


Tigers are solitary animals who only come together to mate or when the female raise her young. However, once tiger kittens reach the age of about two years old, they venture off to live independent lives.

In this video from BBC Earth, you can see how adventurous and independence-minded even very young tigers can be:

The tiger power animal is a helpful symbol when you need the confidence to strike out on your own, whether it’s in a creative or business venture, or even an emotional one.


The tiger is very protective of their territory and they guard it with ferocity. This, coupled with their eminent strength is why they are symbols of protection in many ancient Asian cultures and throughout the world.

So, a tiger totem is a helpful symbol when you need to protect your boundaries, whether they be physical, emotional, psychological, or even financial. The tiger stands their ground and will not tolerate those who fail to respect their boundaries and what is theirs.


Tiger Symbolism Immortality

As an apex predator, the tiger is associated with death – but also immortality. In fact, in some ancient Asian cultures, the tiger was seen as a shapeshifter, having the power to transform from human to animal and spirit.

The term the “eye of the tiger” to describe an ultimate experience or living on the edge was inspired by the moment a tiger attacks. Before the tiger attacks, their ears go back, revealing the markings on the backs of their ears, which look like two big eyes with white spots inside a black perimeter.

The term comes from the idea that those “eyes” are the last thing you see before death. As macabre as it sounds, many cultures believed that if you were killed and eaten by a tiger, your soul lived on through the tiger. In some case, it rode around on the tiger’s back. For this reason, it is considered verboten in many cultures to kill a tiger.

White Tiger Symbolism

White Tiger Meaning

In nature, a white tiger is a rare genetic variant of a typical Bengal tiger. Modern-day humans have tragically exploited white tigers and inbred them for entertainment purposes. However, the natural, genetically-healthy white tiger inspired ancient cultures.

Historically, white tiger symbolism included virtue, courage, and peace.

According to one Japanese legend, a white tiger named Byakko was a supernatural, celestial being. He was also the guardian of the West. He would appear in the sky if the current human ruler was virtuous and brought peace to the land.

The Tiger in Cultural Mythology and Folklore

The tiger appears in the mythology of many cultures where they are native. Here are some of those stories.

Tiger Symbolism in India and Hindu Mythology

Durga and Tiger

The tiger is revered throughout India, where even some ancient cultures believe they descended from tigers.

The Naga People tell a creation tale of three brothers who were born from the union of the Sky and Earth. One brother was a spirit, the other a human, and the third a tiger. The brothers began to squabble, as brothers do. While the spirit manage to stay neutral, the man and the tiger battled. The man managed to outwit the tiger, who left to go live in the forest. But in doing so, he lost his connection to both his spirit brother and tiger brother.

This video from Tara Purnima tells the story of the spirit, the man, and the tiger:

The Hindu deity Durga, who is the goddess of war, strength, and protection, rides a tiger.

Another deity, Vaghadeva, is a tiger god, who is the guardian of the forest.

For many in India, the tiger symbolizes strength and regeneration.

Tiger Symbolism in China

Chinese Tiger Symbolism
Celestial Master Zhang Daoling, riding a tiger, with his wife at his side. Qing dynasty or later. Baodingshan, Dazu. Author: Unknown.

In ancient China, the tiger symbolized protection of goodness, while a destroyer of evil.

In fact, in Chinese culture, the founder of Taoism – the celestial master Zhang Daoling – was depicted riding a mighty tiger much like the Hindu goddess Durga. The tiger helped Zhang Daoling to destroy demons so he could ascend to the heavens.

In Chinese and other Asian cultures, the tiger is viewed as a balancing spirituals force to the dragon. While the dragon represent yang, or masculine energy, the tiger represents yin, or feminine energy. Without one, the world falls out of balance.

Tiger Meaning in Russia

The Indigenous Peoples of Siberia and Eastern Russia call the tiger the guardian of the forest. They view the tiger as a protective spirit who keeps the forest healthy and nature in balance.

Tiger Spirit Animal

Tiger Spirit Animal

If a tiger captures your attention, whether in real life or in art, a film, or the media, pay attention. There are no coincidences. The tiger has special messages for you that can help to guide you on your soul’s journey.

When the tiger is your spirit guide, you are blessed with an omnipotent protector. The tiger possesses a winning combination of strength, beauty, independence, and shrewd perception.

The tiger spirit animal inspires you to become the master of your domain, whether that is in a field of knowledge, skill – or even mastery over yourself so that you can be the person you were meant to be.

In addition to the tiger spirit guide, if you’re curious about other animals who might be your spirit animals, you can take UniGuide’s spirit animal test and read more about the history of spirit animals.

Tiger Totem

An animal totem encapsulate the protective powers of the animal they represent. Thus, the tiger totem serves as a helpful symbol for manifesting strength, confidence, and independence in your life. The tiger totem is also a helpful symbol when you want to command the respect of others and demonstrate your earned right to be where you are.

Tiger Power Animal

Summon the spirit of the majestic tiger power animal when you are facing adversity or need to summon more confidence in a given situation. The spirit of the tiger can help to infuse courage and fiery determination in your heart. The tiger power animal is also a helpful reminder when going into situations where you need to “own things” whether it be an interview, a negotiation, or a performance of some kind.

Tiger Dream Meanings

Tiger Dream

If a tiger enters your dreams, and you’re left wondering what your dream could be telling you, consider the emotions you felt in your dream. While dream meanings and interpretations are personal to every individual, one thing we all have in common is that our sub-conscious emotions don’t lie to us.

For example, if you felt fearful, anxious, excited, or even comforted in your dream, it’s worth analyzing those emotions further. The emotions you felt in the dream can provide clues into what the dream is meant to teach you.

Tigers can be scary animals. If you dream of a tiger attacking you, it can mean that you are ready to “kill off” and transform a part of your life. It can mean that you’re ready to be more courageous and to own a situation. Negative emotions in a dream can be powerful reminders to take action in an area of your life. It’s your subconscious mind’s way of grabbing your attention.

Likewise, if you have a pleasant dream with a tiger, it can mean that you have finally “arrived” or will soon arrive in an area of your life, meaning you have achieved mastery.

Tiger Tattoo Meaning

Tiger Tattoo

A tiger tattoo sends a powerful message to the world because the tiger embodies so many majestic qualities. Of course, tattoos are deeply personal to the person who has them, and how the tattoo artists presents the tiger will speak volumes. For instance, tigers can both ferocious and cuddly.

A tattoo of a relaxed tiger in repose can show the world that you have arrived – you’ve reached a level of mastery over yourself, your emotions, you career, or other area of your life. By comparison, a tattoo of a snarling tiger can demonstrate that you are fiercely independent, protective of your boundaries and those you hold dear.

On a spiritual level a tiger tattoo, especially one with a dragon, can demonstrate that you seek harmony in your life, the balance of yin and yang energy.

Hopefully learning more about tiger mythology and symbolism can bring extra meaning to your tattoo.

Organizations that Protect Tigers

In the wild, tigers have lost a staggering 93 percent of their natural range due to human development, including the building of highways. Habitat loss, hunting, and lack of food have caused the population of wild tigers to plummet. In fact, there are fewer than 4,000 wild tigers remaining in the wild. These majestic animals clearly need more human protection. If you care about tigers, please do what you can to help them. Here are some organizations that are working on tiger conservation:


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