15 Red Dragonfly Meanings: Spirituality, Love, Abundance, and Wellness

Beautiful Red Dragonfly
What does it mean if you see a red dragonfly? These beautiful insects are quite rare, so if you see one, it’s a lucky event. Their flame-colored hue is one of the reasons people from cultures around the world are captivated by red dragonflies. In fact, red dragonflies have important symbolic meaning to many. In this post, we’ll explore all aspects of red dragonfly meaning, including spiritual meanings and what seeing a red dragonfly can symbolize your life.

(If you’re curious about dragonfly symbolism in general, be sure to check out my overview post on dragonfly meaning.)

Red Dragonfly Closeup

What does a red dragonfly symbolize?

What does it mean if you see a red dragonfly? Here’s a quick list of what they symbolize. We’ll go into more details on these below.

  • Romantic love
  • Passion
  • Security
  • Protection
  • Willpower
  • Courage
  • Good luck
  • Wealth
  • Opportunity
  • Transformation

Types of Red Dragonflies

Before we go into more details, I thought you might be interested in learning the names of some of the types of red dragonflies, if you don’t know them already. Here are a few:

  • Neon skimmer
  • Roseate skimmer
  • Scarlet skimmer
  • Cardinal meadowhawk
  • Ruby meadowhawk
  • Cherry-faced meadowhawk
  • Desert firetail
  • Red-tailed pennant
  • Red saddlebags

Red Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning

Red Dragonfly on a Branch
Photo: Nippich Somsaard.

What is the spiritual meaning of a red dragonfly? To begin, some people believe that divine energy is manifested through living creatures, and this includes dragonflies. (I happen to be one of those people.)

While living creatures have free will, some are more receptive to spiritual energy working through them, just as people are. The red dragonfly is one of those creatures. Thus, around the world, they are associated with angels, including the spirits of loved ones who have passed. So, seeing a red dragonfly is like receiving a little gift from the divine.

Below are some other meanings on what seeing a red dragonfly can signify in your life on a spiritual level.

1. You are going through a spiritual transformation.

Like butterflies, dragonflies undergo a miraculous metamorphosis in their short lifetimes. To begin, they are born on the water. And they exist in their larval stage for months or years before they molt. Once they molt, they transform into a beautiful flying insect with magically iridescent wings. So, on a spiritual level, red dragonfly symbolism is about self-realization, spiritual growth, and transformation.

The color red is associated with fire and passion. So, spiritually it can relate to feeling passionate about your faith. It can also mean pursuing your spiritual growth with courage and intensity.

Seeing a red dragonfly is a reminder of your own spiritual transformation. You may be a person who has experienced (and may still be experiencing) your fair share of challenges. The red dragonfly is like a nod from your angels saying, “Go get ’em, Kid! You got this!”

It’s as though, when you came into this lifetime, your soul said, ‘Whatever comes my way, I am going to deal with it head-on and I will learn from it. I didn’t ask for these things, but bring them on because I will face them with the courage and ferocity of a lion and I’ll be stronger for doing so.’

2. A loving angel is present.

For those who believe, dragonflies are messengers for angels because they are especially receptive to divine energy working through them. So, seeing a red dragonfly can mean that the angel of someone you love is present.

If a red dragonfly visits you or lands nearby, it can be a sign of a person who loved the color red. Or it can be someone you loved who had a strong, even fiery, personality. It might also be someone who brought good fortune to your life.

3. Use your faith to find stores of energy and willpower.

Red is the color of passion, intensity, willpower, and courage. So, on a spiritual level, a red dragonfly is a reminder that you can call down divine energy to give you strength. Never forget that there are powers in the Universe that can accomplish miracles.

So, if you find yourself in a situation that requires more strength or energy than you think you have, remember the red dragonfly. Take a few deep breaths and tap into your faith.

Red Dragonfly Meaning in Love and Relationships

Two Red Dragonflies
Photo: Kazbek Chermit.

Here are some examples of what a red dragonfly appearing in your life can mean as it relates to love and relationships:

4. You are lucky in love.

In China, the color red is a good luck color. In addition, in Japan, dragonflies are revered. In fact, according to Japanese folklore, 2,600 years ago, Emperor Jinmu, the mythical founder of Japan, climbed a mountain. As he looked down from the summit, he said that Japan looked like a dragonfly. And in another version of the story, Emperor Jinmu was about to be bitten by a deadly mosquito but was saved because a dragonfly ate it.1

So, when it comes to love and relationships, a red dragonfly appearing in your life is a very good omen. It can mean that you have been or that you soon will be – lucky in love. Because red is the color of romantic love and eternal love, this is an especially positive sign for affairs of the heart.

5. Go for it!

Dragonflies live for only a short period of time, so they remind us that time is precious and that at every moment, something sacred is at stake. In other words, the red dragonfly says, “Go for it!”

So, if there is someone you have a crush on but you have been too shy to approach, now is the time to get over it and ask them out. Or at least try to get to know them better.

Just remember that the dragonfly likes to keep things light! So, you don’t have to confess your undying devotion. Just say hello.

Similarly, if you’ve been nursing a broken heart or the sting of a rejection, the red dragonfly says, “Stop moping! Life is short! Get back out there!”

After all, if the red dragonfly stayed in their larval stage forever, they would never become the fantastic flying beings that bring sparkles to our eyes.

In fact, in the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, the red dragonfly symbolizes happiness and new beginnings. So, in love, a red dragonfly can symbolize a new romantic interest coming into your life.

6. Honor relationships that make you feel secure.

The color red is associated with the root chakra. This is the energy field in your body that relates to your primal energy and passion as well as your sense of security and stability.

It’s true that red dragonfly symbolism includes passion and romantic love. However, it can also symbolize a warning, like a red stop sign. It’s as though the red dragonfly is asking, “I see you feel passionate about this person. But do they make you feel secure?”

As I wrote about in my post on the 444 angel number, sometimes we meet people in life for whom we feel a strong attraction. However, the dynamics in the relationship can be karmic in nature – meaning, we have something to learn.

All relationships are for learning, and if we choose to ignore the lessons, we can be doomed to making the same mistakes over and over again. So, it appears the little red dragonfly showing up may be giving you something important to think about!

7. Keep passion alive.

As they are the color of romantic love, red dragonflies are also a reminder to never lose your passion for love.

Dragonflies symbolize transformation and change. So, seeing a red dragonfly can be a sign to embrace the changing nature of a romantic relationship and to view these changes as an opportunity to grow together and strengthen your bond.

As you go through this, it doesn’t mean your passion has to wane. As my grandmother used to say, “Passion is the glue that keeps the relationship together.” So, always remember that important ingredient!

Red Dragonfly Symbolism in Creating Abundance and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Red Dragonfly
When it comes to fulfilling your soul’s purpose and creating abundance, the red dragonfly is a symbol of good luck and good fortune coming your way.

8. Your fortunes are about to change for the better.

For the Zuni Native Americans, the dragonfly symbolizes abundant harvests.2 And as mentioned earlier, in China, the color red symbolizes good luck and wealth. So, seeing a red dragonfly can be a positive sign that your finances are about to undergo a rejuvenation.

The dragonfly is also about seizing opportunities when they come your way. So, instead of focusing on lack, face forward and adjust your thinking so you see all of the opportunities around you to create more abundance in your life. This could be a side hustle or creative ways to save.

The red dragonfly is all about opportunity and going for it with gusto. These speedy creatures don’t sit around waiting for things to happen. They go for it!

9. Fortify your financial security.

As mentioned earlier, red is the color of your first chakra, which is the “seat” of your security. So, seeing a red dragonfly can be like a nudge from your angels to make sure you are fortifying your financial security. This can come down to a simple question. You can ask yourself, “Does this fortify my financial security or chip away at it?”

The red dragonfly is a reminder to be passionate about protecting your financial interests!

10. Commit to lifelong learning.

Dragonflies have inhabited the Earth for 300 million years, so they have ancient wisdom in their DNA.3 When it comes to career and manifestation, red dragonflies symbolize the importance of knowledge and wisdom. After all, those who are the most successful in a given field are the true experts who know the most.

In addition, the red dragonfly is a reminder of the old adage: “A fool and his money are soon parted.” So, in other words, when it comes to creating abundance, be smart about it! If you don’t know, then commit to learning or at least connecting with trustworthy people who do know.

After all, red is a power color. So, the red dragonfly reminds you to empower yourself with information about your career and finances so you can fulfill your dreams.

11. Do something different.

Dragonflies are experts at fast maneuvering. They’re not afraid to shift gears and even change direction if they have to. So, when it comes to your career, a red dragonfly appearing in your life can be a sign to embrace change and new beginnings. Sometimes this is what it takes to have more opportunities come your way.

The change could be something as simple as dressing more for the position you want or updating your look. Or, it can mean switching roles, striking out on our own, or moving to a new town. The red dragonfly says, “Fortune favors the bold!”

12. Go after your goals with passion and intensity.

The motivational coach Tony Robbins says that setting goals for yourself is just the first step. Then you have to support them with massive action.

Red dragonflies spark our imaginations with their beauty and their fairy-like wings. But when it comes to your dreams, they are a reminder that you should pursue them with passion.

Don’t just think about what you want to create or achieve, envision what it will take to achieve it and take action to make it happen.

Red Dragonfly Meaning in Wellness and Vitality

Red Dragonfly Green Background
Photo: Natdanai Kamnerdngarm.

When it comes to wellness and feeling good physically, here are some ideas for what seeing a red dragonfly can mean in your life:

13. Believe in your body’s ability to heal.

The Hopi and Pueblo Native Americans view the dragonfly as a powerful medicine animal who brings transformation and healing.4

In addition, the color red is the color of blood, which carries our vital life force energy.

So, seeing a red dragonfly is a reminder of your body’s own ancient wisdom and its miraculous power to heal itself. The red dragonfly is like a little affirmation to tell yourself: ‘I am healthy because my body has a miraculous power to heal.’

14. Summon your primal energy.

As mentioned earlier, red is the color of primal energy. Your primal energy is the energy that fuels the systems throughout your body and is connected to the metaphysical, or divine.

So, creating a lifestyle that is supportive of and helps you connect with your primal energy is conducive to wellness and vitality.

A red dragonfly appearing in your life can be a sign to surround yourself with loving support so you can give your body the best opportunity to thrive.

15. Envision vitality.

The power of visualization has been proven to boost performance for Olympic athletes, businesspeople, and others. In addition, it can help in healing and stress reduction. Just as your mouth will start to salivate if you envision eating some tart cherries, your body is picking up and reacting to all of the thoughts you have.

So, taking time to envision wellness and vitality can do wonders to improve your physical well-being.

The red dragonfly symbolizes warmth, fire, and blood. So, you can envision warm healing energy coursing through your bloodstream to bring you wellness, rejuvenation, and vitality.

Summary: Seize the day.

Red Dragonfly Illustration

Red dragonflies are rare, exquisite creatures. When they appear in your life, view it as a special occasion and positive sign of good fortune. The red dragonfly’s message for you is to live in the moment, make the most of opportunities, and live with passion.

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