Wild Mustangs Running Photo Art Print


The Essence of Freedom

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Experience the untamed beauty of a herd of wild horse running in this photographic art print. The powerful movement and grace of the horses creates a sense of freedom and natural splendor.

This is the perfect for equestrian enthusiasts, those who love idea of the wild west, or who are wild spirits at heart. 

This photo adds a dynamic and inspiring element to any room. Available in various sizes. 

10% of the profits from the sale of horse-themed products promoted and sold on UniGuide will be donated to the Humane Society.

In addition to being beloved by people around the world, horses are iconic symbols of freedom, joy, majesty, and other special qualities. You can read more about horse symbolism in my dedicated post on horse mythology and meanings.

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Symbolic Meaning

Beauty, Courage, Determination. Endurance, Escapism, Faith, Freedom, Friendship, Fun, Generosity, Good Fortune, Grace, Guidance, Honor, Instincts, Joy, Majesty, Patience, Power, Purity, Spirits, Steadfastness, Strength, Tranquility, Travel

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