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The Missing Lands by Freddy Silva


Unveiling ancient civilizations’ untold history

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The Missing Lands by Freddy Silva presents an intriguing exploration of ancient civilizations and the hidden history of prehistoric sites around the world.

Freddy Silva, a leading researcher of ancient systems of knowledge and the author of several best-selling books in the field, uncovers the connections between these sites and lost civilizations, suggesting sophisticated spiritual and technological advancements. Silva’s extensive research and compelling arguments challenge conventional historical narratives, offering readers a glimpse into the profound wisdom and achievements of these ancient cultures.

This book not only showcases Silva’s expertise in ancient history and sacred sites but also invites us to reconsider the legacy of our ancestors and the mysteries of our collective past. I absolutely love the topics he covers in this book because they strike a chord in my imagination and feel like pieces of a puzzle are coming together.

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