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Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives


Exploring life between lives through hypnosis

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In Journey of Souls, Dr. Michael Newton, a renowned psychiatrist and hypnotherapist, takes us on an extraordinary journey into the afterlife, revealing what happens to souls between lives through his case studies.

Dr. Newton’s groundbreaking research, based on years of meticulous work with patients under hypnosis, uncovers fascinating insights into our spiritual journey after death and before rebirth. His findings provide revelations, comfort, and profound understanding of our soul’s journey, making this book a beacon for those curious about the afterlife and the continuity of our spiritual existence.

When I first read this book, it was a lot for me to wrap my head around. I kept putting it down and going, ‘Wait. What? What?’ But since then and after a couple of re-readings, it has come to make more and more sense. It’s a fascinating read for anyone who is even slightly curious about reincarnation and even life on other planets.

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