Howl under the moonlight with this sweet 925 sterling silver wolf charm and pendant.

This wolf charm features a three-dimensional howling wolf and is crafted from recycled, slightly blackened silver to accentuate its detailed engravings. Embellished with a crescent moon and a star, each adorned with white zirconia stones, this charm captures the wild and free spirit of the wolf.

This pendant is perfect for anyone who feels a deep connection with these majestic creatures and the wilderness. It makes a captivating addition to any charm collection and is ideal for customizing necklaces and bracelets.

Supporting Wolf Protection and Conservation

10% of the profits earned from the sales of wolf jewelry and other wolf-themed gifts promoted and sold on UniGuide will be donated to the Wolf Conservation Center.

Symbolic Meanings

The wolf is an iconic symbol of family, teamwork, freedom, the wilderness, and other powerful values. You can read about this in my dedicated post on wolf symbolism and mythology. 

Additional information

Symbolic Meaning

Agility, Altruism, Ancient Wisdom, Awareness, Dedication, Devotion, Female Power, Ferocity, Friendship, Guidance, Honesty, Honor, Instincts, Leadership, Male Power, Playfulness, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Spirits, Spiritual Growth, Stamina, Teamwork, Travel, Unity, Wildness

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