Bee Lady with a Beehive Hairdo Art Print


For Those Who Refuse to Behave

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Who can resist the beautiful bee lady with her beehive hairdo? If you love bees or know someone who does, you’ll enjoy this beautiful art print in any room or giving it as a gift to someone special.

By artist Paula Belle Flores, this art print is a high-quality reproduction created using a digital or offset lithography press. It comes in a variety of sizes.

10% of the profits from the sale of bee jewelry and other bee-themed products promoted and sold on UniGuide will be donated to the Xerces Society.

The bee is an iconic symbol of abundance, teamwork, optimism, and more. You can read more about bee symbolism in my dedicated post about bee meanings and mythology. 

Additional information

Symbolic Meaning

Abundance, Altruism, Dedication, Determination, Female Power, Fertility, Focus, Generosity, Good Fortune, Honor, Hope, Joy, Manifestation, Optimism, Prosperity, Teamwork, Unity

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