Fox Spirit Animal Guide: Symbolism and Meaning

Arctic Fox

Fox Symbolism

  • Intelligence

  • Cunning

  • Playfulness

  • Sexiness

  • Good Luck

  • Protection

  • Sweetness

  • Beauty

  • Agility

When the clever fox is your spirit guide, you have an instinctive and sly power animal on your side. You also have a guide who reminds you to pay attention to the beauty and sweetness in life.

The fox is described as clever because they can manage to outsmart ruthless hunters despite being greatly outnumbered. The fox spirit reminds you that you can rely on your wit and instincts, even when you feel the deck is stacked against you.

It’s not by happenstance that we call people we find attractive “foxy.” The fox spirit guide reminds you to embrace your sensuality and let your inner vibrance radiate out to the world.

The fox spirit says you can be fun and playful and wicked smart at the same time.


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