Flower of Life Meaning and Symbolism

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a two-dimensional symbol that has profound meanings related to existence and our place in the universal framework of life. Considered a foundational symbol in the school of thought known as sacred geometry, the Flower of Life is an ancient concept that is recognized by diverse cultures around the world. In this post, we’ll explore the Flower of Life, from its origins and structure to how we can use it to expand our understanding of ourselves and our consciousness.

What is the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life symbol is a two-dimensional illustration that contains 19 equally proportioned overlapping circles of the same size that are interconnected. The image looks like a set of equally proportioned flowers. The composition is not only beautiful; it has profound symbolic meanings for our existence, life on Earth, the formation of the Universe, and our place in it.

While it is a two-dimensional drawing, the Flower of Life presents a way for us to envision high dimensional concepts. For example, it’s easy for us humans to understand the dimensions of length, width, and depth, as well as linear time. Only there are other dimensions, such as the 4th, 5th, and 6th, which we have the potential to tap into with higher states of consciousness. Some might describe these dimensions as the metaphysical realms.

With their profound symbolic meaning, sacred geometry shapes, like the Flower of Life, help us to grasp higher dimensional concepts.

Flower of Life

Foundational Shapes in the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is composed of simpler shapes, or structures. The design starts with a vesica piscis, which is a geometrical shape consisting of two overlapping circles of the same size:

Vesica Piscis

From the two spheres, additional circles are added.

A simpler design with only seven interconnected circles is the Seed of Life. Just as real-life seeds are the origins of flowers, the Seed of Life symbol is a building block for the Flower of Life design.

Flower of Life Stages
Flower of Life stages. Based on an illustration by Mike Oprisko.

What is the meaning of the Flower of Life?

Flower of LIfe Meaning

Followers of sacred geometry believe that repeating patterns demonstrate the interconnection of life on Earth and universal existence. They believe that these arrangements are derived from a single source, which is a divine creator.

In sacred geometry, symbols like the vesica piscis, which evolve to become the Seed of Life and then the Flower of Life, symbolize the building blocks of life and existence. They are considered blueprints for creation.

In essence, Flower of Life meaning incorporates a divine blueprint for existence and the integral place of our souls within this framework.

Even if you don’t believe in a divine creator, the Flower of Life design can also symbolize the interconnectedness of life on Earth from a scientific and ecological standpoint.

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Leonardo da Vinci, the Flower of Life, and Sacred Geometry

Born in 1452, Leonardo da Vinci was obsessed with geometry and the implications presented by sacred geometry. In fact, Da Vinci incorporated what were considered sacred shapes into the compositions of his artwork to imbue it with deeper meanings.

In this video, artist and educator Melissa Weinman explains how da Vinci incorporated sacred geometric shapes into his work:

Vitruvian Man

Leonard da Vinci's Vitruvian Man Drawing
Leonard da Vinci’s illustration of the Vitruvian Man, 1492. Image: Gallerie dell’Accademia.

Historians believe that da Vinci’s famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man was composed, at least in part, based on the Flower of Life symbol. The drawing incorporates a square overlapping a circle. Historians believe that da Vinci was depicting the concept that human beings bridge the gap between the physical or material world (represented by the square) and the spiritual or metaphysical world (represented by the circle.)

Vitruvian Man and the Flower of Life

In addition, the Flower of Life symbol as a basis for the drawing demonstrates that human beings’ proportions are in harmony with the foundations of the Universe. In other words, we are also the product of intelligent design.

Flower of Life Meaning in Ancient Cultures

Beyond da Vinci’s world, the Flower of Life appeared in other ancient cultures around the world.


In the ancient city of Abydos, Egypt, archaeologists discovered the temple of Osirion, which was located below, yet connected to, the Temple of Seti I. Osirion has enormous red granite pillars. The temple was most likely built somewhere between 1294 to 1279 BC. Years later, possibly in the first century AD, someone drew Flower of Life symbols on the pillars using an ochre stain.1

Ancient Rome

The Romans also incorporated the Flower of Life design into their artwork, including a mosaic floor that was discovered in the ancient city of Pompei.


A spherical Flower of Life appears under the paw of one of the lions that guards the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Furthermore, in Buddhism, the lotus flower meaning is often seen as synonymous with the Flower of Life.

Christianity, Judaism, and Kabbalah

Foundations for the Flower of Life appear in religious contexts, including Judaism and Christianity.

In Christianity, the Seed of Life represents the sum of the Holy Trinity and the four corners of the world. Together, these elements comprise the building blocks of life on Earth. The Flower of Life represents their expansion and interconnection.

The 10 Sefirot of the Kabbalah.

In the mystical Jewish practice of Kabbalah, the Flower of Life is associated with another symbol called the Sefirot. The Sefirot, which is sometimes referred to as the Tree of Life, represents 10 channels of spiritual practice as well as divine life force in this body. In this way, the Sefirot are like the chakras.

Flower of Life and the Sefirot of the KabbalahThe common theme in these spiritual symbols is that an original source created all life, including humans.

Using the Flower of Life in Meditation

As daVinci was expressing with his Vitruvian Man, the Flower of Life helps us to understand our place in the Universe: We are within it, and it is within us. As the saying goes, “You are the U in Universe.” In other words, we are all deeply interconnected with the Universe and all that is. The poet Rumi said, “Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.”

You are most likely familiar with the geometric designs commonly seen in Hinduism and Buddhism called mandalas. You can use mandalas in meditation because they help to focus the mind and elevate your state of consciousness. The Flower of Life can be used in a similar fashion.

Those who believe in its power say that meditating on the Flower of Life can help you to better understand expanded aspects of yourself. In other words,  you are far more than a human experiencing your life in this material world. You are a multidimensional soul who is capable of Universal Wisdom, or an understanding of all that is. Yes, the Flower of Life represents all of that!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Flower of Life?

For those who believe, the Flower of Life symbol represents a divine blueprint for creation. They believe the shapes within the Flower of Life design represent the preliminary foundation of life, or existence.

What religion is the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life predates modern-day world religions. Thus, the symbol doesn’t represent any one religion. However, its concepts exist in many religions. For example, the Flower of Life symbol appears in Hindu and Buddhist mandalas as well as Christian, Jewish, and Muslim artwork.

Is the Flower of Life mentioned in the Bible?

Historians believe the Flower of Life symbol predates the Bible and the written word. However, the idea of the Flower of Life as evidence of a single source creating the world from nothing has parallels in the Book of Genesis. For example, Genesis 1:2 describes the world as without any form until God began to craft it: “The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”2

What is the Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry?

In Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life demonstrates repeating mathematical patterns that exist in nature and the Universe at large. These patterns are based on building blocks that repeat. Thus, followers of Sacred Geometry believe the Flower of Life is evidence of intelligent design by a divine creator and the interconnectedness of life in the Universe.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Flower of Life?

On a spiritual level, the Flower of Life represents that life on Earth, in the Universe, and our existence are part of a divine, interconnected plan. In addition, for those who believe, it demonstrates evidence of a divine creator.

What does wearing the Flower of Life do?

While it’s personal to every individual, wearing the Flower of Life generally represents that you are a person who recognizes that you are an integral part of the Universe and you understand there are high levels of consciousness. It can also represent that you believe in a Higher Power, or Source Energy.

What chakra is the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life can embody all seven of your chakras, as each chakra plays an integral role into your energetic self. Another way to look at it is the chakras are within the Flower of Life because the Flower of Life represents you.

What’s the difference between the Seed of Life and the Flower of Life?

The Seed of Life is a foundational sacred geometry symbol that appears within the Flower of Life. While the Seed of Life is composed of seven interconnected circles, the Flower of Life is composed on 19. The Seed of Life represents early building blocks of the Universe, while the Flower of Life represents our own origins and our place in the universal framework.

Is the Flower of Life the same as a lotus flower?

As far as design goes, the Flower of Life is not a lotus flower. However, both symbols represent the ability to reach higher levels of consciousness, or spiritual awareness. In addition, both symbols can be used in meditation to focus the mind and raise your vibration, or to elevate your states of awareness.

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  1. As I’m drawn in the resonance of the Flower of Life it leads me to see how a cell of matter divides in its evolution on its journey of life. This is the merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in balance, equilibrium and harmony!

  2. What an amazing site. I’m so connected to the universe , and knew there was more to it. I see the flower of life in the iris’s of my eyes. Toooooo cool. I always knew it looked like flowers. But now I truly understand and know I’m marked and blessed. Happy new year 🥳 god bless

    1. OMG – the iris of your eyes! Of course! I never thought of that. People give me feedback here, on Facebook, etc. that they see it in different places, but you are the first to talk about the eyes. As they say – the mirrors to the soul. Fantastic! If you are interested. check out the show Sacred Geometry on the Gaia channel on Amazon Prime Video. I had to stop it and rewind it a number of times because the knowledge is dense, but I found it absolutely riveting. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I have seen my beloved dog as the flower of life with an energy That Just say unconditional love, happiness, all is love. Molly passed ‘away’, and she shows herself like a ball golden energy. Flower of life. Love is all there is.

  4. Kristen,
    Have you seen this pattern in a spiritual way?
    Some commenters say they have seen the flower of life in the sky etc., just wondering if you have witnesses seeing this pattern. Thank you!

    1. Early on in my Reiki path I came to after a session and saw this symbol embossed into the plaster on the ceiling, I thought it was hydrangea flowers and was fascinated as to why it was there. My eyes cleared further and I saw the plaster was smooth, it was like the pattern had been impressed into my eyes from somewhere else.

  5. I have been seeing this symbol when I meditate and didn’t know what it meant. Someone suggested looking up flower of life and I was amazed that is what I am seeing. The article was helpful. Thank you

  6. I’m glad I found this. Ever since I was young, I see this when I look in the sky. Obviously I don’t know why and I need to search deep for that but I’m glad I found this.

    1. Me too!! I seen it the other night for the first time and I couldn’t believe it. I would love to connect with you to discuss this 🙂

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