11 Dog Dream Meanings: Spiritual, Biting Dog, Friendly Dog & More

Dog Dream

What does it mean if you dream about a dog or dogs? Of course, dreams are personal to each dreamer. And the meaning of a dream can vary depending on what’s going on in your life at a given time as well as your personal experiences and beliefs about dogs. 

However, there are some commonly-shared symbols and themes that are characteristic of dogs, which may play a role in what your dream is telling you. Being familiar with these concepts may give you some added insights. Not to mention, whether you have your own dog or not can also have an impact on what your dream means. 

When it comes to interpreting your dreams, remember to pay attention to the emotions you felt in the dream, as one thing we all have in common is that our subconscious emotions don’t lie to us. 

In this post, we’ll explore more aspects of what dreaming about a dog (or dogs) can mean.

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General Dog Dream Meanings

Before we go into more detail on what certain types of dog dreams mean, I thought you might be interested in a list of some general themes when it comes to dreaming about a dog or dogs. Depending on the context of your dream, one or more of these qualities might give you insights into what your dream is telling you:

  • Family
  • Friendship and affection
  • Loyalty and devotion
  • Adaptability
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Bravery
  • Protection
  • Sensitivity and instincts
  • Connection to wilderness
  • Purpose
  • Playfulness
  • Joy
  • Guidance
  • Unconditional love

After reading about some of the following common types of dog dreams, you might apply some of these qualities to your own dream for more insights.

1. Spiritual Meaning of Dogs in Dreams

Dog dreams can hold important spiritual significance. For example, dogs are symbols of loyalty, trust, and devotion. So, on a spiritual level, dreaming of a dog can mean that you are devoted to your spiritual beliefs and practices and that you put your trust in your Higher Power. 

A dog in your dream can also be a validation to stay committed to your spiritual path and to continue to grow and evolve spiritually.

A large or fierce dog in your dream can signify spiritual protection. It can imply that you feel protected or crave more protection, depending on the emotions you felt in the dream.

In addition, dogs represent companionship. So, on a spiritual level, dreaming about a dog can mean that you are not alone. It can also be a reminder of the importance of having a strong spiritual support system, whether that’s through a community of faithful people, a teacher, or those with your best interests at heart. 

Dogs also serve as guides. So, depending on the context of your dream, the dog can mean that you are being guided spiritually or that you should seek out more guidance.

2. Dreaming of Your Own Dog 

Girl and Her Dog

If you are fortunate enough to share your life with one or more dog companions, you are likely familiar with the deep bond that you can have with them. Like the people in our lives whom we are closest to, our animal companions can also be soulmates. So, we are connected to them on both a physical and spiritual level. 

Thus, if you dream about your own dog, it can mean you connected with them on the spiritual plane. Indeed, many psychics attest that dogs, like wolves, have psychic abilities just as we do.

It’s also important to take the emotions you felt in your dream into account. An anxious dream about your dog can mean that you need to attend to them more in some way. This could be healthwise, as many dogs are so stoic that they don’t reveal when they don’t feel well. Or it can mean that you need to extend more protection over them.

A happy dream about your dog can simply underscore the love and powerful bond you have for each other. 

3. Dreaming About a Dog Companion Who Passed

Dreaming of Dog Who Passed

If you dream about a dog companion who has passed over the rainbow bridge and it’s a particularly vivid dream, you most likely connected with them on the spiritual plane. Our dogs remain devoted to us after they pass just as they do in the physical world. 

On a personal note, after my dog, Roo, passed rather suddenly, I had many dreams that she was trying to get back to me. I worked very hard in my prayers and visualizations to tell her that it was ok to go to the light. Still, I felt her presence around me up until the point that I got my next dog, Fin. I knew that Roo’s spirit knew she could let go and rest more at that point.

4. Biblical Meaning of Dream About Dogs

In the Bible, dogs are often seen as humble symbols of devotion, loyalty, and protection However, they are also portrayed as unclean and sometimes greedy.

In biblical times, shepherds used dogs to protect their herds of sheep as well as their homes. The metaphor of a shepherd and sheep is used often to describe God, Jesus, or another spiritual leader as the shepherd and the sheep as the faithful or followers. 

In this context, dreaming about a dog can mean that you are protected spiritually.

In addition, the loyalty of a dog can mean that you feel loyal and devoted to your faith. 

From a biblical perspective, a negative dream about a dog, in which the dog is acting as a scavenger or aggressive, can be a warning to not fall into those types of negative traits yourself and to avoid the types of people who display them. 

5. Dog Bite Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream about a dog biting you is somewhat similar to the meaning of a dream about a spider biting you. In both cases, the dream can be like a wake-up call. In other words, your subconscious is alerting you to something. 

One of the most common meanings of dreaming about getting bitten by a dog is that you feel like you are threatened or being attacked in some aspect of your life. 

The dream can be telling you to up your efforts at better self-care and protection. For example, this could mean establishing better boundaries in relationships.

Another interpretation of a dream about getting bitten by a dog is that you feel a sense of betrayal in your life in some way. You might feel betrayed by another person or even an institution. It could also mean that you feel you are betraying yourself by not being honest with yourself or living up to your own potential. Dogs are generally loyal and friendly. So one biting you can be a shock. 

Furthermore, a dog bite dream could mean that you feel powerless or helpless in some way. So, your subconscious mind can be telling you to take some actions that will help you be more empowered.

6. Dreaming of a Friendly Dog or Dogs

Friendly Dog

Dreaming about meeting a friendly dog or group of dogs is an uplifting experience that has positive implications.

To begin, it can mean that you have the support of close companions. So, it’s important to acknowledge them.

Dreaming of multiple friendly dogs or even a pack can mean that you are being accepted in your social circle or that you are a sought after friend or colleague.

Often when we dream about animals, they represent an aspect of how we see ourselves. So, the friendly dog in your dream could reveal that at heart you are a genuine loving, friendly, and loyal person and you cherish these qualities in others. 

7. Black Dog Dream Meaning

Dreaming about meeting a black dog can indicate a few different things, depending on the context of your dream and the emotions you felt when you were dreaming.

Depending on how you feel about black dogs, your dream could mean that you have  fear or anxiety in some area of your life. It can also mean that something is mysterious to you or you feel there are secrets that may be revealed. 

In addition, as with dreaming about a black horse, dreaming about a black dog can signify that you feel rebellious in some way and that you want to break from the crowd and do your own thing. 

Furthermore, dreaming about a black dog can mean that you feel empowered in some way, as a black dog can be a powerful and imposing creature. Your dream can be telling you to use this power in a controlled and sophisticated way vs. a domineering or hurtful way. 

8. White Dog Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a white dog can have a range of positive and intriguing meanings. Like a white wolf, a white dog can have deep spiritual meanings and other symbolic meanings.

To begin, dreaming of a white dog can be a sign of protection and spiritual guidance. The color white is often associated with angels, spirits, and divine energy. So, a white dog dream is a positive omen. 

Indeed, the white dog in your dream might represent a guardian angel or spirit who is watching over you and guiding you. It might also be a validation to stay committed to your spiritual path and faith.

The white dog in your dream can also represent a new beginning for you in some way. As the color white represents purity and innocence, the white dog in your dream can mean to have a “beginner’s mind,” as the Buddhists say. Be open-minded and pure of heart in your pursuits. 

9. Dreaming of a Dog Chasing You

Dreaming about a dog chasing you likely reflects some fears or anxieties you are experiencing in your wakeful state. Or it could mean that you feel like you can’t keep up in some or all areas of your life.

Another interpretation of a dog chasing you dream is that you are running away from some aspects of yourself. As is the case in real life, dogs will chase something that runs away. As the Rumi quote, “What you seek is seeking you,” implies, trying to run away from your demons or challenges will only make them chase you faster. 

Often if you stop and face the dog, the dog will stop chasing you. So, metaphorically, this dream could mean that you need to stop and face your problems. Likewise, if you are running from something that scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable, the answer can be to confront and address the source of your fear or anxiety.

10. Dog Attacking You Dream

Aggressive Dog

As in the case of dreaming about a dog biting you, dreaming of a dog attacking you can mean that you feel like you are under siege or threatened in some way in an area of your life. This could be a work situation, a relationship, or even engaging in unhelpful self-criticism. 

Your dream can also imply that you feel betrayed, as mentioned earlier in the section about dreaming of a dog biting you. This betrayal could be coming from other people, an institution, or even in the form of self-betrayal. 

The dog attack dream can be viewed as a wake-up call. The shocking aspect should inspire you to reassess and to address what’s ailing you in your wakeful life.

Another interpretation of dreaming about a dog attacking you is that you have some repressed anger or aggression about something either current or in your past. Bottling things up is neither healthy nor productive. So, again, the dog attack dream is like a wake-up call. 

11. Dead Dog Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dead dog can be upsetting and disturbing. If you have a dream about your own dog dying, it can be a sign that you feel anxious about them and should probably spend more quality time loving, nurturing, and playing with them.

If you don’t know the dog in your dream, the dead dog could symbolize a feeling of loss or change in another aspect of your life. This could be a loss of trust, the loss of an important relationship, or an aspect of yourself. Perhaps you feel a sense of abandonment or are resisting change. 

In general, dreaming about death often signifies a change or transformation of some kind. And one thing we can count on in life is that things will change. Another Buddhist saying is, “This too shall pass.” 

So, it’s important to consider the emotions and context of your dream about a dead dog and how they might be playing out in your life and your perspective. Furthermore, consider what is needed to help those emotions if possible.


Dogs are very important figures in many people’s lives, so dreaming about a dog or dogs can carry a lot of weight and symbolic meaning. Hopefully learning more about different dog dream interpretations can bring added insight into what your dream is telling you. 

And if you’re still curious, you might find additional insights in my dedicated post on dog symbolism and meanings.


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