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Badger Symbolism & Meaning & the Badger Spirit Animal

Badger Symbolism and Meaning

Badger symbolism and meanings include tenacity, cleverness, security, friendship, and gratitude. Because badgers can be found in North America, the UK, Ireland, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, they are subjects in the mythology and folklore of these regions. In this post, we’ll explore badger symbolism and meanings, including their spiritual meaning, as well […]

222 Meaning, 222 Angel Number, and 2:22 Guide

222 Angel Numbers

222 meaning and the 222 angel number can signify gifts coming to your life particularly as they relate to relationships, your creativity, intuition, good luck, and manifestation. Does the number 222 keep showing up in your life and grabbing your attention? This could be on a street address, the time 2:22 on a clock, 2.22 […]

444 Angel Number Meaning & 4:44 Guide: Love, Abundance, Vitality

444 and Compass

If the 444 angel number appears in your life, be open to more guidance coming your way, particularly as it relates to your security, life direction, and personal fulfillment.  If you find that you keep noticing the number 444 in a way that grabs your attention, whether on a street address, a license plate, a […]