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23 Moth Tattoo Meanings: What Does Yours Say About You?

Moth Tattoo on Forearm and Hand

Are you contemplating getting a moth tattoo? And are you intrigued by the deeper meanings that these nocturnal creatures might represent when inked on your skin?  Moths, with their subtle beauty and intriguing behaviors, are rich in symbolic and spiritual significance. A moth tattoo offers more than just aesthetic appeal; it’s a meaningful form of […]

Moth Symbolism & Meaning & the Moth Spirit Animal

Beautiful Moth on Leaves

Moth symbolism and meanings include fertility, immediacy, transformation, attachment, nighttime, disguise, unconditional love, spirits, intuition, and psychic abilities. While their lives are very short compared to ours, moths have existed on Earth far longer than we have and even longer than butterflies – for about 190 million years.1 So, you can say that these ancient […]