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Shark Symbolism and Meaning and the Shark Spirit Animal

Great White Shark

Shark symbolism and meanings have intrigued people since our distant ancestors first ventured into the open sea tens of thousands of years ago. Sharks exist in all five of the Earth’s oceans, as well as in some freshwater lakes and rivers. Thus, many ancient cultures who earned their livelihoods from the sea have creation myths […]

Bluebird Meaning & Symbolism & the Bluebird Spirit Animal

Bluebird at Bird Bath

Bluebird meaning and symbolism include hope, optimism, joy, friendship, self-expression, harmony, and other special qualities. Native to North America, the bluebird is a beloved figure who appears in the mythology, folklore, and artwork of this continent and beyond. In addition to their striking plumage, the bluebird is loved for their beautiful singing. It’s no wonder […]