26 Lion Tattoo Meanings + Lioness & Lion Cub Tattoos

Lion Tattoo with Rose on Arm

Are you considering getting a lion tattoo? Or perhaps one of a lioness or a cub? Before you pounce on that idea, you might want to consider the many qualities that lion tattoo meaning encompasses. In this post, we’ll explore the wild world of lion tattoos and what they signify. Of course, every lion tattoo […]

Cyclops Mythology & Symbolism: The Odyssey and Beyond

Cyclops Man

The cyclopes were one-eyed, human-like monsters who are best known from the Greek myths, including stories like The Odyssey. However, one-eyed, cyclops-like creatures also appear in the mythologies of other cultures, including Celtic, Slavic, and Japanese. In this post, you’ll learn about some of the cyclops myths plus cyclops symbolism, meanings, and more. What is […]