Grasshopper Meaning & Symbolism & the Grasshopper Spirit Animal

Grasshopper on Marigolds

Grasshopper symbolism and meanings include the student, self-expression, music, fertility, abundance, good luck, faith, courage, water, and transformation. There are more than 10,000 species of grasshoppers on Earth and they are found on every continent except Antarctica. So, chances are, wherever you go, people are familiar with these noisy insects. In fact, many of us […]

Bear Symbolism and Meaning and the Bear Spirit Animal

Bear Meaning and Symbolism

Bear meaning and symbolism include strength, courage and protection, nobility, patience, playfulness, and other admirable traits. Native to every continent on Earth except Africa, Australia, and Antarctica, bears have fascinated people for as long as they’ve been here. In fact, bears have been the subjects of stories and mythology of people around the world for […]

22 White Butterfly Meanings: Spiritual, Love, Health & More

Two Southern White Butterflies

What does it mean when a white butterfly flutters in front of you or lands nearby? In this post, we’ll explore all aspects of white butterfly meaning, from spiritual meanings to love and relationships, health, abundance, and more. Types of White ButterfliesTable of ContentsTypes of White ButterfliesWhite Butterfly Spiritual MeaningsWhite Butterfly Meaning in Love and […]