Ziggy Marley Endorses the Anti-Climate Change Group Extinction Rebellion

Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley. Photos: Ziggy – Drew Wilson. Fractal – Soler97.

“The politicians and the industrial complex of financial institutions and big billionaires who profit from the destruction of the planet see no urgency in making an effort to make a change because of the bottom line,” said Ziggy Marley in an interview with the BBC. “They are making a profit. They don’t want to jeopardize that.”

The singer and musician recently publicly endorsed environmental campaign groups like Extinction Rebellion because he feels that neither businesspeople nor politicians are paying enough attention to the public’s concerns about climate change. They are failing to take the needed actions to reverse the course of destruction.

“I feel things like Extinction Rebellion are necessary,” said Marley at the Womad music festival. “We have to be more willing than those who are in a place of power,” he added.

Extinction Rebellion poster
Extinction Rebellion poster. Photo: Hywel72.

Extinction Rebellion describes itself as an international apolitical network that uses non-violent direct action to persuade governments to act on the climate change, biodiversity loss, and the ecological catastrophe that we are facing right now.

The group was launched in October 2018 when a group of protesters assembled on Parliament Square in London to announce a declaration of rebellion against the UK government for not acting quickly enough on the environmental catastrophe that we face.

Here’s a video about Extinction Rebellion:

Extinction Rebellion is focused on three key goals. They are demanding that governments:

  1. Tell the truth about the existing climate and ecological emergency, and work with institutions to communicate the urgency for change.
  2. Act to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.
  3. Create a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice. Similar to doing jury duty, members of the assembly would be randomly selected from the population, yet be representative of the population in terms of demographics, such as gender, age, ethnicity, education level, and geography.
Extinction Rebellion protests in London
Extinction Rebellion protests in London, April 2019. Photo: JWS Lubbock.

The assembly members would learn about critical thinking and then listen to balanced information from experts and stakeholders. Then, they would deliberate on issues and vote.

Citizens’ assemblies are currently used in countries such as Ireland, Canada, Australia, Belgium, and Poland, where they have demonstrated that the general public can understand complex information, deliberate on options, and make fair and impartial choices.


Rebellion Rises

Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley playing in Austin, Texas. Photo: Jay West.

Ziggy Marley’s most recent album is called Rebellion Rising. He describes the track by the same name as a song “about the movement for the better side of humanity.”

In an interview with Radio Milwaukee, he said, “That’s what it’s really about. This rebellion is not something that is against anything. It is for something. We have been seeing sometimes the best part of humanity, but mostly, if we check the media and what we are mostly bombarded with – in terms of visual and news and culture – we still have the negative things about humanity. We see wars. We see division. We see political strife.”

He continued, “I feel like there’s a part of humanity that exists that needs to rise up and show itself more, so that the better side of humanity can be seen and can give other human beings hope that this world can be a better place if we stand up for it.”

Here’s a video with Ziggy singing a medley of “Rebellion Rises” and his dad’s iconic song “One Love”:

Video: Ziggy Marley.

“I know the majority of people on Earth are loving people who want to live in peace with each other, who do not necessarily want to follow the ideologies of negativity, division, war, and separatism. So, if we can rebel and show our true self to the world, then more hope and more progress for a better existence can – will – not can – will be achieved. This is what the rebellion is about.”

A lot of people feel like no matter what we do, we always feel like we’re in this hole and we can’t dig ourselves out of it, but we know we can. You believe it. I believe it. I know I can. I know we will.”

“The rebellion begins in the mind, the melody, and the music. We are a conduit of that. The rebellion is consciousness. Now the consciousness starts spreading, we become aware and we rise.”


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