This Zero Waste Grocery Store Will Show You How to Shop

NADA, the Zero Waste Grocery Store
Shopping at NADA. Image: The Canadian Press.

In her work as a marine biologist, Brianne Miller was appalled at the amount of plastic and other trash that she was seeing in the ocean. Trash that enters the ocean not only makes making marine animals sick, it’s literally hundreds of thousands of them every year. In addition to discarded and lost ghost fishing nets, much of this trash in the ocean is from food containers.

Brianne Miller, the founder of NADA
Brianne Miller, the founder of NADA. Image: The Canadian Press.

Brianne saw a serious flaw in the way we package, sell, and buy food and other products, which we purchase at the grocery store on a regular basis. So, the idea for NADA, a zero waste grocery shopping experience, was born. At NADA, you can purchase quality products without the wasteful packaging.

This video from The Canadian Press tells you all about it:

NADA’S mission is to “cultivate a better world by inspiring people to change the way they shop for groceries.” Their vision is “an unpackaged future: a lighter world that values a food system free of excess and waste to support the health of both people and the planet.”

Here’s how the NADA team is doing it.


  • Source and offer high-quality foods and products that are organic and ethically- and locally-source, as well as package-free.
  • Reduce and eliminate waste throughout their supply chain.
  • Support a just food system through a commitment to social welfare and environmental responsibility.
Locally-source vegan and sustsainable beauty products without the packaging
Locally-sourced vegan beauty products without the packaging. Image: The Canadian Press.

Here’s how their zero waste grocery shopping experience works:

  • You bring your clean containers and shopping bags with you from home.
  • NADA provides digital scales that weigh and label your empty containers before you start shopping.
  • You shop from their selection of local, organic food and products, putting them into your own containers. Yes, this is bulk food shopping on steroids.
  • They deduct the weight of your containers when you check out.

To date, NADA has already diverted over 100,000 containers from the landfill and reduced 950 kgs of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere simply from the way they sell food at their store. And, they’re just getting started.

Learn more at NADA Grocery.

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