17 Best Wooden Sunglasses Brands + Bamboo Sunglasses Too

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Wood and Bamboo Sunglasses for Women and Men 2

Wooden sunglasses and bamboo sunglasses make a fashion forward statement in today’s world, and the selection of frame styles and lenses has never been more diverse. I researched a variety of wood-framed and bamboo sunglasses brands and present my faves them here.

People often refer to bamboo as a wood, as in “bamboo wood sunglasses,” because bamboo has the same aesthetic qualities as real wood. However, bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass – it holds the world’s record for the fastest growing plant.

In addition to being Earth-friendly, both wood and bamboo sunglasses are lightweight, so they’re comfortable enough to wear all day long. Not to mention, many styles float, making them the perfect accessory for having fun in the water on a sunny summer day.

Today, you can find real wood sunglasses in cherry wood, maple, pear, and other varieties. And because every tree is different, no two pairs are exactly alike. Some designers are also making sunglasses from reclaimed wood that was previously used for flooring, skateboard decks, and other products.

Aside from the aesthetics, why should you buy sunglasses that are made with wood frames, bamboo, or other sustainable materials?

All over the world, people wear sunglasses. This year, Americans alone will buy 200 million pairs. With our growing plastic pollution crisis, it only makes sense to reduce the amount of virgin plastic we buy. Purchasing sunglasses that use less virgin plastic, or none at all, is the optimal way to go.

Here are some innovative brands making cool sunglasses with wood and bamboo frames:

Wooden Sunglasses

1. Woodies Sunglasses

Wood Framed Sunglasses by Woodies on Four Friends

As the name implies, Woodies is all about wood sunglasses. Their brand has a fun retro vibe, but their materials, including polarized lenses, are all cutting edge. The company is devoted to making petrol-plastic a thing of the past. Woodies offers a broad selection of men’s and women’s frame shapes in an impressive collection of woods, including rose wood, zebra wood, walnut, and more.

Woodies Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses with Rainbow Arms

Here’s a promo video for Woodies:

Price: $25.00 – $55.00

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2. Handmade Real Wood Sunglasses by Paul Ven

Handmade Retro Real Wood Sunglasses by Paul Ven

Designer Paul Ven creates artisanal real wood sunglasses in walnut, ebony, zebra wood, oak, and maple. Paul Ven’s designed are created in London, and their Etsy page claims,

“People (especially in London and probably other big cities) who don’t have these wood sunglasses will express high levels of jealousy towards you. They’re a real head turner. So be noticed, and be cheeky as a fox.”

Real Wood Sunglasses by Paul Ven with Round Frames

Every pair of Paul Vens is unique, and you can make them even more so (if that’s possible) by getting a custom message engraved inside the arm of the sunglasses.

They come with polarized, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, and ever pair has stainless steel spring hinges. But wait, there’s more: These babies float.

Price: $55.00 – $76.00

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3. Handmade Wood Frame Sunglasses by Mitchell Made

Handmade Tortoise Shell and Wood Arm Sunglasses by Mitchell Made

Based in Sudbury, Canada, Mitchell Made is another designer that crafts beautiful wood and bamboo sunglasses by hand. Their styles are unique, but with a vintage feel. Mitchell Made ships their sunglasses with a faux leather case.

Aviator Wood Arm Sunglasses by Mitchell Made

Price: $47.00 – $63.00

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4. Hammockable Sunglasses

Eco-Conscious Sunglasses in Black Maple Wood by Hammockable

Hammockable plants five trees for every pair of sunglasses they sell in partnership with the nonprofit Trees for the Future. The organization helps families transition from destructive farming techniques to a forest garden system that helps sustain them for the long term. Hammockable gets some of the natural maple wood for their sunglasses from unused wood scraps that are left over from the production of skateboards.

Round Wooden Frame Sunglasses by Hammockable

Price: $59.95

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5. Customized Wood Sunglasses

Custom Engraved Personalized Wood Sunglasses

If you’ve got a party coming up and want to give your guests a fun, eco-friendly gift, check out the selection of custom wood and bamboo sunglasses offered by Etsy artisans. A number of companies, like My Personal Memories, will engrave names and slogans on the arms of the shades.

Price: $24.99 – $45.00

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6. Wooden Frame Sunglasses by 4est Shades

Eco-Friendly Maple Wood Sunglasses by 4est Shades

4est Shades’ wooden sunglasses are all natural and handmade out of real maple and cherry wood. The company also make styles in bamboo.

All of their eco-friendly sunglasses are polarized to provide the UV protection you’d expect from any top brand. Plus, their high-quality wooden and bamboo sunglasses are super durable. Every pair comes with an engraved bamboo case and a microfiber cloth for upkeep and safekeeping. Eco-conscious in both product and practice, 4est Shades plants two trees for every pair of sunglasses they sell.

Eco-Friendly Wood Sunglasses by 4est Shades - Back View

Price: $32.95 – 49.99

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7. Blue Planet Beechwood Arm Sunglasses
Beechwood Arm Sunglasses by Blue Planet

Blue Planet is another socially conscious eyewear company whose brand means a lot more than quality eyewear. Based in Santa Barbara, California, they create sunglasses and corrective eyewear with a variety of sustainable materials, including wood, bamboo, recycled metal, and recycled plastic. You can see their recycled styles in my post “Recycled Sunglasses: Look Good While Doing Good.”

With every pair of glasses Blue Planet sells, they donate a pair of glasses to a person in need through their charitable partners. To date, they’ve improved the sight for over 400,000 visually impaired people around the world.

Here’s a video featuring Lisa Lawenda, a VP at Blue Planet, and Matt Weinstein, the company’s brand manager, talking about Blue Planet’s Visualize Change program, which helps restore sight for people around the world:

Price: $34.95 – $54.95

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8. Wood Frame Sunglasses by Amoloma

Pear Wood Sunglasses by Amoloma with Gold Lenses
Amoloma is another brand that’s making eco-friendly sunglasses in sustainable materials like pear wood, bamboo, recycled skateboard decks, and also cellulose acetate. Their lenses are all polarized for optimal UV protection. And if you’re looking for more colorful options, check out their styles made from recycled skateboards in my post “Recycled Sunglasses: Look Good While Doing Good.”

Wood Sunglasses by Amoloma - Side ViewPrice: $19.99 – $119.00

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9. Proof Sunglasses in Sustainable Wood

Eco-Friendly Wood Sunglasses by Proof Eyewear

Socially conscious brand Proof Eyewear donates 12% of their annual profits to charitable organizations around the world. They started making their wooden sunglasses from scraps in the family’s sawmill, and they eventually expanded to using recycled aluminum and bioplastics in their frames.

Known as the “Shark Tank Sunglasses,” Proof Sunglasses had their television debut on the popular show Shark Tank a few years ago. I loved story behind these socially conscious shades when I heard it. Little did I imagine at the time that I would be blogging about Proof Eyewear someday.

In their wood framed sunglasses, Proof used FSC certified wood. FSC is short for the Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international nonprofit that sets global standards for forest products. These standards help to promote eco-friendly, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

Wood Frame Sunglasses by Proof Eyewear on Guy

Proof’s lenses are UVA and UVB protected, and if you wear prescription lenses, you can easily swap them out in Proof’s eco-friendly frames.

Price: $64.00 – $119.00

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10. Woodzee Wooden Sunglasses

Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses by Woodzee

Woodzee hand makes their wood framed sunglasses in a variety of sustainable and reclaimed woods, including madrone, oak, and maple. Their shades are comfortable and lightweight, and each pair is one of a kind. All of their lenses are polarized with 100% UV400 protection.

Polarized Sunglasses in Pear Wood by Woodzee

Price: $54.99 – $99.99

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11. Tree Tribe Wooden Sunglasses

Eco Friendly Wood Frame Sunglasses by Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe is an outdoor lifestyle brand that plants a whopping 10 trees for every sale they make. They design a number of eco-friendly products, including water bottles, eco-conscious clothing, and of course – cool, sustainable sunglasses.

Their real wood sunglasses have interchangeable, scratch resistant polarized lenses that offer UV400 protection. You can easily swap out their lenses for prescription lenses, or if you’re just in the mood to change lens colors.

Dark Wood Framed Sunglasses by Tree TribeHere’s a video that gives you a taste of what Tree Tribe is all about:

Price: $52.00 – $69.00

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12. Zoni Wear Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

Zoni Ebony Wood Sunglasses

Zoni Wear hand makes wooden sunglasses, watches, and other accessories in their workshop in Plymouth, New Hampshire. They’ll custom engrave your shades to make them all your own or the perfect gift. They have some unique lens styles too, so you can stand out from the crowd.

Price: $25.20 – $42.30

Buy on Etsy


13. Winkwood Eyewear Wooden Sunglasses

Round Striped Wood Sunglasses with Green Lenses

Winkwood wooden sunglasses are made in Melbourne, Australia. Their sunglasses are made with reclaimed skateboard wood, zebra wood, vera wood, cherry wood, aluminum, and other materials.

Winkwood Wooden Sunglasses

Price: $20.85

Buy on Etsy


14. Skateboard Wood Sunglasses

Skateboard Wood Sunglasses

To check out some cool sunglasses made with reclaimed skateboard wood, check out my post “Recycled Sunglasses: Look Good While Doing Good.”


Bamboo Sunglasses

You can find bamboo frame sunglasses in a variety of styles today, whether you’re looking for something modern or more traditional. Bamboo is a superstar sustainable material that makes great sunglasses. It’s easy to grow without much water, it grows fast, and it’s naturally anti-bacterial and water-resistant.

15. Bamboo Sunglasses by Tree Tribe

Bamboo Sunglasses by Tree Tribe

Buy one pair of these bamboo shades from Tree Tribe, and they’ll plant 10 trees in your honor.

Cat Eye Polarized Sunglasses in Bamboo by Tree TribeTree Tribe’s bamboo sunglasses come in wayfarer, cat eye, and other styles. And if you plan to be spending a lot of time in and out of the water, no worries – they’ll float!

Price: $47.81 – $55.00

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16. Handmade Bamboo Sunglasses by Robin Wood

Handmade Bamboo Sunglasses by Robin WoodRobin Wood is a designer I found on Etsy that handmakes artisanal sunglasses from sustainable bamboo. Every pair has polarized lenses with UV400 protection, and they come with a two-year warranty. The company also designs wooden watches that have eco-friendly cork wristbands, so be sure to check out their Etsy store.

Price: $59.80

Buy on Etsy


17. Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses by Solo Eyewear

Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses by Solo Eyewear

Solo Eyewear is another brand with an inspiring give-back philosophy. They also focus on helping to restore vision for people in need.

All of their eco-friendly sunglasses are made with 100% sustainable materials, including repurposed bamboo and recycled plastic. And their lenses are UV protected and prescription-friendly. Their bamboo arm sunglasses come in a variety of frame shapes, including wayfarer, aviator, and round.

Price: $59.00 – $95.00

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To see more eco-conscious sunglasses, check out:

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