Women’s Cute Crochet Sandals


Women's Cute Crochet Sandals

Since summer is around the corner, I started looking into some vegan and eco-friendly sandal options and I got completely caught up in (no pun intended) women’s crochet sandals sandals. I found a great selection, all of which are vegan and most of which are eco-friendly too.

While it’s unknown when and where the art of crochet work began, some sources say it dates back to the 1500s in Italy when nuns crocheted church textiles. There’s evidence that the first crochet work found in shoes was actually used for padding in the soles of the shoes vs. for decorative uppers. So, when you wear a pair of crochet sandals, you’re wearing something with centuries of tradition behind it.

1. Crochet Sandals by La Chic Boheme

Women's Low-Heel Crochet Sandals in Mint Green
Le Chic Boheme crochets unique sandals, bikinis, and bags. These low-heeled crochet sandals have ties that wrap up around your ankles. They come in mint green, black, rose, brown, beige, and olive green.

Price: $115.00

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2. Crochet Hemp Sandals by Luludu Collective

Vegan Crochet Sandals in TurquoiseLuludu Collective creates eco-friendly ladies’ crochet sandals in ethical working conditions. They use sustainable hemp yarn, and the souls are made with vegan faux leather. These cute sandals have rounded toes and straps that wind up your legs. They come in a bright turquoise, black, white, and brown.

Price: $79.51

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3. Women’s Faux Leather and Crochet Ankle Strap Sandals

Women’s Faux Leather and Crochet Ankle Strap Sandals

These crochet sandals have a synthetic, faux leather sole and cute, wide ankle straps.

Price: $39.99
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Happy Summer!

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