A Child’s Imagination Sparks a New Holiday for Wolves and Dogs: Wolfenoot

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In Hamilton, New Zealand, a seven-year old boy told his mom, Jax Goss, of a new holiday for wolves and dogs called Wolfenoot. Not having heard of such a holiday, Jax asked her son for more details. He said it should be celebrated on November 23rd and that it’s a day when the wolf spirit hides small gifts around the house. Of course, dog and wolf lovers get the best gifts of all.

The boy also told his mom that people should eat meat too, as wolves do. But of course, we vegans know that part of the holiday was not to be taken literally! In addition, the boy said that on Wolfenhoot, people should eat round white cakes that look like full moons, reported Robin Mather in the Chicago Tribune.

People around the world, in countries from Norway to Japan, seemed to like the idea of a holiday to celebrate wolves because as soon as Jax posted the story of Wolfenoot on Facebook, it went viral.

Seeing the popularity of the idea, Jax put a website together and ran a contest for logo and merchandise designs. As a reward, the winner of the contest could choose a nonprofit that would be the recipient of all proceeds from merchandise sales.

The designer with the winning logo selected Wolf Park, a wildlife research and education facility in Battle Ground, Indiana that cares for wolves, coyotes, foxes, and bison.

People around the world loving wolves and dogs? This doesn’t surprise me at all! As I wrote about in my post about wolf meaning and symbolism, we humans have held a deep reverence for wolves for a very long time!

You can learn more about Wolfenoot and donate here.

For a yummy vegan vanilla cake recipe, which you can easily make look like full moon, check out Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery.

If you think that a Wolfenhoot celebration would not be complete without actual moon cakes, here’s a vegsan recipe from East Meets Kitchen:

You can read about wolf meaning and symbolism in my post about the wolf spirit animal.

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