16 Vegan Wallet Brands for Women and Men

Vegan Wallet Brands

Vegan wallet brands are hitting their stride, with innovative designers now offering a variety of styles in fun, cruelty-free materials like faux leather, cork, and even upcycled tires. Indeed, all these new designs make it hard to choose. But whichever style you do select, it will feel good to know you supported a compassionate brand that’s helping to lessen suffering in the world, while keeping your money secure.

According to PETA, every year, well over one billion animals are killed globally for their skin. If you think about it, your wallet is an accessory that you have with you every day. It gets a lot of exposure and, like it not, your wallet makes a statement about you. So, if someone says, “Cute wallet!” You can say, “Well, thank you very much. No animals were harmed in its creation.”

Here are some innovative brands making stylish vegan wallets:

1. Mohop Vegan Wallets

Mohop Vegan Wallets
Mohop vegan wallets.

Made with iridescent faux leather, these slim-fold vegan wallets are definite showstoppers.

Mohop Vegan Wallets
Mohop vegan wallets.

Price: ~$19.00 – $39.00

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2. Frufru Handmade Cloth Wallets

Frufru handmade cloth wallets
Frufru handmade cloth wallets.

Carla Cascão hand makes her colorful cloth print wallets in Riachos, Portugal. They’re fastened with a sturdy metal clasp and have multiple compartments inside, including some with zippers.

Price: ~$23.00 – $55.35

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3. Slimfold RFID Protection Vegan Wallet

Slimfold RFID-Protection Vegan Wallets
Slimfold RFID-protection vegan wallets.

Slimfold’s ultra-thin, minimalist wallets are made in the USA with state-of-the art vegan materials. The material combines properties of Kevlar and GORE-TEX, so these wallets have the feel of a high-end ski jacket. The material is thinner and stronger than animal leather. Plus, these wallets are water resistant and a few styles that come with RFID protection. RFID protection keeps you credit card and payment information data from being stolen from a distance.

Price: ~$48.00 – $55.00

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4. LaBante London Vegan Leather Wallets

LaBante London Vegan Leather Wallets
LaBante London vegan leather wallets.

Known for their vegan leather handbags, LaBante London also makes super stylish vegan wallets. A socially conscious brand, they donate 10% of their profits to charitable causes. LaBante London’s vegan wallets are also eco-friendly, as the faux leather is made with recycled plastic bottles.

Price: ~$55.00 – $69.90

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5. MATT & NAT Vegan Wallets

MATT & NAT Vegan Wallets
MATT & NAT vegan leather wallets.

Famous for their luxury line of vegan handbags, MATT & NAT also makes chic wallets in vegan leather. Plus, they infuse environmentally-friendly principles into their designs by using natural, plantbased, and recycled materials as much as possible.

Price: ~52.99 – $85.00

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6. Stella McCartney Luxury Vegan Wallets

Stella McCartney Luxury Vegan Wallets
Stella McCartney luxury vegan wallets.

To go with her line of delicious, luxury handbags, vegan trailblazer Stella McCartney makes some lovely cruelty-free wallets in bold colors. And some have a little bit of sparkle, which never goes out of style.

Price: ~$20.88 – $471.24

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7. Tree Tribe Sustainable Wallets

Tree Tribe Sustainable Vegan Wallets
Tree Tribe socially conscious sustainable wallets.

Outdoor lifestyle brand Tree Tribe creates these cool vegan wallets out of natural and sustainable teak tree leaves, which they source in Thailand. The leaves are treated with a thin laminate, which seals and preserves the leaves and makes the wallets water-resistant and tear-proof. Each vegan wallet is handmade and unique. True to their name, this socially conscious enterprise plants 10 trees for every product they sell. You can see their cool wooden sunglasses here on UniGuide.

Price: ~$28.00 – $50.00

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8. Alchemy Goods Recycled Vegan Wallets

Alchemy Goods Recycled Vegan Wallets
Alchemy Goods upcycled tires vegan wallets.

Alchemy Goods upcycles used bicycle inner tubes and turns them into super hip and sustainable wallets and other accessories. To date, they’ve kept over 500,000 bicycle inner tubes out landfills and waterways. Alchemy Goods’ vegan wallets are hand made in their workshop in Seattle, Washington. They also make cool vegan laptop sleeves and iPad cases.

Price: ~$20.00 – $44.00

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9. Upcycling by Milo Vegan Wallets

 Upcycling by Milo Vegan Wallets
Upcycling by Milo vegan wallets made with reclaimed materials.

Upcycling by Milo creates truly unique and colorful vegan wallets, iPad Mini cases, and other accessories from upcycled materials. Their cute vegan wallets and bags are made from candy wrappers, measuring tapes, vinyl records, and more.

Price: ~$14.90 – $45.00

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10. Corkor Sustainable Vegan Wallets

Corkor Sustainable Vegan Wallets
Corkor sustainable vegan wallets made with cork leather.

Corkor makes their sleek vegan wallets and other accessories with natural, sustainable cork for women and men. Cork is a 100% renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable material. Plus, it’s obtained through an Earth-friendly harvesting process. When cork bark is harvested, it doesn’t harm the tree. In addition, the tree is then able to absorb even more CO2 from the environment.

Price: ~$9.90 – $64.50

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11. The Eco Owl Cork Wallets

The Eco Owl Cork Wallets
Eco Owl eco-friendly wallets in natural cork.

The Eco Owl is another nature-inspired brand that makes beautiful, sustainable vegan wallets with eco-friendly cork.

Price: ~$15.99 – $24.99

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12. Couch Vegan Wallets

Couch Vegan Wallets
Couch wallets made with upcycled materials.

Famous for their uber cool vegan guitar straps, Couch also makes some sweet vegan wallets out of upcycled vintage auto upholstery and other recycled materials. Each item is one-of-a-kind, so if you find one you fancy, don’t wait to get it!

Price: ~$14.40 – $43.20

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13. Faux Leather Wallets by The Vegan Collection

Faux Leather Wallets by The Vegan Collection
The Vegan Collection faux leather wallets.

There’s no mistaking what you’re getting when you buy a wallet from The Vegan Collection. Made with animal-friendly microfiber, the Vegan Collection’s wallets are slim, with a minimalist design.

Price: ~$27.00 – $30.00

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14. Hempy’s Vegan Wallets

Hempy’s Vegan Wallets
Hempy’s natural hemp wallets.

Possibly the original vegan wallet, hemp wallets aren’t just for Dead Heads anymore. Like denim, hemp gets better with age, breaking in nicely while still maintaining its durability. Hemp wallets are comfortable and flexible, making them perfect for your back pocket. Hempy’s vegan wallets come in natural Earth tones.

Price: ~$16.00 – $24.00

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15. Lavishy Vegan Wallets

Lavishy Vegan Wallets
Lavishy vegan leather wallets.

A PETA-approved brand, Lavishy makes some of the cutest vegan wallets around. If you love animals and flowers (that’s all of us, right??), you’ll be sure to love Lavishy’s collection.

Price: ~$28.99 – $37.50

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16. Mighty Wallets

Mighty Wallets slimfold vegan wallets
Mighty Wallets slimfold vegan wallets.

Mighty Wallets are made with the synthetic material Tyvek, which is lightweight but super durable. Mighty Wallets have a slim, minimalist design, but come in a wide range of unique patterns and prints. They’re also recyclable.

Price: ~14.00 – $17.95

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A massage therapist once told me that “money is just a crystallized form of energy.” How you make your money and how you spend it impacts not just your bank account but other people, animals, nature, and our world. Your money is a manifestation of the energy you put into the world. Keeping it in a cruelty-free case just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s to your health, happiness, and prosperity!


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