14 Vegan Uggs and Moccasins: Comfy and Cute

Vegan Uggs and Vegan Moccasins

Vegan uggs and vegan moccasins used to be a little hard to find, but as the vegan movement continues to build momentum, so too does the number of options for comfy, cruelty-free boots. A number of brands now make faux uggs in vegan materials that include faux suede, vegan leather, and microfiber. Plus, there are now more options for vegan moccasins, such as those made with eco-friendly hemp.

The History of Uggs

Vintage Moon Boots
Vintage moon boots.

Where did ugg-style boots originate? Some might think it all started with the moon boots of the 1980s. They do bear an uncanny resemblance. However, more likely, these types of boots date back much further to moccasins, the original boots. And moccasins date back to the original shoes, which were likely sandals made with sagebrush and vines. You heard that right – the original shoes were vegan!

Eskimo Boots
Postcard of an Alaskan Eskimo girl on snowshoes by Henry Solomon. Circa early 1900s. Image: National Archives and Records.

Thousands of years ago, as our hunter gatherer ancestors sought out ways to protect their feet, once the weather got cold, sagebrush sandals just wouldn’t do. So, they turned to wrapping their feet and legs in animal skin or woven cloth.

Moccasin-style boots have been worn by ancient cultures all over the world. If you look at Eskimo boots or other styles of Native American moccasins, you can definitely see the uggs in them.

Hopi Moccasins
A Hopi man mends a pair of moccasins, circa 1900. Image: Newburry Collection, University of Illinois.

While I can’t fault Indigenous cultures for making their boots with animal skin, the good news is there are now plenty of options for comfy and warm ugg- and moccasin-style boots that are made with vegan-friendly materials.

The Problem with Uggs and Other Boots Made with Animal Skin

I realize that a lot of visitors to UniGuide are already aware of why we want to avoid Uggs and other boots that are made with real leather and suede. Essentially, animals who we exploit for their fur and wool live lives of torture, loneliness, and misery. There’s no excuse for this. If you’d like more information on why real Uggs are cruel, you can read this article from PETA, or check out my post on the problem with leather.

Vegan Uggs

1. Fourever Funky Vegan Uggs

Vegan Uggs by Fourever FunkyIf you like the comfy warmth of ugg-style boots but hate the idea of animals suffering, check out these vegan uggs by Fourever Funky. They offer a variety of styles in vegan faux suede that have faux fur linings, including mid-calf and ankle bootie styles.

Available colors: tan, gray, black, white, pink, and turquoise

Price: ~$16.99 – $44.99

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2. Sanuk Puff Booties

Sanuk Ugg-style Puff BootiesFamous for their casual flip flops and skate shoes, Sanuk now has a line of super snuggly puff booties. There a bunch of colors and patterns to choose from in synthetic materials. (There are a few styles made with real leather, so be sure to read the product details if you’re vegan.)

Price: ~ $35.15 – $80.00

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3. PAWJ California Faux Suede Moccasins

Vegan Ugg-Style Faux Suede Moccasins by PAWJ CaliforniaPAWJ California makes cute vegan uggs with faux fur lining.

Available colors: black, brown, gray, natural, and dark charcoal gray

Price: ~$129.00

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4. Reneeze Faux Fur and Faux Suede Uggs

Reneeze makes a few different styles of faux suede uggs with faux shearling liners. Whether you’re looking for a taller shaft of one that hits mid-calf, you’ll find the perfect style with Reneeze.

Price: ~$26.99 – $34.99

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5. Bearpaw Vegan Ugg Boots

Bearpaw Tall Vegan Ugg BootBearpaw is not a 100% vegan brand, as most of their boots are made with real leather and suede. However, any time an established brand finds the “vegan way,” I am going to give them a shout out. They even use the word “vegan” in the name of the boot. The world is changing!

Price: ~$69.94 – $155.00

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6. Willowbee Microfiber Vegan Ugg Boots

Willowbee Microfiber Vegan Ugg BootsWillowbee designs a few different styles of fake uggs with a textile microfiber. (They also make styles with real suede, so be sure to read the product details.) Whether you’re looking for a cute, just-above-the-ankle bootie or a taller shaft, check out Willowbee.

Available colors: black, gray, brown, and ivory

Price: ~$23.23 – $32.95

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7. Airwalk Comfy, Vegan Faux Suede Ugg-Like Boots

Comfy, Vegan Faux Suede Ugg-Like Boots by AirwalkYou’ll be treating your feet in these comfortable, warm, vegan uggs with their padded foot beds. They’re made with faux suede and have a faux fur lining.
Available colors: black, gray, and cognac tan

Price: ~$44.99

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8. Animal LuvrZ Vegan Ugg Booties

Animal LuvrZ Vegan BootiesShow the world that you’re an animal lover in these cute, artistic ugg-style booties by Animal LuvrZ. They’re made with textile and have a cozy faux fur lining. Plus, they have a rubber outsole. There are a few different designs, including a chakra style.

True to their name, Animal LuvrZ donates 10% of their profits to animal welfare and wildlife conservation charities.

Price: ~$64.95 – $84.95
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Vegan Moccasins

9. Cotton Canvas Moccasins by Chintamani Alchemi

Cotton Canvas Moccasins by Chintamani AlchemiThese 100% vegan moccasins are handmade with cotton canvas in Bali, Indonesia. They’re embellished with unique designs and brass hardware. Chintamani Alchemi makes Bohemian clothes and accessories in their workshop in Denpasar. Be sure to visit their Etsy store to see more of their unique, hippie chic designs.

Available colors: white, gray, green, black, and brown

Price: ~$150.00

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10. Hemp Vegan Moccasins

Hemp Vegan Moccasins
Hand-appliquéd flowers make these vegan moccasins real standouts. They’re made with eco-friendly and sustainable hemp. See Ukrainian Tradition OK’s Etsy store to see more of their handmade boots and shoes made of eco-friendly hemp.

Available colors: off-white and multiple other colors

Price: ~$93.99

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11. Mixin Synthetic Knit Booties

Mixin Vegan MoccasinsThese super cute knit booties are perfect for lounging around the house after a cold day outside. They have a faux fur lining and also come in a back multi pattern.

Price: ~$22.99

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12. Sustainable Hemp Vegan Moccasins

Sustainable Hemp MoccasinsThese comfy vegan moccasins are made with all-natural and sustainable hemp and linen. There are mid-calf and ankle bootie heights as well.

Visit my post about hemp shoes to see more footwear made with sustainable hemp.

Price: ~$42.30

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13. Siam Tip Tribal Textile Vegan Moccasins

Siam Tip Tribal Textile Vegan MoccasinsSiam Tip brings exotic boho chic style to your wardrobe. These cute vegan moccasins are handmade. The Naga, an Indigenous People who live in northeastern India and northwestern Myanmar hand weave the textiles.

Siam Tip lines their eco-friendly and vegan moccasins with cotton. And they make the soles with natural rubber and jute. The shafts measures about 12”, hitting just at mid-calf.

Available colors: multiple colors and patterns

Price: ~$43.00 – $134.00

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14. Bogs Vegan Moccasin Summit Boots

Vegan Moccasin Summit Boots by BogsThese comfy moccasins are 100% waterproof, making them perfect for camping, your après ski, or after a day of snowboarding, or any time you want something snuggly to put on your feet.

They’ve got a textile upper and thick rubber soles with 1.25” heels. The shaft measures 12” from the arch and the boot opening measures 14” around.

Available colors: brown, red, and gray

Price: ~$69.90 – $109.00

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